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คำนาม 1

  1. 1. Types ( Nouns ) 4 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 7 7 3 material nouns, concrete nouns mass nouns common nouns 2 3 4 7 Common Nouns Common Nouns Common Nouns 1. Common Nouns Proper Nouns Proper Nouns Proper Nouns 2. Proper Nouns Abstract Nouns Abstract Nouns 3. Abstract Nouns Collective Nouns 4. Collective Nouns 5. Material Nouns 6. Concrete Nouns 7. Mass Nouns Common Noun ( person, animal,place, thing, idea )proper nouns common nouns boy, sign, table,hill, water, sugar, atom, elephant city, hill, road, stadium,school,company revolution, journey, meeting fear, hate, love year, minute,millennium Common Nouns Countable) Uncountable Countable Nouns dog, man, coin , note, dollar, table, suitcase day,month, year, action, feeling UncountableNouns Mass Nouns furniture, luggage, rice, sugar ,water ,gold music, love, happiness, knowledge,advice , information Common countable Common uncountable indefinite( definite( indefinite( definite( Singular a cow the cow milk the milk plural cows the cows - -
  2. 2. Common Nouns Capital letter ) Ther are manychildrenon the beach.Childrenlove toswim. Proper Nouns ( Common Noun Person Name) Somsak , Tom,Daeng Place Name) Australia,Bangkok,Sukhumvit Road, Toyota Time name ) Saturday, January, Christmas Proper Nouns Capital letter ) Proper Nouns determiner the Jones ( the United States, the Himalayas The WhiteHouse, the Sahara ( , the Pacific ( Ocean ), the Vatican, theKremlin ( articles – the common nouns proper nouns Common Nouns Proper Nouns dog Lassie ( boy Jack ( car Toyota ( month January ( road Sukhumvit ( university Chulalongkorn ( ship U.S.S. Enterprise ( country Thailand ( Abstract Nouns touch- , sight- ,taste- , hearing- , smell-Abstract Nouns verb) , adjective) noun
  3. 3. Abstract Nouns Abstract Nouns Abstract Nouns decision - to decide beauty - beautiful infancy - infant thought - to think poverty - poor childhood - child Imagination - to vacancy - vacant friendship - friend imagine speech - to speak happiness - happy growth - to grow wisdom - wise Collective Nouns family , class,company, committee, cabinet,audience, board, group, jury, public, society,team, majority orchestra, party a flock of birds, a herd ofcattle ,a fleet of ships Theaverage British familyhas members. The familyarealways fighting among themselves. ( Thecommitteehasreached its decision. ( The committeehavebeen arguing all morning over whattheyshould do. (Collective noun people,police,cattle of Collective noun +of+commonnoun a flockof birds a group of students a flock of sheep a pack of cards a herd of cattle a bunch of flowers a fleet of ships a kilo of pork ConcreteNouns
  4. 4. touch- ,sight- , taste- , hearing- , smell- book ,chair, water, oil , ice cream abstract nouns. Material Nouns common nouns iron, gold, air,copper , stone, cotton, brick, paper,cloth water, coffee, wine, tea, milk rice, bread, sugar, pork, fish, butter, fruit, salad quantity) a bowl of rice two glasses of water two boxes of cereal a loaf of bread five bottles of beer a slice of pizza a cup of tea a piece of paper three bars of soap a quart of milk material nouns tea ( I want sometea I wanta cupof tea. ) I want sometea I want apacket oftea.I like theirteas Ilike their selection ofteas Mass nouns uncountable nounsabstract nouns ) sugar, iron ,butter, beer, money, blood, furniture,vehicle, courage,gratitude, mercy ,accuracy a , an , the determiners some any Bloodisthicker than water. uncountable ) Depressionoftenaffectswomenimmediately following the birth of their babies abstract nouns ) Hedroppedsomemoneyon thefloor.
  5. 5. mass nouns material nouns + concrete nouns abstract nouns nouns furniture, luggage,equipment, money furniture table, chair water concrete nouns material nouns honesty mass nouns abstractnouns Proper nouns John, London Concrete chair,book,student Countable nouns two flocks of birds Collective nouns ,people Nouns Common nouns Concrete nouns ice cream,oil,water Mass Nouns furniture,money,honesty Uncountable Nouns Material nouns water,bread,oxygen,gold honesty, Abstract nouns friendship,honesty articles Articles Common Nouns Proper Nouns Countable Nouns Uncountable Nouns Singular Plural Singular Plural Singular Plural the the article (the the the (the - (John) Jones) (definite ) (the boy ) (the water ) boys) a/an article article - - (indefinite ) (a tiger) (water) ( tiger) Countable/Uncountable Nouns -
  6. 6. Countable Nouns ( – dog, chair , tree, school, country, student,biscuit ( - day , month, year, weekend, journey job,assignment dog,country,day,year dogs,countries,days,years determiners I wantanorange. ( Iwant orange.) Where isthebottle? ( Where is bottle?) Do you wantthisbook? articles I like to feedthe birds. articles ) Catsare interesting pets. ( article ) I wantthosebookson the table. ( those determiners )Uncountable Nouns ( abstractnouns Concrete water,milk, butter, furniture, luggage, iron,equipment,clothing,garbage,junk Abstract : anger, courage,satisfaction,happiness,knowledge English,German,Spain hockey,football, tennis sociology,medicine, anthropology swimming,eating news, money,mail,work,homework,gossip, education, weather, difficulty, information,feminism,optimism,machinery,information, research,traffic,scenery,breakfast,accomodation, advice, permission articles I havebreadandbutterforbreakfast every morning. ( We cannotlive withoutairandwater
  7. 7. Information isoften valuable.(Sunlightandwaterareusually required for plants to grow. (My favorite breakfastis cereal with fruit, milk, orange juice, andtoast.Uncountable nouns verbButterisfatteningtwo cupsof water, three piecesof information,fivepatches ofsunlightthree gamesof hockey,two lumpsofsugarI needtwo lumps of sugarfor mycoffee.Two glasses of milk areenough. (are glasses articles this,that,, these, those the ) a,an the this/that these/those no articles Countable noun xx xx xx - - singular Countable noun - xx - xx xx plural Uncountable - xx xx - xxI wantanorange. ( I want orange.)Where isthebottle? ( Where is bottle?)Do you wantthisbook?I wantthosebooks up there Quantifiers much, less, some, any, many, both, several, each, every, little, a little, most, more, all, few/fewer/fewest, a any, one very little, a a lot of, no, few, one of the, a large none of couple of, two, amount of, the,enough, twenty other, the other,such Countable xx singular Countable plural xx xx
  8. 8. (+s Uncountable xx xxCountablesingular :Out ofevery five menonly two werefit.Id likeonedonut, please.Countableplural:Can I havesomebiscuits?She hasa lotofbooks.I havefewerpencils than you.Uncountable:Can I havesomewaterShe hasa lotofstrength,andmuchis due toherupbringing. Ihavelesscourage than you. CountableUncountable abuse ( faith ( nature ( adulthood ( fear ( paper ( afternoon ( fiction ( passion ( age ( film ( people ( anger ( fish ( personality ( appearance ( flavor ( philosophy ( art ( food ( power ( beauty ( friendship ( reading ( beer ( fruit ( religion ( belief ( glass ( revision ( breakfast ( government ( rock ( science ( , cheese ( hair ( chicken ( history ( school ( childhood ( innocence ( shock ( college ( jail ( society ( competition ( jealousy ( sorrow ( crime ( language ( space ( culture ( law ( speech (
  9. 9. death ( liberty ( spirit ( , divorce ( life ( stone ( disease ( love ( strength ( drama ( lunch ( teaching ( temptation ( duck ( man ( education ( marriage ( theater ( environment ( meat ( theory ( evening ( metal ( time ( exercise ( milk ( trouble ( fact ( morning ( wine (I likeduck uncountablenoun )I likeducks countable noun )Beerisa bitter drink. ( uncountable noun )I think Iorderedtwobeers countablenoun )Lifeisfull of surprise. uncountablenoun )A cat hasninelives countablenoun )Paperismade from wood. uncountable noun )She wrotethreepapersin oneweek. (countable noun )Religionhasbeena powerful force in history. uncountable noun )Manyreligionsarepracticed in the United States. countable noun ) uncountable nouns countable ( plural ) alcohol ( knowledge ( clothing ( lighting ( courage ( thunder ( freedom ( machinery ( fun ( money ( furniture ( music ( information ( scenery (