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1. why you should consider the krya detergent may 30th 2013


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Published in: Business, Technology
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1. why you should consider the krya detergent may 30th 2013

  1. 1. Why you should re-evaluate yourdetergentBy the folks at krya
  2. 2. Do we really need anotherdetergent?Pic courtesy:
  3. 3. Pic courtesy: detergents can pollute theenvironment during manufacture
  4. 4. Pic courtesy: they use potable water to makethem
  5. 5. Pic courtesy: producelots of lather.More lather =Many rinses =longer wash cycles
  6. 6. Pic courtesy: = water down the drain.100 litres every time you run the machine
  7. 7. This lather findsits way to awater source.And makes thewaterundrinkable andkills the fishes.
  8. 8. Pic courtesy: the shiny packaging?It simply gets trashed.
  9. 9. Hello there!We are the folksfrom krya.This is the kryadetergent
  10. 10. The krya detergent is made from thisgorgeous fruit.Soapberry – Sapindus trifoliatus
  11. 11. The soapberry’s use is ancient.Many cultures have used it to cleanhair, skin and clothesPic courtesy:
  12. 12. Ayurveda loves soapberries too.Soapberries are used to cure skindiseases.Pic courtesy :
  13. 13. This is where wegrow oursoapberries.This is anorganic farm inSouth India (A.P).
  14. 14. This is a soapberry tree. The fruitsappear in March every year.
  15. 15. We carefully hand pick and harvest onlythe ripest fruits for our products.
  16. 16. Only ripe fruits contain the highest levelof saponins.Saponins are the natural cleaningagents inside the soapberry.
  17. 17. We now dry our ripe soapberries onthis stone platform.Sun drying = small footprintmanufacturing
  18. 18. Sunny soapberries getting ready to bemade into a detergent
  19. 19. This is the soapberry after nearly 3days in the sun. They are now ready tobe ground to make the krya detergent.
  20. 20. We grind thesoapberriesprecisely to theright particle sizeto produce thekrya detergent.
  21. 21. Precise grinding = just right particle size.Just right particle size = maximumsaponin extraction
  22. 22. The kryadetergent isbio-degradable &compostable.
  23. 23. The krya detergentisLow foam.Low foam = lessrinsing = less waterPic courtesy
  24. 24. All the water from your krya wash canbe used to water your plants.Pic courtesy
  25. 25. The krya detergent cleans clothes reallywell (we’ve been using it for 3 years)
  26. 26. And gentlymaintains colourand texture.
  27. 27. Handlooms and natural dyes love thekrya detergent.Your sarees will not fade or tear and willget softer with every wash.
  28. 28. Moms love us. We are the safestdetergent for baby’s clothes
  29. 29. We loveanimals.We never teston them.
  30. 30. We are a Cruelty free & Vegancompany.PETA certifies us.
  31. 31. Our packagingis completelyrecyclable.
  32. 32. And that’s why you should re-evaluateyour detergent.And give us a test drive instead.Pic courtesy
  33. 33. Do you want to know more?
  34. 34. Pic courtesy
  35. 35. If you liked reading this, show us somelove. Share this.Pic courtesy
  36. 36. www.krya.inPic courtesy
  37. 37. This slideshare was brought to you by thefolks at krya.krya is India’s first sustainable consumerproducts start-up. We are headquartered inChennai.We create environmentally sustainable, plantbased, vegan alternatives to toxic chemicalproducts. All our products are made fromcertified organic ingredientsYup. We are awesome.Pic courtesy :