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Wwi (11)


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Wwi (11)

  2. 2. Reasons for the war to begin… Industrialism Factory system Made goods for trade… and then weapons Nationalism Love and loyalty for your country Desire to unite people under one nation (gov’t) Imperialism Rule of one country over another Added strength to country (markets) Wanted to protect colonies
  3. 3. Reasons for the war to begin… Militarism Glory in war … only use of force could solve problems Military weapons and army build up Formation of alliances Choosing “sides” “ friends” to protect and “back-up” Led to mistrust between nations
  4. 4. The Balkans = “powder keg” Fighting over international boundaries (each ethnicity wanted to have its own country). Serbia wanted united the Serbs living in Austria into a “Greater Serbia”
  5. 5. Gavrilo Princip, Serbian
  6. 6. Triple Entente = Allies OR Allied Powers Russia, France, Britain… then Serbia, Italy and the U.S. Triple Alliance = Central Powers Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy… then Turkey and Bulgaria
  7. 7. Gallipoli
  8. 8. The Gallipoli Campaign Turks joined Central Powers Br & Fr attacked to open seaport to get supplies to Russia (1915) - Turkey placed mines in water around Dardanelles to keep Allies out and keep Russia stuck in Black Sea
  9. 9. Allies targeted Asia, Africa & Pacific Islands (b/c Germany had colonies in these areas) OTHERS JOINED ALLIES Japan b/c promised control over these areas Africans b/c wanted freedom of German rule Arabs b/c wanted to be free of Ottoman rule
  10. 10. April 1915 – Italy declares neutrality & withdraws Had no love for Austria-Hungary… didn’t care if A-H won or not May 1915 – Italy re-enters on the side of the Allies Promised land in Africa… ITALY SWITCHES
  11. 11. “ Neutrality” and Economics Loans Loaned $1.5 billion to Allies Allies used money to buy supplies Shipping - Ger blocked Br food sources - Br blocked supply ships - interfered with each countries’ shipping
  12. 12. Committee on Public Info Changed names of products: German measles Hamburger Sauerkraut
  13. 13. Committee on Public Info Super-Americanism
  14. 14. Woodrow Wilson "Any man who carries a hyphen about with him carries a dagger that he is ready to plunge into the vitals of this Republic whenever he gets ready."
  15. 15. Selective Service Act 2x more Black Americans…. segregated Encouraged immigrants = assimilation
  16. 16. War Industries Board assist factories transfer from peace to war mass production of steel/tin
  17. 17. Food Administration Commission for Relief Sent wheat to Europeans
  18. 18. War Bonds
  19. 19. the “Big Four” leaders Britain: David Lloyd Georges France: George Clemenceau U.S.: Woodrow Wilson Italy: Vittorio Orlando Germany: Wilhelm II
  20. 20. Wilson Orlando Lloyd Georges Clemenceau
  21. 21. League of Nations International organization to work out disputes between countries to prevent future wars Weakness: didn’t have a military
  22. 22. Treaty of Versailles Germany would lose land its colonies to create Poland to France for areas they had taken over before the war
  23. 23. 2. Germany had to pay reparations, France wanted immediate payment of $5 billion and later billed Germany for an additional $32 billion . Treaty of Versailles
  24. 24. 3. Germany to reduce its military Treaty of Versailles
  25. 25. Four Empires Fell German: Poland Austria-Hungary: Austria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia Ottoman: Jordan, Syria, Palestine, Iraq Russian: Finland, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia
  26. 26. Resulted in countries under foreign rule Austrians under Italian rule Germans (in the Sudetenland) under Czech rule Germans (to the east) under Polish rule Hungarians under Romanian rule