Five Steps to Improving Downline Performance


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Five Steps to Improving Downline Performance

  1. 1. Now that you have a downline of your own, it’s your job toteam won’t automatically know what to do, even with a beg in their hands. It’s up to you to coach them into becoming business owners they aim to be.
  2. 2. Training
  3. 3. Successful network marketing is always a team effort. For yo be successful, they must possess the same skills you learne upline. That means a lot of training!
  4. 4. Initially, you’ll want your downline to know these b
  5. 5. • Building a prospect list
  6. 6. o Teach them to make a list of a hundred or more people the their contact numbers. The longer the list, the b
  7. 7. o Have them order these people according to priority (e dependents, those with influence, those that are easy t
  8. 8. • Approaching and inviting prospects
  9. 9. o How to do phone invitations
  10. 10. o Different ways of approaching a person face-to
  11. 11. • Presenting the business and its products
  12. 12. o How to use visual aids and marketing mate
  13. 13. o Knowledge of all products and services
  14. 14. o Knowledge of the business system
  15. 15. • Closing a prospect
  16. 16. o Handling objections
  17. 17. o Asking for the business
  18. 18. o Asking for referrals
  19. 19. Showing, not telling, is the best way to teach a skill. Let yourinvite, present, and close. Let them sit in on your meetings. S for simulating invitations and presentations. Then, let presentations and give them feedback on what worked and better.
  20. 20. Monitoring
  21. 21. Always begin with the end in mind—that is, set a concrete, re the only real way to tell if you’re getting anywhere with
  22. 22. Goal + Plan + Action = Results
  23. 23. Start by setting a target for your team to reach. If some of declare that they want to have X amount of income in months, then you must work with them to formulate a plathere. For example, it may translate to contacting ten peop five times in a week for a period of two mont
  24. 24. Once you have the plan in place, touch base with your active once or twice a week to make sure they are following theirtheir performance and see if they hit their targets. It’s best if them face-to-face on the first few weeks of working
  25. 25. Giving Feedback
  26. 26. It’s not enough to monitor your downlines progress—part of them feedback on their performance, to keep them on track things:
  27. 27. • Acknowledging their efforts and successe
  28. 28. • Coaching and motivating them when their performanc
  29. 29. It helps to continually focus on the goal. If your team gets dis longer following their plan, remind them of their commitme and the purpose of working their business. If, on the otherbeen exceeding their targets, be sure to acknowledge their ef that they are that much closer to achieving their
  30. 30. Remember that your business partners are not machines. Lik need to be motivated and to feel that they’re not swimming current. Do your best to bring up their mora
  31. 31. Setting New Standards
  32. 32. Once your team has achieved their primary goals, congratu encourage them to set higher ones. If they are doing fiveday, why not ten? If they are closing one person a week, wh close two?
  33. 33. Continuous improvement is the key to any successful busattitude of: “I did well; can I do better?” After all, all your te dreams: a mansion by the sea, a brand new sports car, a mowealthy retirement, a lasting legacy, and so on. They won’t rsettle for easy mediocre goals. They must be committed to s
  34. 34. It’s up to you to encourage them to reach higher, so contintargets for your business partners. Sitting on your laurels o
  35. 35. Teach them how to teach others
  36. 36. Now that your downline knows the very basics of your busin on their own, your final task is to teach them the more adva is, everything we just talked about! They must all kntrain, monitor, encourage, and coach their own recruits. Afte goal is to duplicate yourself, so that you can leverage othertalents. Soon they’ll be leading their own groups, and they’ll to manage them the way you did. Show them h
  37. 37. In network marketing, your team is your greatest asset, and t comfortable, stress-free future. Nurture them well and wat grow by leaps and bounds.
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