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Day 1 ppt


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Day 1 ppt

  1. 1. The United States Breaks Away
  2. 2. • How did the emergence of the United States shaped Canada?• What challenges of coexistence arose from the Loyalist migration?• How did people meet those challenges?
  3. 3. • After 1763Britain was deeply in debt because of the Seven Years’ War• Britain did not want to lose their influence in North America• To maintain their influence, Britain wanted to keep their troops stationed in the Thirteen Colonies• Question: If Britain was low on money, how could it fund the cost of keeping troops stationed in the Thirteen Colonies?
  4. 4. • To fund the troops, Britain decided to raise the taxes in the Thirteen Colonies• Question: If you were a resident in the Thirteen Colonies, how would you react to this? Why?
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  7. 7. The colonists felt that Britainhad no right to tax them, asBritain did not allow coloniststo elect representatives tothe British parliament
  8. 8. • In 1775 the protests in the colonies turned into rebellion• George Washington took command of an army raised in the Thirteen Colonies to fight British rule
  9. 9. • In 1776 the Thirteen Colonies decided to break away from Britain and become an independent country….
  10. 10. The Declarationof Independence
  11. 11. • Question: How do you think Britain would react to the Thirteen Colonies declaring themselves independent from them?
  12. 12. the American Revolution (which lasted from 1776-1783)
  13. 13. LoyalistsPatriots (United Empire Loyalists)
  14. 14. -supported -opposed the the rebellion rebellion and and desiredPatriots to be free Loyalists wanted to remain united from British and loyal to rule BritainDid they support breaking away from or remaining under British rule?
  15. 15. • Make note of the fact that…The colonies of Quebec and Nova Scotia did notwant to join this war against British rule
  16. 16. • During (and after) the war, many people who supported British rule left the Thirteen Colonies for the British colonies of Quebec and Nova Scotia• They were refugees escaping to territories that remained under British rule
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