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Best Strategies For Non-profit Fundraising | Carl Kruse


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If you are about to start a fundraising campaign then it's time to get serious about what strategies you'll follow. It requires a slight shift in your thinking and actions. Here are some approaches shared by Carl Kruse, an entrepreneur and supporter of various nonprofit organizations to empower your nonprofit fundraising campaign.

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Best Strategies For Non-profit Fundraising | Carl Kruse

  1. 1. Best Strategies For Non-profit Fundraising Carl Kruse
  2. 2. Focus on Communication While you're communicating, stop being all self-centered. Stop promo ting your annual fund. No one cares about your annual fund or your nee d to pay staff or keep the lights on. What people really care about is th e work you're doing for the humani ty. Talk about impact and outcomes of your non profit board.
  3. 3. Appreciate the Donor Donors are much smarter and more sensit ive than ever before. Give them a great ex perience and warm their heart, and they'l l be giving again and again. Surprise them. Delight them. Pay attentio n to every little detail about them. Thank them warmly and sincerely, and make the m feel confident they made a good decisi on to give.
  4. 4. Ask Often Fundraising is an ongoing activity. You shouldn't just ask once each year. You should ask often. Ask for money, ask f or volunteers. Ask people to come for a tour or to sign your petition. There a re ample ways people can get involve d with your non-profit organization, s o give them options.
  5. 5. Take Responsibility Start educating your Board members about how to do their job instead of using blame, shame, and guilt. If you don't like the Board you have, it's time to stop complaining abo ut it and change it. Get them some educati on. Get a few new members on board.
  6. 6. Write down Plans If your fundraising plans aren't in written properly, they aren't real. Write them immediately on paper so you can have an objective look of the plans. Be purposeful, create a plan, and get it documented. It w ill be lot easier to get your co-work ers, Board and volunteers engaged with a plan when they can see it o n paper.
  7. 7. Train your Volunteers Training for board members essential for the success of fundraising campaign. Get them the books they need, hire a coach, or find a workshop. It's NOT a badge of honor to work on a s hoestring without spending any money o n improving the team. You should make proper training arrangements time to tim e.
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