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Brain PLC Nov13


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Brain PLC Nov13

  1. 1. Welcome!! Please use your mobile device and go to: Enter: Room # 755811 Click join
  2. 2. Video clip • Baby Works iPad
  3. 3. Student Summit • We asked the kids what teacher strategies are helpful to them and that they wished all the teachers used? • What do you think they said? Turn to your elbow partner and discuss.. 3 minutes
  4. 4. Socrative
  5. 5. Summit Said: **Hands on activities ***Engaging the class-changing things up **Active lecture ***Discussing notes in class Lots of chances to discuss **Working in groups Real life applications Open ended projects Going over what we got wrong and chance to correct it **Review/study days before tests ***Test retakes ***Time to do work in class Listen to music while working Taking notes the way they want 2 days for math assignments **Accepting late work Take out lowest test score Teachers who are still excited about learning **Funny teachers Being available after school Interesting class intro Over view of the class period Videos that relate Quizlet
  6. 6. Meeting the Needs and Interests of Students • • • • • • Be available More work time during class Need teachers to stay later so are available to help Not to stay seated the whole hour More time for makeup work- Kids are busy with lots of activities at night Make sure it is quiet during announcements • • • • • • • • • ** should be able to choose if they have to change teachers at semester **7th period after school option vs Early morning ****start Wed at 9:15 so longer passing period **Computer labs need to be more available (lunch, before /after school) More interventions for other classes besides just Math 9th graders to CC More variety for gym classes ie: Yoga karate etc Anonymous bully report box/complaint box *Clubs need to communicate their meeting times better • *** Senior high does meet the needs/interests of students
  7. 7. What challenges do you see this type of question presenting to our students? • Talk to your neighbors. • Socrative
  8. 8. What do we need to do with this information? • Smarter Balanced Released items• Nextpert Site- Will schedule a time in computer labs.. • PLC formative assessments will model after the NGA • Look at our initiatives? Where to go?