Atumatic toll tax system


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Atumatic toll tax system

  1. 1. Automatic Toll-tax CollectionPrepared By:KrunalSiddhapathak
  2. 2. Outline Idea Block diagram Main Modules Advantage Conclusion
  3. 3. Idea Collection of toll without any humanintervention . To maximize the efficiency andeffectiveness of toll collection systemand minimizing traffic impacts. To Focus specifically in identifying andaccessing available technologies.
  4. 4. Block Diagram
  5. 5. Modules Automatic vehicle identification(AVI) Weight sensor Controlling Unit Central data Base Money transfer Module GSM Module
  6. 6. AVI UNITGSMWeightSensor
  7. 7. Automatic VehicleIdentification(AVI) Is a wireless Technology used inapplication to identify and receiveinformation about Vehicle with noneed to stop the vehicle or openwindow. As the vehicle moves into reader areaof interrogation the transponderplaced on the windshield of the vehicletransmits its unique id to the readerwhich is converted into usefulinformation via software.
  8. 8. Weight Sensor Weight sensor senses the weight ofthe vehicle and sends it to central database through microcontroller.
  9. 9. Controlling Unit Getting knowledge of owner of thevehicle ,controlling unit takesinformation about the account no andmobile no of vehicle owner from thecentral data base. How much money should be deductedfrom the account of owner that is alsodecided by controlling unit accordingto information received from weightsensor.
  10. 10. Money transfer Module Getting information of Money andAccount No of owner ,this moduletransfers Money from account ofvehicle owner to the account of stategovernment.
  11. 11. GSM Module Global System for MobileCommunications GSM Module is used to transmit thesms to the owner of the vehicle to gethim knowledge about moneydeduction.
  12. 12. Advantages No human intervention Saving of timing in comparison to oldtoll tax collection system No need to worry about change Stolen vehicle can be tracked