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  1. 1. India’s leading International TradeFair for Water & Wastewater
  2. 2. Fair Facts26 – 28.9.201310:00 am – 06:00 pmMahatma Mandir Convention CenterAhmedabad, Gujarat
  3. 3. Presentation theme DD.MM.YYYY 3Watertech – Show Information– Current Situation and potential– Location– 2013 Show– Target Group– Exhibitors– Visitors– 2011 Show that was– Highlights– Fringe Programs– Statistics– Glimpse– 2013 Show that will be3
  4. 4. 4Current situation and potential– About 80% of water supplied in India becomes wastewater. It is estimatedthat 22,900 MLD (Million Liters per Day) of domestic waste water isgenerated from urban centers while 13500 MLD of Industrial wastewater isgenerated– Treatment capacity available for domestic wastewater is only 5900 MLDagainst 8000 MLD of industrial wastewater. There is therefore a hugeopportunity in the water and wastewater industry in India– Additionally, Governmental impetus has grown with the implementation ofthe National Water Mission which includes necessary sewage treatment inresidential buildings, Fiscal incentives for promoting water efficienttechnology, etc.– According to the consolidated FDI policy announced by the Government ofIndia, effective April 2010, 100% FDI is allowed in the water sector
  5. 5. * As per EBTC Snapshot on Water and Wastewater in India 5Current situation and potential (contd.)– The agricultural sector uses around 79% of the available freshwater supplyand wastes one-half and four-fifths of the irrigation water. The domesticsector consumes around 6% while the industrial sector consumes around5% *– Increasing urbanisation is significantly increasing demand away from thecountryside, to the city. There are approximately 50 cities with a populationof more than 1 million. Furthermore, the total number of cities and towns inIndia has increased from 2,250 in 1991 to 5,161 in 2001, and has increasedto 7,936 in 2011 (as per the 2011 census indicators) *– Projected municipal and domestic water demand will also double by 2030,to 108 billion m3 (7% of total demand), while projected demand fromindustry will quadruple to 196 billion m3 (13%), pushing overall demandgrowth close to 3% per annum *
  6. 6. 6
  7. 7. 7Location – Promising Growth & Prosperity− Most progressive state on the westerncoast of India− Has been the driver of India’s economicand industrial growth− Significantly contribute to Industrial outputand Indian exports− Friendly Business Environment− World class facilities helping in organisingexhibitions and conducting businessBusiness Opportunities− Rapid industrial development throughout the state has resulted ingeneration of industrial wastewater which needs proper care in pollutionmitigation and recycling in and around urban centres of Ahmedabad,Bharuch, Surat and the Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor
  8. 8. 8Watertech 2013− With the growing industrializationin India and impetus on recyclingby the government, WatertechIndia will be an optimum platformfor the exchange of technologyand services in the sector− The 2013 edition will showcasebest practices, innovations,products and services availableunder one roof at Ahmedabad
  9. 9. 9We help you create your next customer− Face-to-face meeting platform− Cost-effective means to reach yourtarget customer− Platform to present your Products andServicesWho will Visit− Officials from PCB, MunicipalCorporations, State Governments &Irrigation Department− Officials from Auto, Chemical, Dairy,Pharma, Sugar, Textile, Cement,Hospitals, Oil & Gas industry
  10. 10. 10We help you create your next customer (contd…)− Utility Heads / Engineers from the end user industries− Town Planners, Builders, Contractors and Architects− Technocrats, Advisors and Policy Makers− Distributors and Dealers− Manufacturers and System Integrators− Trade Associations, Media & NGOs
  11. 11. Watertech 2011 – The show that was!• 1700 sqm• 102 exhibitors from 9 countries• Country pavilion from Canada• Participation from Government of Quebec and Ontario and EuropeanBusiness & Technology CentreFringe Programs• National summit on PPP Opportunities in waste and wastewater sector.• Invest in Quebec, The Ministry of Quebec & Ecotech Quebec organiseda Round Table titled ‘Cleantech in Quebec: A well-kept secret’ incollaboration with ICBC and DeloittePresentation theme DD.MM.YYYY 11
  12. 12. 12Watertech 2011 – Statistics562519Manufacturer / PolicymakerVendor / DistributorEnd UserVisitor Profile Visitor Job analysis1762912MD / CEO / Director /VPGM / ManagerExecutiveEngineers / Consultants
  13. 13. 13Watertech 2011 – Statistics (Contd.)152535203040Water TreatmentWaste TreatmentFilters / Membrane /RORecyclingPumps / PipesOthersPurpose of visit Quality of Visitors – Exhibitor Perspective22373011Very satisfiedSatisfiedAverageNeeds improvement
  14. 14. Glimpses of Watertech 2012Presentation theme DD.MM.YYYY 14
  15. 15. Thank you for yourattention!

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