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E portfolio assignment

  1. 1. E-Portfolio AssignmentBy Kevin SalinasA refugee camp in Somalia seems unrealistic. The country has had anunstable government for quite some time and is experiencing extremeconditions of crime and famine. The overall economy of Somalia is rankedone of the poorest and least developed in the world. The vast majority ofpeople living in Somalia are seeking life outside their country for manyreasons such as security, safety, and shelter. All hope that their life willchange for the better. With the increase of Somali people migrating torefugee camps, many locations have became extremely overcrowded andhave not been managed properly. The country is experiencing a crisis andthe resources that are needed to sustain the population are unbalanced.My Proposal for a New Refugee Camp: Northern Somalia (Camp Paul Knox)It would make sense to build a refugee camp in Somalia for its ownpopulation but without having a supportive government, the situation seemsnearly impossible. Safety would be a main concern for a refugee camp inSomalia, but if the US military was able to intervene and support the causethen anything would be possible. Under the assumption that Somaliareceives US aid, I began to look and do some research for the perfectlocation to build a refugee camp. I also kept in mind that life would beconstructed around this particular environment.An ideal refugee camp for the Somali population should be located near theIndian Ocean or Gulf of Aden to have immediate access to water. Havingaccess to water is also a food source and having access to a source of waterwill also help with the cultivation of a solid agriculture. A location in NorthernSomalia would be just right for Camp Paul Knox.
  2. 2. To begin the construction for a refugee camp you will need laborers andsome volunteers to transport equipment to the location. The quantity ofsupplies and services that will be needed will depend on the size of thepopulation. With a large population occupying the northern tip of Somalia ina refugee camp you can imagine the need for an increased number ofpersonnel for the gathering and supplying of food for the population.Occupations in fishery and agriculture are the sources that will feed thepeople. Roads and transportation are extremely vital for acquiring thenecessary supplies and services. A designated committee or group will beessential in distributing and supplying resources evenly. The assignedcommittee will also be in charge of calculating the needs and direction of thecamp population.A living environment will need to be created with large tents and sleepingbags. Food, water, and shelter are the obvious requirements. It is importantthat in the construction of any refugee camp, that all is aware of the possiblecontingencies that may arise such as the changes in weather and thepossible increase in population.A team of personnel is important to manage a large group of people.Education will be the key to any future success of a refugee camp so it’simportant that the people are constantly learning to improve their situation.Teachers and skilled workers will be the foundation for others to learn from.Red dot is Camp Paul Knox.
  3. 3. The freedom of religion will give each person their right to believe andworship as they please. Every person in a refugee camp has left behindbelongings, family, and a past life they will perhaps never live again. Theimportance of religion during these difficult times means everything to thosewho have absolutely nothing or have lost all they had.The ideal refugee camp will make people feel comfortable because ultimatelythis is their new home. Having social events, meetings, and being able totalk amongst one another will help people feel at ease and help withemotion. It’s not easy to be optimistic when you are in a situation like thisbut having a mentor or positive person to talk to can change a negativeoutlook on life. There’s always hope.80% of all displaced persons are women and children because they have nohelp. Most single women have had a division with family or a separationfrom their spouse. As a result women are often forced toward unhealthy orinhospitable environments. Much of the internally displaced person womenalso experience profound psychosocial distress. It’s possible that displacedpersons lack the necessary identity in order to receive benefits or legalcitizenship. Children unfortunately are the innocent victims and are unable tohave a stable environment. Women also run a risk of being raped andvictimized because they are vulnerable. (As a human we are never safeanywhere). A woman has to be strong for herself and if she has children,then for her family. The elderly are sometimes victims to horrible crimes. It’simportant to keep a positive surrounding and report inappropriate behaviorto the necessary personnel.We can all learn from difficult situations. The people of refugee camps arehumans and many that are without the necessities happen to be children. Iffinancially anyone can contribute then people really should. A little bit ofhelp can go a very long way for people that are living in poverty. Volunteerwork for those who can’t help financially is just as important. Many elderlypeople need help physically because they are unable. It’s important to give ahelping hand because there are many unfortunate people in need.