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Why tall guys dress like shit?


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Short presentation on why tall guys dress like shit and what to do about it. Otherwise know as our Brand Manifesto.

Skinny Latvian

Published in: Design
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Why tall guys dress like shit?

  1. 1. Who is Skinny? Brand Manifesto
  2. 2. WARNING: Occasional swear word will be used, along with side boob or two, you’ve been warned. Mind you, nothing hardcore will be here, it’s a branding presentation aſter all. Ok, let’s get into this.
  3. 3. It all started with the walk over the bridge
  4. 4. This bridge
  5. 5. I had epiphany on that bridge, about something that has bugged me for most of my life
  6. 6. Here’s a well known fact: Tall guy’s dress like shit
  7. 7. Just look at this…
  8. 8. I was one of them… (circa 2001, look at those fancy silver jeans, 3 sizes too big)
  9. 9. But why oh why do we do that? Just go to freaking Zara or H&M and get some slim fit pants, you say
  10. 10. If only it was that easy…
  11. 11. You see, tall guys dress like shit because nobody gives a shit about us
  12. 12. High street retailers DO NOT make pants longer than size 34”
  13. 13. Aſter all, we’re only 5%
  14. 14. If you’re taller than 6’4” (194cm) you’re basically screwed, you will have to dress like shit, forever ever...
  15. 15. Or go to a tailor…
  16. 16. Or pretend that you’re always going to a gym…
  17. 17. Is there another way?
  18. 18. Yes there is, glad you asked
  19. 19. Say Hello to…
  20. 20. Lifestyle brand for tall, skinny guys (and girls)
  21. 21. We make (slim fit, extra long) clothing specifically for tall people, so they don’t need to look like dorks anymore
  22. 22. Our vision
  23. 23. When you’re tall, people will look at you, so better look good when they do
  24. 24. Our mission
  25. 25. Help people be comfortable in their own skin (tall, skinny)
  26. 26. Or, as a man much wiser that us, said it a century ago…
  27. 27. Our values
  28. 28. We only make extra long sizes that normal shops don’t stock - 36” and 38” inseam length (you can still wear our pants if you’re shorter, just roll ‘em or cut ‘em)
  29. 29. Every item has a trademark quirkiness, be it little skinnies printed inside the bright pockets of the pants or funny quotes on our sweaters
  30. 30. Premium fabrics from Italian mills & durable stitching. All garments are made in Latvia.
  31. 31. The real world is full of color, so are we, there is enough grey and black out there already.
  32. 32. Irony is not dead on us
  33. 33. When you’re over 6’4”, you have to have a sense of humor, otherwise you’ll lead a very lonesome life
  34. 34. Stop trying to blend in, be yourself, accept your height and use it to your advantage
  35. 35. Clothes you wear are part of you, they make you feel more confident, more mysterious, more sexy, whatever it is, but it is you, supercharged.
  36. 36. Actions have consequences
  37. 37. Think. Don’t buy the cheapest, don’t by the most expensive. Those are lazy choices and you’re not lazy.
  38. 38. Are not colors
  39. 39. No seasons
  40. 40. No ego
  41. 41. If you like them, that’s cool, but we don’t, sorry
  42. 42. No man-purses, just no
  43. 43. No mega logos
  44. 44. No bling belts
  45. 45. No fluffy scarfs
  46. 46. If you can walk in any chain store and find pants that fit you, we’re probably not for you, you’re sorted
  47. 47. We do not have ambition to become a high street brand. We want to service small, but neglected audience in need
  48. 48. There is only one question leſt…
  49. 49. Are you Skinny?
  50. 50. Choose. And if it’s not us, that’s ok. We’re not for everyone, just like you.
  51. 51. And remember…