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towns cave II

Published in: Education
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  1. 1. The entrance to the underground caves. In front of the entrance an information board was put.
  2. 2. On 6 November 2012, the underground route of the Kadzielnia reserve, was extended. Sightseeing starts with the Explorers Cave. After going down, visitors are greeted by limestone stone that resembles a dog.
  3. 3. Works in caves have been carried out for a few years - underpasses have been extended, the stairs and lighting were made.
  4. 4. Calcite Infiltrates and bat bones.
  5. 5. The arrow indicates the seashell submerged in the wall.
  6. 6. The Chamber of Wieslaw, we'll see the calcite brush here.
  7. 7. This is the beginning of the „Slot" cave, on the ceiling you can see additional security.
  8. 8. The entrance to the top room in the „Slot” cave. This part of the route required the greatest security and human interference.
  9. 9. Elizabeth Czajkowska, director of the Geopark in Kielce, shows that at this level in the hallways were residue, which had to be removed. You can see here how they looked.
  10. 10. These are stones in the largest hall of the „Slot” cave, one on the right side is called the Great Horse. It required additional security.
  11. 11. President of the Kielce city, Wojciech Lubawski, walking through the underground caves.
  12. 12. Kielce city invites tourists from all over the world!
  13. 13. Prepared by Klaudia Kwaśniewska. Thank you, Bye! Source: