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Welcome to britain

  1. 1. He that travels far knows muchWer reist sehr viel, er weißt viel John Clarke
  2. 2. Welcometo Britain
  3. 3. The United Kingdom of GreatBritain and Northern IrelandEngland Wales Scotland Northern IrelandLondon Cardiff Edinburgh Belfast
  4. 4. london
  5. 5. london consists of four main partsCity West End Westminster East End
  6. 6. london It is the business centre Bank and offices are situated there
  7. 7. london’s Westminster It is the administrative centre.The Houses of Parliament
  8. 8. londonBig Ben The main clock of Great Britain
  9. 9. LondonThe Tower of London
  10. 10. London The main church of the city
  11. 11. LondonBuckingham It is the Palace official residence of British sovereign
  12. 12. London’
  13. 13. The East End It is an industrial district of the capital
  14. 14. Cardiff
  15. 15. is the capital and thebiggest port of Wales
  16. 16. City Hall
  17. 17. Law Courts
  18. 18. National Museum Welsh Folk Museum
  19. 19. A large park arealies near the centre of Cardiff
  20. 20. Edinburgh Is the capital of Scotland and the most beautiful city in EuropeIt lies on seven hillsFrom the street in thecentre of the city youcan see ships coming toEdinburgh fromdifferent countries ofthe world
  21. 21. “The Old Town”
  22. 22. Edinburgh Castle is 1000 years old
  23. 23. “The New Town” The modern town “The New Town” lies at the foot of the hills and has all usual characteristics of a well planned modern city
  24. 24. It is large intellectual centre It has one of the oldest university in Europe, which was founded in 1582Many great men :•Robert Burns•Walter Scott• Robert Louis Stevensonhave lived and worked inEdinburgh.
  25. 25. Belfast is thecapital and a chiefport of NorthernIrelandIt is a modern citysituated in adistrict ofmountains andrivers
  26. 26. Belfast Castle was built in 1870.
  27. 27. TEST
  28. 28. I) London is situated on theriver...•Severn;•Thames;•Clyde.2) The commercial centreof London is...•the Westminster;•the West End;•the City.3) The official London residenceof Her Majesty the Queen is...•Buckingham Palace;•the Houses of Parliament;•Westminster Abbey.
  29. 29. 4) The Palace of Westminster is usually known as... •Westminster ; •St. Paul’s Cathedral; •the Houses of Parliament. 5) Cardiff is the capital of… •Scotland •Wales. •Northern Ireland •England,6) Norman Castle is situated…•near the centre of Cardiff•on the river Thames•by the Cathay’s Park
  30. 30. 7) Belfast Castle was built in…•1970•1870•13708) The streets of the “Old Town” are..•narrow•wide•very long9) Edinburgh lies …•on seven hills•between six mountains•between seven valleys
  31. 31. 10) Edinburgh Castle is…•is 1000 years old•is 2000 years old•is 3000 years old