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COVID-19 advice for agencies: Guidance from agency consultant Karl Sakas


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What should your agency do about coronavirus? See advice from agency consultant Karl Sakas, including what to prioritize based on your unique situation amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

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COVID-19 advice for agencies: Guidance from agency consultant Karl Sakas

  1. 1. @KarlSakas AGENCIES & COVID-19: TAKING ACTION IN THE FACE OF UNCERTAINTY Q&A call with agency consultant Karl Sakas Thursday, March 19, 2020 @KarlSakas
  2. 2. Q&A CALL: PLAN FOR TODAY 1. Understand broad-risk assumptions, and risks specific to your agency. 2. Start prioritizing what to do next. 3. Get answers to your top questions. @KarlSakas
  3. 3. COVID-19: AGENCY PRIORITIES 1. Leadership: Our employees, clients, and communities are looking to us to lead. 2. Action: Even in the face of uncertainty, we need to take calculated actions now. 3. Self-Care: We must put on our own oxygen masks first. @KarlSakas
  4. 4. @KarlSakas RELEVANT BACKGROUND @KarlSakas
  5. 5. MY BROAD-RISK ASSUMPTIONS 1. Hope for the best… but prepare for the worst. 2. Infectious diseases aren’t fully under control, even under normal circumstances. 3. History can inform our future actions. 4. Over-communicate to prevent info “vacuum.” 5. Under 6 months of cash = high risk. @KarlSakas
  6. 6. ACTION: YOUR UNIQUE PRIORITIES 1. Reduce Systems Failure: Read Meltdown. 2. Finances: Are you shaky, stable, or strong? 3. Over-Communication: Avoid a “vacuum.” 4. Distraction: Create extra structure. 5. Services: Repackage to reduce clients’ risk. 6. Self-Care: How can you care for yourself? @KarlSakas
  7. 7. @KarlSakas Q&A: SUPPORTING YOU • Free opt-in resource: https://sakasandcompany. com/30-day-manager/ • Get a month of daily tips from my 2016 book Made to Lead @KarlSakas