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War in the Board Room

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War in the Board Room

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  2. The Book….
  3. The book content is impressive !! Have I read the book ? No.. but… read the contents they are worth a presentation….
  4. Chapter 1 Management deals in reality. Marketing deals in perception .
  5. Chapter 2 Management concentrates on the product. Marketing concentrates on the brand.
  6. Chapter 3 Management wants to own the brand. Marketing wants to own the category.
  7. Chapter 4 Management demands better products. Marketing demands different products.
  8. Chapter 5 Management favors a full line. Marketing favors a narrow line.
  9. Chapter 6 Management tries to expand the brand. Marketing tries to contract the brand.
  10. Chapter 7 Management strives to be the “first mover.” Marketing strives to be the “first minder.”
  11. Chapter 8 Management expects a “big-bang” launch. Marketing expects a slow takeoff.
  12. Chapter 9 Management targets the center of the market. Marketing targets one of the ends.
  13. Chapter 10 Management would like to own everything. Marketing would like to own a word
  14. Chapter 11 Management deals in verbal abstractions. Marketing deals in visual hammers.
  15. Chapter 12 Management prefers a single brand. Marketing prefers multiple brands.
  16. Chapter 13 Management values cleverness. Marketing values credentials.
  17. Chapter 14 Management believes in double branding. Marketing believes in single branding.
  18. Chapter 15 Management plans on perpetual growth. Marketing plans on market maturity.
  19. Chapter 16 Management tends to kill new categories. Marketing tends to build new categories.
  20. Chapter 17 Management wants to communicate. Marketing wants to position.
  21. Chapter 18 Management wants customers for life. Marketing is happy with a short-term fling.
  22. Chapter 19 Management loves coupons and sales. Marketing loathes them
  23. Chapter 20 Management tries to copy the competition. Marketing tries to be the opposite.
  24. Chapter 21 Management hates to change a name. Marketing often welcomes a name change.
  25. Chapter 22 Management is bent on constant innovation. Marketing is happy with just one.
  26. Chapter 23 Management has the hots for multimedia. Marketing is not so sure.
  27. Chapter 24 Management focuses on the short term. Marketing focuses on the long term.
  28. Chapter 25 Management counts on common sense. Marketing counts on marketing sense.
  29. In short…. Management tends to attract Marketing tends to attract left brainers, people who are right brainers, people who verbal, logical &analytical. are visual, intuitive & holistic.
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