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  1. More Than 100 Likes? How to Leverage Your Firm's Facebook Page Kelli S. Burns, Ph.D.
  2. Building your Business • The legal practice is still very much a word of mouth business built through solid relationships with clients. – But social media help increase the speed of word of mouth.
  3. Social Media (Marketing) Analytics • “Social Marketing Analytics is the discipline that helps companies measure, assess and explain the performance of social media initiatives in the context of specific business objectives.” – Jeremiah Owyang and John Lovett • Social media goals should be aligned with your business objectives.
  4. Developing a social media strategy • Define your business objectives • Select relevant social media goals – Increased engagement? – Increased thought leadership? • Pursue the appropriate social media strategy • Track results
  5. The Reality of Facebook • The average number of pages liked by the typical Facebook user increased 50% in 2013. • The average user might have 1,500 posts that could appear their feed each day. For others with lots of friends and pages liked, that number could be 15,000. • Not all of your fans will even be online when you post. • Even if they are, Facebook curates the news feed for users.
  6. Are your fans seeing your posts? • Organic reach of pages is diminished. • Facebook explained decreased organic reach is impacted by increased sharing. • Many contend that Facebook is selling more exposure in news feeds.
  7. Performance Impacts Reach • If you publish interesting posts that get likes, comments, and shares, your reach increases. – If not, your reach decreases. • More competition = more work for you
  8. Reach is more important than likes Here are two pages, one with 1M fans and the other with 500k fans. This screenshot from our Facebook Page Performance Barometer shows the average number of fans reached by each post of the page for the last 50 posts. But, even if the second one reaches half the fans of the first one, it still reaches 8 times more people each time it publishes something. Don’t you think you need to be aware of that? (Emeric Ernoult of AgoraPulse)
  9. Other Strategies • Ask your fans to hover over the like button and click “get notifications.” • Posting on Facebook – Best times: Weekdays 6:00-8:00am and 2:00- 5:00pm – Worst times: Weekends 10:00pm-4:00am
  10. Admin Panel Basics • Build Audience – Invite Email Contacts – Invite Friends – Share Page (on your personal page) – Promote Page ($) • See Insights – nsights – Ads Manager
  11. Promote Your Page • From Admin Panel, click Build Audience and then Promote Page.
  12. Boost a Post • Boost a post directly from the post on your news feed or from the admin panel. • Can select fans/friends of fans or target your audience through demos.
  13. Content Strategy • Don’t calculate engagement by dividing those who liked, shared, commented by total number of fans. • Instead divide those who liked, shared, commented AND clicked by reached users. • What patterns do you see with the most engaging content? Is it a certain type of content? Is it shared on a specific day of the week or time of day?
  14. Content Strategy • Don’t limit your content to ad/marketing messages. • Think of yourself as a news source for your clients/fans. – Post links to recent news stories and legal decisions. • Include content that is visual (photos) and interactive (questions). • Highlight your community involvement.
  15. Ads Manager
  16. Facebook Pages/Groups • Join a page/group that would contain good prospects for your law firm – Can use Facebook ads to target people who liked or joined pages/groups that are relevant to your business • Start your own page – Can use Google keyword advertising to direct people to Facebook group – Should disclose that your law firm sponsors the page – Create contact form on page
  17. Facebook Management Tools • Hootsuite • Sprout Social • Crowdbooster • Social Bakers • Scoreboard Social • True Social Metrics • Trackur • Viralheat • Alerti
  18. Benefits of Management • Publishing – Post to multiple social media sites from one dashboard. – Schedule posts. – Tell you the best time/day to post. – Allow others to review posts before publishing. • Monitoring – Discover what people on social media are saying about you, your business, your products, or any topic in real-time. • Analytics – Determine how your posts are performing
  19. Google Analytics Integration SocialBakers allows the user to discover the relationship between social engagement and website traffic.
  20. Final Thoughts • If you can’t keep the page fresh with new content, it’s better for you to delete it. • Instead of having a Facebook page for your firm, you could use your personal page to promote your brand. • Be mindful of solicitation rules when using electronic media.