Intermediate SMARTBoard-Questar III


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This presentation was developed for the Intermediate SMARTBoard class facilitated by Kelly Schermerhorn, Model Schools Coordinator.

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Intermediate SMARTBoard-Questar III

  1. 1. Intermediate SMARTboard Kelly Schermerhorn February 15, 2011 3:30-5:30 PM Room 3
  2. 2. Topics to discuss : *S ome things to address *SMART toolbars/software (review) * Lesson Activity Toolkit *Creating a lesson *Modifying a lesson *SMART Notebook Express *Sharing my templates *SMART help page links
  3. 3. A little bit of this and that... Save content from SMARTboard in SMARTboard? C lick on picture frame icon, My Content-make a folder to categorize to find items later I am looking for a specific type of picture . C lick on picture frame icon, Gallery essentials, pictures-you can enter it in the search box, to save time. Also here you find interactive media, notebook pages and files, and background/themes. How do I see the core subjects and the information in them? C lick on picture frame icon, Gallery essentials, drop down chevron, choose folder. The "+" sign means it is closed. What is in the core subject folders? I n each folder, you will find more specific sub folders. Using the drop down chevron in the folder, you will see pictures, interactive & multimedia and notebook files and pages related to that topic. Some will be repetitive as they fit into multiple categories. Will all core subjects have each item mentioned above? N o, each category will have what item relates to it specifically and they are being updated all the time so please make sure that if it prompts you to update your SMARTBoard Notebook software, take the time to do so.
  4. 4. Quick Review Sheet No tebook Software Toolbars handout (one, 2-sided page) Th e toolbar gives you access to a number of tools for working with your Notebook file and changing properties of objects in the file. Some of the icons are similar to Microsoft Office. *I also have one copy of Notebook Tips and Tricks and Troubleshooting using the Ready Light for viewing or copying, if interested) (A re you using Notebook Software 10? 11 will be deployed soon and there are differences between them.
  5. 5. Lesson Activity Toolkit Lesson Activity Toolkit handout (2 1/2 pages, double sided) *T his toolkit is a gallery collection of customizable tools and templates, including activities, games and graphics, that you can use to enhance your lesson for more interactive and engaging lessons. * The contents of the lesson toolkit are organized into sub folders: Activities, Games, Graphics, Help, Pages and Tools. Looking under each sub folder is helpful: "Activities" may have a matching or tile activity to insert into lesson. * You will see repeats in different categories, folders, etc. * For ideas under each section (ex: Activities), see the examples folder in the Activities section of the lesson activity toolkit.
  6. 6. Creating a Lesson When creating a new lesson: *click on SMART Notebook icon on desktop or in Start menu *File-New lesson *When saving lesson, lesson will save as (* notebook lesson ) and give a familiar name *Can import a lesson or export- webpage, image file, .pdf, power point .pdf files can not be edited once exported-good use for uploading of files to a webpage *When pulling an item or activity from the Gallery, you select the item or activity and drag/drop onto the page *Inserting into the lesson? Use the "insert" drop down menu from top toolbar for assistance
  7. 7. Modifying a lesson *W hen modifying a lesson, check the extension of the lesson: was it created with SMART Notebook software or Notebook Express? The difference is that Notebook lessons can be edited and Express can not *SMART Notebook software was purchased and a key was entered *SMART Notebook Express is a free download and does not give full access
  8. 8. SMART Express *S MART Notebook Express is a web application that enables educators everywhere to open, interact with and share SMART Notebook™ collaborative learning software files. This lightweight version of SMART Notebook software is accessible online anytime at no charge. You don’t need to log in and there’s no software to download – all you need is access to the Internet. * One click on and you have instant access to some of the same editing and delivery features found in SMART Notebook software. For instance, you can open any SMART Notebook file and interact with the content by writing notes in digital ink, editing text, opening web site links and viewing multimedia files. * With SMART Notebook Express, you can share your interactive lesson material with anyone, even teachers who don’t have a SMART Board™ interactive white board or SMART Notebook software. You can also use SMART Notebook Express to share files with students to help them complete homework or catch up after missed classes. Since the application is based online, both students and parents can view SMART Notebook files from anywhere, no matter which operating system they use.
  9. 9. My Content When you are in SMARTboard, remembering where all the templates, games, etc. are can be daunting. Save your frequently used items in "my content" by dragging and dropping. You can save it on a flash drive also by right-clicking on the item, "export as a collection file", naming it and the "save as type" will show up as a gallery file wherever you save it.
  10. 10. Template/folder/lesson sharing * I will share my templates, folders and lessons with you. I have game templates and folders with lessons of varying levels. When you find a template or lesson, please share with others.
  11. 11. Lesson Activity Toolkit "Examples-Activities-Help" SMART Exchange-posted lessons Video tutorials
  12. 12. Final thoughts-time to comment, question, answer,create Pl ease contact me 518-479-6847 What next?