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Sws ac247 brief_introduction


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Brief introduction of SWS automobile related offering capabilities

Published in: Technology
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Sws ac247 brief_introduction

  1. 1. AC247: AUTOMOBILE ENGINE STATUS EVALUATION Based on ECU data © 2017-19, SWS Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  2. 2. AGENDA 16-Jul-19 © SWS Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 2 • SWS Background • Owners needs (Fleet / Entity / Owner) • Comparison of Features • Vehicle Evaluation and Status • Reference • PoC App for Fleet and other segments utilizing ECU Data for various evaluations and diagnostics Features of AC247 and explanation
  3. 3. BACKGROUND 16-Jul-19 © SWS Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 3 Automobile world moving to EV. Combustion based engines to stay for few years (transport, construction, mining domains). Technology of automobile moved to ECU based engines • Still not much tools in India that help businesses, drivers, and technicians to provide user level insight of status & problems of vehicle operation. US moved to OBD2 based pollution checks, Indian market is still using Tail pipe based emission checks
  4. 4. BACKGROUND (SWS TECH) 16-Jul-19 © SWS Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 4 SWS Technologies working on ECU data analysis for 3 years+ Work based on 30 years+ experience of its Expert in Automobile industry Initial PoC (reference snapshots shared at end) work targeted for • Fleet / Logistics, Government and Private entities utilizing commercial vehicles • Driver evaluation • Breakdown analysis, prediction, maintenance planning • Workshops (for creating Loyalty Customer Programs) • With a major aim of fast and accurate diagnostics of problems at Workshop level Derivative application possible for evaluation of Automobile Engines Status
  5. 5. WHAT DOES ENTITY/ OWNER NEEDS TO KNOW  Automobile Status (Does my Automobile need any attention?)  Vehicle Fuel Performance (Fuel Economy.)  Driving Performance (Do I need to change ways I drive my vehicle?)  Engine Health (How are various parts of Engine components working?)  Is my engine polluting environment? 16-Jul-19 © SWS Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 5
  6. 6. BRIEF(SOLUTION) 16-Jul-19 © SWS Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 6 Providing insights at user level Predicting break down of vehicles Analysing driving and trip patterns for correction Finding pollution level in vehicles
  7. 7. OFFERING COMPARISON Standard AC247 Driving Behaviour  Driving Behaviour  Trip Wise Fuel Economy  Trip Wise Fuel Economy  GPS  [GPS : Optional]  Health Dashboard for Engine Status  Health Dashboard (with Engine Status)  Engine Testing  Engine Testing Results  Speed versus Fuel Economy Graph  Pollution related evaluation  [Customized features: Need based]  16-Jul-19 © SWS Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 7
  8. 8. EVALUATION SUMMARY # Aspect Description Remarks 1 Engine Health Condition Engine Health impact can be evaluated by way of measurement of • AFR • O2 • Fuel Trim, • IMP or MAP Basic working may be demonstrated. Detailed working per engine requires experts working for specific make and model Partly available in PoC App 2 Dynamic Fuel Efficiency Dynamic Fuel Efficiency capability is available that can compute per second efficiency of Engine Available in PoC App 3 Speed wise Fuel efficiency Fuel efficiency variation across speed ranges can be used to validate Graph Demonstrated on PoC reference slide 4 Catalytic Converter validation (POLLUTION checks) Working of Catalytic converter can be validated by the tests Available in PoC App 5 Battery Related Tests Basic working of battery charging and voltage can be validated Available in PoC App 6 Coolant related tests Basic operation of Coolant along with engine working may be validated Available in PoC App 7 Clutch Impact on Engine Load due to worn out clutch / improper air flow Can be demonstrated 16-Jul-19 © SWS Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 8
  9. 9. OFFERING EVALUATION 16-Jul-19 © SWS Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 9 •Demo Screenshots in reference section Evaluate Standard App by signing as Beta Customer (available at Google App Store) •Specific Tests scenario may be introduced for Industry Specific need (Construction, Generators, etc) •Fuel Specific Test Evaluations may be developed (currently only Gasoline/Petrol Supported) Industry / Application specific Alternatives •Contact us for details / further discussions Specific Need / Application
  10. 10. REFERENCE App Screen shots & Further Evaluations Possible 16-Jul-19 © SWS Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 10
  11. 11. REFERENCE APP (1/2) 16-Jul-19 © SWS Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 11
  12. 12. REFERENCE APP (2/2) 16-Jul-19 © SWS Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 12
  13. 13. ENGINE HEALTH EVALUATION 16-Jul-19 © SWS Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 13 Engine Health Impacting Factors Engine Compression Pressure Engine Temperature Intake Air Pressure Spark Condition Can be evaluated by AFR Fuel Trim O2 Sensor Output IMP or MAP On need basis, other specific evaluations may be discussed
  14. 14. THANKS 16-Jul-19 © SWS Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 14 • 9810156066 • Khelender K Sasan • 9811818868 • Asoke K Mandal