What is PR?


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What is PR?

  1. 1. What is Public Relations? Kelli S. Burns, Ph.D. Associate Professor Public Relations Sequence Head School of Mass Communications
  2. 2. Public Relations is not… • Party planning • Attending events • Travelling the world with celebrities
  3. 3. Most People Don’t UnderstandFormer White House PRpress secretary ScottMcClellan wrote in hismemoir that the Iraq warwas sold to the Americanpeople with asophisticated “politicalpropaganda campaign”led by President Bush andaimed at “manipulatingsources of publicopinion” and“downplaying the majorreason for going to war.”
  4. 4. Public Relations is … “Public relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.” -- PRSA
  5. 5. Other terms for PRCorporate terms: Corporate communications Public Affairs Communications Corporate relationsPublic InformationMedia RelationsFlak, huckster, spinster, spin doctor
  6. 6. Components of public relations • Counseling management • Research o to influence/persuade o to generate mutual understanding and build relationships • Media relations • Publicity • Employee/member relations • Community relations • Government relations • Issues management/Crisis management • Investor relations • Fundraising • Special event planning • Marketing communications/Integrated Marketing Communication ⇒ STRATEGIC COMMUNICATION MANAGEMENT
  7. 7. Some statistics• More than 350,000 practitioners in U.S.• 40% increase in employment expected by 2014• 54,000 public relations firms in the U.S.• More than $10 billion spent on PR by U.S. organizations annually• The average annual PR budget in a publicly owned company is $9.9 million and $16.4 million for a government agency.
  8. 8. Industry outlook• Among fastest-growing industries• Despite current economic uncertainties, U.S. public relations firms expect increased revenues and profits.• The greatest opportunities for future public relations growth are in digital communication, social media and corporate reputation management.
  9. 9. Based in New York City, PRSA is the worlds largestorganization for public relations professionals. TheSociety has nearly 22,000 members and is organizedinto more than 100 Chapters, which representbusiness and industry, counseling firms, independentpractitioners, military, government, associations,hospitals, schools, professional services firms andnonprofit organizations.
  10. 10. Which one of the following best describes the type of organization you work for?
  11. 11. The PR PROCESS Research Action Communication Evaluation
  12. 12. Push to Add Drama
  13. 13. The Best Job in the World
  14. 14. Coraline
  15. 15. Volkswagen Twitter Zoom
  16. 16. Pee in the Shower?
  17. 17. Public Relations Sequence First Semester PUR 3000 Principles of Public Relations JOU 2100 Beginning Reporting Second Semester PUR 3500 Public Relations Research PUR 4100 Public Relations Writing PUR 4401 Public Relations Issues Third Semester PUR 4101 Public Relations Design PUR 4801 Advanced Public relations Public Relations Practicum/Internship