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  • Life at Sea is quiet special and unique in it’s own way!

    Do you remember your early days on-board?

    Learning how to turn on the search lights, colour codes for the bins, operating the window wipers.
    And, what about understanding the watch permutations, the inert gas system, as well as learning how to let go of an anchor?

    At the time when we started our Merchant Navy careers, all that was fun, exciting and it seemed like a career with travel, variety and early responsibility at its best.

    Moreover, the feeling that Seafarers are the engine that drives the global maritime sector, made the job even more meaningful. For instance, without us our shops would be empty, our cars kept idle and our lights and heating turned off.

    However, these activities and tasks have kept Seafarers on their toes on a 24 hours cycle. And, clearly, with more stringent maritime regulations coming up each year, life as a seafarer has become increasingly more hectic and challenging.

    So, it is worth noting, why Seafarers quit Sea Jobs in an article by Marine Insight below:


    Does this situation in today’s world call for an opportunity?
    An opportunity, which helps in settling some of these issues by offering an environment, where Seafarers can relax with their families when at home, leave their families in a safe environment with modern facilities when leaving to sign-on on a ship and socialize amongst like-minded Seafarers and their families, reducing the unsettled life quotient in their lives.

    If your answer is Yes, then MGM Infratech, managed by Master Mariners offers one such life time opportunity, Oceanica.

    Oceanica, exclusively for Seafarers is a Luxury Housing Project with facilities of highest order. It is strategically located in DDA L Zone in Delhi, which is minutes away from IGI Airport, Gurgaon Business District and Dwarka sub-city.

    Idea is to keep life safe and simple in terms of logistics yet, experience a high quality life whilst playing a game of tennis with fellow mariners or watching your kids learn swimming or enjoying drinks with your friends and family in the Club House at Oceanica itself. At the same time being well connected to important facilities like new upcoming AIIMS Hospital (10 mins away), Golf Course (5 mins away), Dwarka Sec 21 Metro Station (10 mins away) and upcoming IP University (10 mins away).

    Interested in more info?

    Please visit MGM Infratech’s Oceanica online -http://www.mgminfratech.com/oceanica.html
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  • hi can u provide me a sample of safety management system of fleet management limited
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Fleet management limited- Ship Management

  1. 1. Fleet Management Limited -Ship Management
  2. 2. Fleet Management LimitedSr. No Index Page No. 1 Introduction 3 2 Vision and Mission Statements 4 3 Location 4 4 Services by Fleet Management Limited 5 5 IMOs campaign for Day of the Seafarer 8 6 FML World 9 7 Awards 10 8 Subsidiary companies of Fleet Management Limited 11 9 Elegant Marine Services 11 10 Fleet Management Training Institute 12 2
  3. 3. Fleet Management LimitedIntroductionFleet Management Limited, based in Hong Kong provides a comprehensive range of shipmanagement services to cargo ship owners worldwide. The company has at its disposal,professional manpower, both ashore and at sea, operating to internationally recognized qualitymanagement standards.The company is accredited ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and ISM code compliancecertificates from DNV.Fleet has its own crewing offices in India (Mumbai, Delhi, Kochi, Kolkata, Chennai, Vizag, Patna,Lucknow and Chandigarh), the Philippines (Manila) and China (Dalian). In addition, their owncrew and officers training institute in Mumbai provides short term familiarization, refresher andbasic safety courses to our staff. It also provides complete bridge and engine simulationexercises to our seafarers.Currently, they are responsible for the full technical management of more than 260 modernships, on behalf of reputable ship owners. The average age of their fleet is under 6 years. 3
  4. 4. Fleet Management LimitedVision and Mission StatementsCompany VisionTo be recognized as a premier ship Management Company active in a number of specializedand diverse shipping segments.Mission StatementTo provide to a variety of customers, either directly or through Business Partners and Affiliatedcompanies, ship management services which are: reliable cost effective meeting or exceeding customer requirement in accordance with all applicable quality, safety and environmental standards aimed at achieving zero incident and zero spill with continuous improvementLocationFleet Management Limited has their headquarters at Hong Kong, one of the biggest hubs forshipping operations.They have established their Technical Management offices in Hong Kong, India (Mumbai),United Kingdom (London), Singapore and Cyprus.Their Crew Manning office is primarily located at India, Philippines (Manila) and China (Dalian). 4
  5. 5. Fleet Management LimitedServices by Fleet Management LimitedTechnical ManagementAs a Progressive and Proactive Ship Manager, Fleet has under its management all types of shipsThe Company draws on its pool of experienced Manpower and Resources, which are at itsdisposal both ashore and afloat.Ships are inspected at regular intervals of three months by the technical superintendent toensure a very close follow-up of shipboard activities. Data sent by ships is analysed ashore tooptimize vessels speed and consumption performance.Crew ManagementFleet’s Crew management service includes a range of activities including, recruitment andselection, training, and management of officers and ratings deployed on a wide array of vesseltypes.To ensure quality, these services are primarily managed by an extensive network of 10 in-houserecruitment offices spread across India, Philippines and China; countries which serve as theprimary manning source for the world’s merchant fleet.Information relating to the 8000 seafarers, arguable the backbone of our manning profile ismanaged by a state of the art crewing module. 5
  6. 6. Fleet Management LimitedNew Building SupervisionFleet Management services include project viability study, plan approval and designmodifications as required to comply with new regulations and operational requirements.Every project is manned by a full strength team of experienced Hull & Machinery and paintingsupervisor with NACE or FOROSIO level 2 / 3 certificates. Plans are checked & approved by in-house plan approval team which includes Naval Architects, Marine & Electrical Engineers & Ex-Class surveyors.They have undertaken such services on behalf of over 50 vessels of various types from thebuilders yard across major ship building nations.InsuranceFleet management manages following insurances on behalf of their Ship owners*Hull and Machinery*War risk cover*P & I*Loss of Hire*F, D & D*K&R*Federal and California COFR GuaranteesPre-Purchase inspection / Independent Condition SurveyFleet Management conducts pre-purchase and independent vessel condition surveys on behalfof Ship Owners, Financial Institutions and Banks for all ship types at cost effective rates.Furthermore clients may use Fleet’s services to spot check on the structural integrity andoperational condition of their ship’s electronic, mechanical, propulsion or cargo handlingequipment – in a planned manner or on spot basis prior a major dry-docking/conversion. 6
  7. 7. Fleet Management LimitedSuperintendence and Special ProjectsFleet provides vessel up-gradation and conversion services; from mega alterations of a vessel’sfunction, to minor repair and upgrading works. The service includes feasibility studies, design,planning and execution of conversion works.Fleet also provides for in-port and at sea independent contracting and supervision of repair &maintenance services for a wide range of vessel types on behalf of its clients.Shipboard AuditsFleet management can carry out independent safety and ISM audits to ensure that vessel iscomplying with the necessary safety standards and the companys Safety Management System.TrainingFleet Management Training Institute (FMTI) was founded in 1997 at Mumbai, India andgreatly expanded in 2003, using state of the art simulators and audio visual aids to meet therapid growth of the fleet.The institute is a DNV Certified and Director General of Shipping approved Maritime TrainingCenter. FMTI courses comply with the requirements of the STCW 95 Convention and theguidelines of Directorate General of Shipping, India.FMTI conducts DGS approved courses on Full Mission Engine Room and 180 degree full-missionBridge Simulators at both operational and management levels. And brief about TOLAS 7
  8. 8. Fleet Management LimitedIMOs campaign for Day of the SeafarerIMO has declared 25th June of each year as the Day of the Seafarer,recognizing the invaluable contribution seafarers make to international tradeand the world economy, often at great personal cost to themselves and theirfamilies.The Day of the Seafarer was first celebrated in2011, following its establishment by a resolutionadopted by the Conference of Parties to theInternational Convention on Standards of Training,Certification and Watch keeping for Seafarers(STCW), 1978, held in Manila, Philippines, in June2010, which adopted major revisions to the STCWConvention and Code. The Day of the Seafarer hasnow also been included in the annual list of UnitedNations Observances.The Day of the Seafarer provides an opportunity to paytribute to the world’s 1.5 million seafarers for theunique and all-too-often overlooked contribution to thewell-being of the general public.The Day of the Seafarer is also an opportunity toeducate the public about issues facing the modern-dayseafarer - issues such as piracy. But, most importantly,it is the occasion for us, the world, to say “Thank you,Seafarers.”In support of the International Maritime Organization’scampaign, they have launched various initiatives to celebratethis day and honor the seafarers. 8
  9. 9. Fleet Management LimitedFML WorldFML World is Fleet ManagementLimited initiative to shareseafarer’s views of compassionand companionship with everymember of the fleet family.FML World gives seafarerexclusive access to differentservicesFML World also includesinformation on existing jobopportunities and other usefulnews from around the world,promotions, safer + Award andPayments, FMIT, job Openings,awards, Long Service Awards forShore Staff, notice board andManning Office 9
  10. 10. Fleet Management LimitedAwardsCompany has won various awards likeBest Foreign Employer of ‘the Indian Seafarer Award by National Maritime Day Celebrations on5th April 2012’Green Awareness Award 2012Excellence Award’ and ‘Recruit – Most Innovative Award’ and Hong Kong ManagementAssociationAwards for Fleets SafeR+ program.Pi Xiu Management Award 2011 “Best Performing Ship Management Company in Port StateControl Inspection”Green Awareness Award 2011Seatrade Asia Awards 2010Fleet bags The Ship Manager Award for the 2nd consecutive yearPi Xiu Management Award 2010 “Best Performing Ship Management Company in Port StateControl Inspection”Green Awareness Award 2010HKMD Bravery Award 2010 - Master & Crew of “Pacific Condor” Fleet Management Limited 10
  11. 11. Fleet Management LimitedSubsidiary companies of Fleet Management LimitedElegant Marine Services and Fleet Management Training Institute (FMTI) are subsidiarycompany and subsidiary institute respectively, of Fleet Management Limited.Elegant Marine Services and Fleet Management Limited work as a team. Elegant MarineServices is exclusive Crew Management agent in Indian, on behalf of Fleet ManagementLimited.Fleet Management Training Institute (FMTI) is a part of Fleet Management Limited. FMTIconducts an approved course which helps to boost skills technical of seafarers onboard.Elegant Marine ServicesElegant Marine Services (India) have crew manning office at various places likeMumbaiDelhiKochiKolkataChennaiVizagPatnaLucknowChandigarh. 11
  12. 12. Fleet Management LimitedFleet Management Training InstituteFormationFleet management Training Institute (FMTI) was founded in 1997 as part of the training divisionof Fleet Management Limited with an aim to provide basic familiarization to staff joiningthe ships operated by the company. With the increase in strength of the fleet, the need toexpand the activities in training was felt and in the year 2003, the training institute wasexpanded to accommodate training of a larger number of ship staff using state of the artsimulators and audio visual aids. The training institute is administered under a non-profitmaking body called Fleet Management Maritime Education Trust. The trust was established byits chairman Mr. Kishore S. Rajvanshy, Managing Director of Fleet Management Limited. 12
  13. 13. Fleet Management LimitedQuality StandardsThe institute is a DNV Certified and Director General of Shipping, India approved MaritimeTraining Centre. FMTI courses comply with the requirements of the STCW95 Convention andthe guidelines of Directorate General of Shipping, India. All STCW courses comply withappropriate IMO model course and our value added training modules are developed inaccordance with the DNV standards.Training PhilosophyApart from ensuring that officers and ratings on board ships are suitably qualified as per therequirements of the ISTCW95 convention, our training shall enable them to be competent andcarry out their duties on board in a safe and efficient manner. This is done by a combination ofthe following methods:1. Familiarization of the ship they are due to serve2. Familiarization with the company procedures3. Identifying individual training needs and providing appropriate training4. Regularly update staff knowledge and skills in line with changes in regulations and industrystandards5. Provide ship staff with a career path to achieve their goals.Training MethodsWe ensure our training methods are appropriate to the training needs and meet or exceed therequirements of the administration and the industry. It includes:1. On-the-Job training2. Shore based training, using 13
  14. 14. Fleet Management Limiteda. Simulatorsb. Model equipmentsc. Class room lectures and presentationsd. Audio visual aidse. Computer & Web based programsf. WorkshopFollowing courses are being done by the FMTI.1. Ship handling Simulator and BTM ( 5 Days2. BTM 3 Days3. Engine room Simulator (Management Level)4. Engine room Simulator (Operation Level)5. Passage planning Course6. Chart Correction Course7. Environmental management System8. Enclosed space entry 14
  15. 15. Fleet Management Limited9. ECDIS – 5 Days as per IMO 1,2710. MARIS ECDIS type Specific training11. JRC ECDIS type Specific training12. SAFER13. BTM refresher Training14. Enhanced Navigation training15. Command orientation training16. Pre Departure orientation Seminar17. Safety officer (CBT )18. Energy Conservation (CBT ) 15
  16. 16. Fleet Management LimitedFleet Management Training Institute is located at Nerul (India). 16