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Junk data2


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first steps of searching info about junk data

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Junk data2

  1. 1. Junk data
  2. 2. Data Byte is a unity of information. It is any informational change.Claude Chainon «Data... data is raw. It simply exists and has no significance beyond its existence (in and of itself). It can exist in any form, usable or not. It does not have meaning of itself. In computer parlance, a spreadsheet generally starts out by holding data.» By Russell Ackoff
  3. 3. Junk Data typesSurvey to determine what is junk data for you?• A – virus• B – entertainment• C – useful information. You can use it.• D - opportunity• E – another variant
  4. 4. Junk as fashionJunk is hated, is loved and used. It is not left without any attention.Fashion on Junk , as any fashion pushes to the development, it pushes our history forward. Insurvey I used words with positive connotation, but most of people chose letter e – anothervariant - said that junk information is useless and it disturbs. But still our and next generationspend most of its time on reading and copy – past raw material, not generating something new.Ten years before it was not so popular to show your private photos to everyone, to share yourthoughts and wishes. Today if you are not alike, and not a part of what is going on, it will meanthat you are antisocial. Today we flesh by status, by check – ins, byFirst as it appeared, junk was for fun and communication. Programmers found it dangerous andthey started to learn it. International Junk Data WAR among USA, CHINA and Russia started.Then people understood that Junk is money. Junk is scourge (бич) of modern world. It ismultiplying and progressing.
  5. 5. Junk data perception category:Professionally PinInterest info changes every second. Byte = 0 for person who is looking for a job advertisement = junk ; Byte = 1 for marketing analyze = information
  6. 6. By age:- Children (for them junk doesn’t exist. All information is a new learning)- Teenagers- Adults- PensionersBy region:- Megalopolis- Provincial town- VillageBy culture:Conclusion: Survey showed that perception of junk is totally different for everyone.It depends on profession, age, region and person culture.
  7. 7. Data gathering- Social networking (Facebook, twitter, lj)- Antivirus enterprises- Research and marketing enterprises
  8. 8. Dealing with dataWho generates junk data?- Java script- General pc users in instant messaging, discussion boards, mobile phones with text messaging, newsgroupsWho researches junk?- Antivirus enterprises- Firewall enterprises- Google, YandexWho attacks junk or filters it?- Junk mail control- Person (editor)Problem:Junk is generating and generated every day and it is multiplying. It is addictive. Junk doesn’tpretend to create perfect, just interesting as said Rem Koolhas. Instead of creation wecherish and honor manipulation. You think that it is generating, but it just recycling and .Soit is stable and not progressing. Everything is now homogenized. No transparency. Half ofmankind pollutes to produce another one pollutes to consume. Junk reduces urban.
  9. 9. Data impact- Creation of antivirus- Junk data as a research base- Inspiration- Creation of New Internet projects