Twitter 10 Things You Should Know


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Twitter 10 Things You Should Know

  1. 1. 10 Quick FactsYou ShouldKnow AboutConsumerBehavior onTwitterFrom the 2011 Chadwick Martin BaileyConsumer Pulse
  2. 2. About this study Independent Research:  Conducted through the CMB Consumer Pulse  Supported by Constant Contact Methodology:  Data collected from 1,491 consumers, age 18+ in the United States through the Research Now online panel  Data was collected through a 15-minute online questionnaire fielded in January 2011.
  3. 3. Twitter users are frequent online users overall;50% go online more than once an hour Time Spent Online100% 3% 3% 5% 7%90% 17% 20%80%70% 40% Between 2 and 6 times a60% week 46% Once a day50% 45% Did You Know? Once every couple of40% 60% of Twitter users hours30% Multiple times an hour also use Facebook 50% more than 3 hours a20% week (versus 49% of 34% 29% Facebook users10% overall). 0% Overall Online Facebook Users Twitter Users Users Base: All respondents (online users) ● Q28. Which of the following best describes how often you go online?
  4. 4. Twitter may be early in its lifecycle; nearly halfof users have been tweeting less than one year Length of Time as Twitter User 15% 6 months or fewer 38% 7 to 11 months 1 to 2 years Did You Know? A quarter of Twitter Over 2 years users over age 50 have 38% been tweeting less than one month. 9% Base: Twitter users ● Q29a. How long have you been using Twitter?
  5. 5. Most Twitter users are selective about brandsthey follow; 79% follow fewer than 10 brands Number of Brands Followed on Twitter Follow Brands on Twitter 21% 10+ 5-9 16% Dont Yes 3-4 28% Know 21% 4% 1-2 36% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% No 75% Base: Those who follow brands on Twitter● Q34a. Approximately, how many brands do you follow?; Base: Those who use Twitter ● Q34. Do you follow any brands on Twitter?
  6. 6. One-third of brand followers are interacting withbrands more this year than the previous year Interaction with brands versus previous year 11% 33% I interact more I interact the same I interact less 57% Did you know? Men increased their rate of brand interaction more from the previous year (38% vs. 27% of women) Base: Those who follow brands on Twitter● Q34m. Compared to last year, how have you changed your interactions with brands on Twitter?
  7. 7. Twitter users under 35 are much more likely tofollow brands on Twitter than are older users Twitter users who follow brands (by age) 26% 17% 13% Under 35 35 to 49 50 and Over Base: Twitter users ● Q34. Do you follow any brands on Twitter?
  8. 8. 75% of followers have never “un-followed” abrand Percentage of Fans who have and have not “un-followed” a Brand on Twitter Don’t Know,12%Have un- followed, 13% Have not un- followed, 75% Did you know? Brand followers over 35 are even more likely to stay followers. Base: Those who are follow brands on Twitter ● Q34g. Have you ever “un-followed” any brands on Twitter?
  9. 9. People follow brands to receive exclusivity,promotions, and be “in the know” Top Five Reasons for Following Brands on Twitter I am a customer of the company 64% To be the first to know information about the brand 61% To receive discounts and promotions 48% Gain access to exclusive content 36%Receive content/information to retweet and share with others 28% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% Base: Those who follow brands on Twitter● Q34c: Why did you become a follower? Select all that apply.
  10. 10. Followers read brand posts more than they tweetabout brands84% Read the tweets posted by the brand23% Tweet about the brand Did You Know? 67% of brand followers expect unique content from the brands they follow. Base: Those who follow brands on Twitter ● Q34l. For brands that you follow on Twitter, please describe what you do to interact with these brands.
  11. 11. 60% of followers say they’re more likely torecommend a brand to a friend after following Percentage of followers likely to recommend brand to friends after becoming followers100% 9% 7%90% 20%80% 31% 33%70% 33% Dont Know60%50% No40% 42% 14% Yes, for a few brands 47%30% Yes, for many brands20% 33%10% 18% 14% 0% All Brand Under 35 35 to 49 Followers Base: Those who follow brands on Twitter ● Q34f. Are you more likely to recommend to a friend since becoming a follower? Note: N size for Twitter users who follow brands over the age of 50 is >25.
  12. 12. Half of followers say they’re more likely to buy abrand after following Men are More Likely to Buy Since Becoming a Follower 50% 55% 45% Overall Men Women Base: Those who follow brands on Twitter● Q34e. Are you more likely to buy since becoming a follower? (% Yes)
  13. 13.  Download more free consumer pulse reports at Learn how to use social media marketing to grow your business at For more information contact:  Kristen Garvey at Chadwick Martin Bailey  Dave Gerhardt at Constant Contact