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nano technology by dynamax

  1. 1. past desires current possibilities future standards oDesign: dynamax 2012 Music: Polonaise, Op. 53, Fryderyk Chopin Background: Leonardo Da Vinci
  2. 2. Needs are important,however the progress ofcivilization relies on grand 1desires…Why Coca-Cola, BMW and Apple are so big and successful today?To earn today, the other day someone created our current dreams.Everyday, products of the future are being designed, and you willget them someday.Question is: will you be able to sell anything in few years time? „The best way to predict the future is to invent it” (Alan Kay, Xerox)
  3. 3. Nowadays, we havepossibilities to transformthe nature of matter...The age of steel, steam and electricity is gone, the age of silicon is passingaway, superseded by the age of grafen and nanoelectronics. 2In business approaching new power sources and matter transformations,giving shapes and colors to products is not enough.The secret lies in nanoparticles - thanks to them matter gains newstructrures, properties and features, giving way to products of the future.Within 5 years from now, nanotechnology will have dominated markets inany major field, defining brand new standards of quality. „to cover the house with gold one must use a container of valuable ore, but once going nano a teaspoon will do” (Jerzy Peszke, dynamax)
  4. 4. look up to the sky and 3imagine standards of tomorrow…Sky is not the same place anymore, even the satellites are circling withboredom, helping us with a mere mail delivery… It has become groundednow. The sky is still a home for the Creator, yet beside Him iCloud lives,filled up with data and awaiting you to take a seat. Indeed, the Holy Biblesays „store your treasures in heaven, where moths and rust cannot destroy”.So grab yourself a piece of heaven and create your own future.Look and see what we are doing in dynamax and decide if you want to joinalong… Just imagine clothes warming you up as the night gets cold, andgently cools you down in summer heat. Your car and your house arepowered by the sun, and the walls (changing colors at the click of a finger)look after your health, refresh the air and heat it up. All the furniture andappliances are free from dust, and the kids are playing with toys whicheradicate bacteria. So does ceramics in your bathroom, where as theevening comes, your self cleaning bathtube welcomes you with open arms.Just imagine, how peacefully you drop into soothing sleep…„people who are mad enough to assume they can change the world are usually the ones who do it” (Steve Jobs, Apple)
  5. 5. we have created own 4nanotechnologies towardsfuture standards…We are happy to offer fully original, dynamax® solutions to fit allmanufacturers and their customers. Innovativeness of dynamax® is thesynthesis of nanoparticles within existing raw materials, with no need tomodify technological lines and by providing simplest application possible.Nanocomponents can be delivered as liquids (coloids) as well as powders inhigh concentration, all along with the instruction of applications and trainingsfor the staff. Nano-synthesis on industrial scale enables keeping cost oftechnology application low, helping to maintain current prices of finalproducts.dynamax® Implementation and Industrial Pattern Department is a helpinghand for those, who are brave enough to create products of the futurewithout having to perform testing on their own.„if I’d asked my customers what they wanted, they’d have said a faster horse” (Henry Ford, Ford)
  6. 6. soft heating: safe, warmclothes and 12 Volt seats…dynamax nanoTHERM technology: polimer nano-compounds saturated withmodified CNT, laid as heating paint on elastic or stiff surfaces, as well ascreating nano-conglomerates (throughout their mass). APPLICATIONSRoad/air/sea transport: seats, upholstery, carpets, ceiling linings, insulationsfor linings and parts sensitive to temperature changes (hydraulic systemsand electronics).Furniture: upholstery, kitchen boards, space arrangement systems (archives,warehouses).Construction: walls, floor panels, heating paints, insulations for linings and 5 nanoTHERM Duseldorf 2012parts sensitive to temperature drop.Clothes: winter, specialized, safety blankets..
  7. 7. anti-electrostatics: thusobjects that never zap…nanoSTATIC technology: polimer compounds saturated with modified CNT,used as coatings on elastic or stiff surfaces. APPLICATIONSRoad/Air/Sea transport: coatings and linings, electrical and electronicequipment housings. 6Furniture: work surfaces, working stations, laboratory,, industrial, kitchen,gastronomic and bathroom furniture parts.Construction: floors, walls, elevations, panels for road noise barriers, parts offurniture and decor.
  8. 8. bactericidal and fungicidalwalls and toys which canprotect…dynamax nanoCARE technology: applications of nano-silver and nano-copper throughout the whole mass of raw materials in full compliance withchemical carriers for ceramics, polymers and steel. Surface and cross-section biological activity – forever. APPLICATIONSRoad/Air/Sea transport: steering wheels and manipulators, upholstery,sanitary equipment.Furniture: upholstery, linings, veneers. 7Construction: wall/floor/sanitary ceramics, milled rock tiles, floor panels,chipboards, plasterboards, wallpapers, mortars, paints, glues, impregnants.Electronics, home appliance and toys: housings, keyboards, facings andlinings.Clothes: disposables, medical, sports, military, shoes, socks.Household chemicals and cosmetics: cleaning and hygiene products,packaging, foils, garbage and medical waste bags.Gastronomy: distribution/storage/packaging equipment, coatings forproduction line parts.
  9. 9. hydrophobization:i.e. „good book for a bath”…dynamax nanoPHOB technology: hydrophobizing nano-systems applied ascoatings or as additives to raw materials in order to protect against water. APPLICATIONS 8Construction: wall/floor/sanitary ceramics, building materials, ceilingcoatings, garden and small urban architecture equipment, impregnants.Road/Air/Sea transport: coatings, paints and insulations.Furniture: impregnants, coatings, paints.Clothes: disposables, medical, sports, military, shoes, socks.Household chemicals: imprengants.Paper and textile industry: raw materials protection against water.
  10. 10. When desires, possibilities andstandards are marching along…Advantage through technology: the hightest cost comes from getting to customers tohelp them distinguish the product by use of commercials, labels and promotion.However, there are virtually no differences among competing products…except forthose using nanotechnology.Remarkable features: the next step in development towards new product is searchingfor features developing the need of buying one. It takes years and costs fortune, yetstill scientific breakthrough is hardly ever achieved…Therefore, daily cooperation with cutting edge technology inventors is what puts qualityto another level and leads to brand’s development.Savings and protection of natural environment: mineral resources are scarce, thereforeit truly pays off to stay big- going nano.More clients means higher profits: on condition that retail protif gets maintained,otherwise higher volume means more labour for less money. Proper product „turnscustomers into free advertisers”. Nevertheless, customers can usually do without ourproducts… Unless they lust for them.„everybody can sell with small profit or even without, but the trick is to create dream products people pay more for and feel better about „ (Krzysztof Szymanowski, dynamax)
  11. 11. and when the working day is over,passion of creation springs to life … 102012: propoliSilver project is about combining propolis altogether with nano-silverparticles. The target is to get a product showing both propolis revitalizing properties andantibactarial properties of silver in wounds treatment, burns and skin infection, as well asin acne problems.2013: Solar.iS project is a breakthrough in achieving highest energetic efficiency inpanels absorbing solar radiation, by means of using carbon nano-tubes showingperfectly black-body like properties.2013-2014: Can-Can.1 (cancel cancer) project, which brings the answer to the question:„-why do we die of cancer?” The problem is that nowadays, while providing medicine wekill cancer along with the immunity system of a patient. Dynamax team assume carbonnano-tubes will prove to be effective as carriers for medicines directly to tumor cells.This will help to minimize the amount of lethal medicine intake.2014-2016: Can-Can.2 project, which is about to use „hot” and remotely controllednano-capsules in order to selectively eradicate tumor cells in magnetic field. working for dynamax we always aim at being good craftsmen and getting proper salary, yet for the passion of creation we are ready to give away the medicine for cancer free of charge… „as since you have received for free – so give away for free as well” (The Bible)
  13. 13. if you also care as much, aswe do, why not sticking tothe rules…1. Ask in writing about what you need (letter of intent).2. Meet with us and discuss the details.3. Hand us over the samples of products you would like to create. 124. Then we tell you what can be done and we assess the costs (the offer).5. As you decide to accept it, we sign the contract and set a schedule.6. Next, we launch the laboratory tests.7. Once we have finished, we evaluate the results together.8. Then you are ready to perform production tests and certifications.9. Once you have finished the following, we begin deliveries of nanocomp.10. If you are satisfied you can write a letter of recomendation. „the moon is more useful than the sun, because the moon shines at night” (Albert Einstein)
  14. 14. business is made by people, not companies – butremember to put after a surname… 13 krzysztof.szymanowski jerzy.peszke wojciech.chrzanowski tomasz.bigaj dariusz.kocurek peter.homa founder - president founder - scientific director founder - general director v-ce president operations director european partner jacek.demczak piotr.liponski beata.szymanowska ola.karusewicz jaroslaw.rataj gregor.schopa design director technical director booking manager PR director sales director german partnerIn 1990, we started our activity in IT and electronics under the brand dynamic®. Currently, as dynamax® we are investing in the field ofcutting edge technologies. It results in own, fully original solutions created to fit and comply with specific industrial needs. We providetechnologies based on the synthesis of nano-components used as additives to raw materials and final products. We are running a designoffice, creating products from the very idea, through material science to marketing. We look forward to the future with trust in our scientificteam, as we are carrying out research towards applications for brand new technologies. Our credo is: dynamizing activities andmaximizing effects, followed by the projects we apply according to the rules
  15. 15. and last but not least: they will surely live to see it,as they lust to live safely and comfortaby ever after.