Four Steps to Recruting Like a Pro Over The Phone


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Four Steps to Recruting Like a Pro Over The Phone

  1. 1. So now youre ready to start inviting from your list of prosp quite sure how do you go about it........
  2. 2. Below I will give you a few tips on exactly what you n
  3. 3. Phone calls are the quickest and most efficient way to reac know. Theyre warmer and friendlier than the average teemail, and you dont have to go out of your way to physically
  4. 4. You just have to keep one thing in mind: The purpose of this prospect to come and see the business...and tha
  5. 5. You will be tempted to explain the business—heck, you may the presentation over the phone! Please resist this temptatare not the auditory type who can easily visualize what your there agree straight-away to join your busine
  6. 6. Presenting over the phone will most likely not get you the want, and can even deter people from attending the presenlips! It’s better to have them meet you, where you can use e you have in your arsenal to persuade and close
  7. 7. So now that the objective is clear, lets move on to t
  8. 8. Step 1: Preparation
  9. 9. First, set a particular time to make calls. There isn’t one pa that will be an exact fit for everyone, but people usually hawith you in the morning right before work, just after their lu work hours. So try to schedule your calls around tho
  10. 10. Next, find a quiet place where you can make your calls undis you wont disturb anyone else, say, your office or any p
  11. 11. Take a deep breath to clear your head, think about what you
  12. 12. Step 2: Invitation
  13. 13. On the actual call itself, begin with this scrip
  14. 14. "Hi Dana, its me Roger! How are you? (banter for a while) G up too much of your time because I have a meeting to attenshare something with you briefly.-- Ive just started this amapotential for global distribution, and I want to share it with y meet on Wednesday or Thursday evening?
  15. 15. Simple, isnt it? But this script actually does several thingreconnect or build rapport with your prospect; b) it gives theyou dont have long to talk and thus have no time to give de can even be a lunch or dinner); c) it gives them the impressbusiness is worth getting excited about, and; d) it gives them dates when YOURE free to present.
  16. 16. Feel free to alter the script as necessary, as long as you k elements.
  17. 17. Step 3: Handling Questions & Objection
  18. 18. In a perfect example, your prospect will say, "Yes Im free," w the time and place to meet for the presentation, thank the Moving on to the next name on your list.
  19. 19. Of course, we dont live in a perfect world and it’s highly like some type of objection or questions, so here are some pos questions they may have:
  20. 20. A. What kind of business is this?
  21. 21. Answer: "Its a bit much to explain the details over the phone it for yourself, thats why we need to meet. Is A or B better" dates and times you choose).
  22. 22. Or you can answer, ‘It’s a new business concept, that’s why w A good or ...”
  23. 23. B. Is it Sales?
  24. 24. “Why, do you like sales? (Answers yes or no) Great, that’s meet. Is A good or ...”
  25. 25. or
  26. 26. “We’re not looking for salespeople, we’re looking for busin good or ,,,”
  27. 27. C. How much do I need to invest?
  28. 28. “We’re not looking for investors, we’re looking for business p ...
  29. 29. “The company is fully funded. We’re looking for smart, key p us. Is A good or ...”
  30. 30. D. Is it Company A/Company B (other big name networkin
  31. 31. “It’s not Company A/Company B, that’s why we need to mee
  32. 32. E. Is it Networking/MLM/Direct-selling?
  33. 33. “It’s a new business concept, that’s why we need to meet.
  34. 34. “What do you know about networking?” (answers sales, recr is not about sales or recruiting, that’s why we need to mee
  35. 35. F. Is it a Pyramid Scheme?
  36. 36. “That’s illegal. This business is completely legal, that’s why w A good or ...”
  37. 37. If the prospect is still unsure, you can use the following pow
  38. 38. a. "You know me, I wouldnt call you if I didnt think this
  39. 39. b. "Im not asking you to commit to anything. Just come a talking about."
  40. 40. c. "Im looking for key business people I trust who can be a organization. I immediately thought of you.
  41. 41. d. "If the money is right and it wont impact what youre doin be open to seeing this business?"
  42. 42. Step 4: Secure the Meeting
  43. 43. Once your prospect says yes, agree to the time and place totime and place so they wont forget—better yet, email or tex that, its a matter of following them up a day or two bef
  44. 44. Always focus on your objective—to get them to come and seto give details on the phone. Finally, always give them the im be happy to see them. To do that, simply SMILE while your they cant see you, people can hear a smile through y
  45. 45. Good luck and happy calling!
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