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Business process outsourcing


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We provide business process outsourcing services like virtual assistant & voice support which covers Data entry, customer services, billings, e-mail & Chat support

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Business process outsourcing

  1. 1. Business Process Outsourcing Back Office Services Data Entry Companies who provides services to people prefers to set their Business Process Outsourcing Services to resolve the queries of their customers. There is a lot of information & other number of things required to be executed in an organization using Data/Information that had been collected over a period of time from various sources. We, at Krtya Software work for providing you with innumerable benefits maintaining all the confidentiality of Data/Information of your company & utilize it effectively. Below mentioned are the services that we provide keeping in mind the importance of your Data/Information: Services  Online and Offline Data Entry Work  Database Data Entry  Image Data Entry  Products Listing  Yellow Pages Data Entry  Excel Data Entry
  2. 2. Customer Support Services Inbound Customer Support services In today’s time giving the best product is not the only important thing; giving equivalent Customer Support Service is also essential for maximizing customer satisfaction. With deep understanding of the whole process of Customer Support Services, we promise reliable quality with the help of experienced and qualified Customer Support agents. With the utilization of the best that technology has to offer, we ensure to address all security concerns of our clients so that once you have outsourced your work to us you are rest assured of the confidentiality of your customers as well as matters pertaining to your business. Why to Choose Krtya for BPO?  Dedicated Yours – Our executives work 24*7 throughout a year and hence you become more approachable to your customer.  Client Focused – We focus on customer service rule giving silver services and work according to client requirements and availability.  Professionally Trained – With experts at the helm of all parts of the process, we make sure that our agents are well trained to serve your customers.  Quality Recruitment – By keeping in mind our client and its customers, we assure you to hire the quality people for the process. Email and Chat Support Krtya Software and its solutions ensures that all your customer service E-mails are answered promptly and we make sure that all your customers are satisfied with not just the solution but also the rest services offered to them. We also provide instant Chat Support to help your customers in making the right decisions when it comes to buying products/services from your website. Voice Support Services Voice Support Services usually include phones and can be caused by inbound and outbound call centers in the form of answering and telemarketing services respectively to resolve queries, complaints or track orders and telemarket your products. Call centers provide Voice Support Services and offer Customer Support or other help lines over a telephone connection. They mainly provide marketing or tech support, whereas non voice BPO Services include providing data or transactional services for firms across different geographies. Virtual Assistants We have a strong team with experienced Virtual Assistants that could take care of all your mundane tasks giving you more time to concentrate on better things. This could help you to focus more on growing business innovatively and creating better opportunities for yourself to deal with the competitors out there. Medical Billing Krtya Software has vast experience of providing efficient Medical Billing services to Physician Practices, Hospitals and also Outsourcing Healthcare. We understand the importance of accurately
  3. 3. and quickly processing your claims that helps you to grow your business. The Healthcare Services Team at Krtya Softwares is fully trained in regulations related to all the major insurance companies which include Medicare, Blue Cross Blue Shield products, Managed Care, Third Party Liability, Preferred Provider Organizations etc. We also have the ability to identify data related to insurers submitting a clean insurance claim for payment. Our skilled team has knowledge spanning a number of Billing Software Applications that includes E-clinical, Medisoft and Power Works Specialty - PM., Centricity Physician – Office Management. Krtya Software is 100% HIPAA Compliant and ensures that data security and confidentiality in an outsourcing relationship are given as much priority as the project itself. With HIPAA compliance, We make sure that all the confidentiality related to patient's information is maintained effectively, being confidentiality agreement signed by the associates. Our Medical Billing and Services Process includes  Next Day Appointment Reminder - Prior reminders will be sent to customers through call/ text/ e-mail.  Pre Certification and Insurance Verification - Pre Certification & Insurance Verification is done by us through the insurance company.  Patient Demographic Entry - The medical billing specialists records patient related information such as name of the patient, his/her date of birth, their address, insurance details, medical history, etc.  Claim Submission - Claims are submitted electronically via the software being used at the provider’s office. If there are any rejections received from the clearing house, the necessary changes are made and then claim is resubmitted.  Payment Posting - After receiving payment from the insurance company the scanned copies of the check are or EOBs are sent to us to reconcile for errors and the report of the same is then sent to the provider’s office.  AR Management and Follow-up - A thorough check and follow-up is done for all the unpaid/ expired claims and accordingly other claims are followed.  Denial Management - A thorough check of all the denied and underpaid claims is done to ascertain the reason and accordingly necessary changes are made in the claim and resubmitted to the insurance company for further payment on the denied and underpaid claims.  Download our Business Process Outsourcing portfolio below: Portfolio PDF Size Business Process Outsourcing Portfolio 3.35 MB