Cognitive Process Profile (CPP) psychometric


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The CPP is a psychometric

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Cognitive Process Profile (CPP) psychometric

  1. 1. Cognitive Process ProfileLeading in a Complex 1
  2. 2. ContentLeading in Complex World• Leading in a Complex World• About the CPP• A Unique Profile of Intelligence• Outputs• Applications• Benefits• Contact 2
  3. 3. Leading in a Complex WorldLeading in Complex World• Today many organisations are experiencing high levels of complexity and uncertainty.• To perform well in strategic roles leaders need to have the capacity to deal with high levels of complexity and uncertainty• To cope with the high levels of complexity and uncertainty organisations are pushing the need for strategic thinking down the 3
  4. 4. About the CPPLeading in Complex World• Identifies the level of complexity and uncertainty at which people can do their best work, the nature of their potential, and their ability to learn.• These are represented in five environments each representing a link in the value chain from strategic idea through to the delivery to the 4
  5. 5. About the CPPLeading in Complex 5
  6. 6. A Unique Profile of IntelligenceLeading in Complex World• Using computerised simulation exercises, participants are monitored on their ability to explore, link, structure, transform, remember, learn and clarify information.• The CPP moves beyond measuring Crystallised Intelligence as popularised by IQ tests which draws on experience and knowledge.• CPP profiles Fluid Intelligence which draws on peoples’ capacity to think logically and solve problems in novel situations, independent of acquired 6
  7. 7. OutputsLeading in Complex World• The CPP reports include information on: - – Thinking styles (i.e. a person’s general approach to problem solving – particularly in new and unfamiliar situations) – Thinking processes (i.e. the effectiveness of the thinking used to manage tasks) – Meta-cognition (awareness of thinking processes) – Learning potential (the capacity of a person to benefit from developmental experiences) – Work-related levels of complexity – Judgement for pace 7
  8. 8. ApplicationsLeading in Complex World• Succession planning• Senior level recruitment• Talent management• Identification of leadership potential• Executive coaching• Career coaching• Leadership development• Matching people to roles according to level of complexityOver 180,000 people have taken the CPP 8
  9. 9. BenefitsLeading in Complex World• Ideal for identifying leaders who can solve problems and make good decisions in a complex and uncertain world• Identifies where leaders are constraining their capacity• Rigorous and objective computerised assessment• Unique measure of fluid intelligence• Unique methodology that evaluates dynamic thinking processes as opposed to right or wrong answers• Available in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish and 9
  10. 10. Contact usLeading in Complex WorldCreative Edge Consulting LimitedEvegate Business CentreSmeethKent TN25 6SXUnited KingdomTel +44 (0)1303 812007Email: 10