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Think Fast, Think Big: Secrets of America's Largest Non-Profits"


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From BBCon Oct 2012 & Bridge Conference Aug 2013

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Think Fast, Think Big: Secrets of America's Largest Non-Profits"

  1. 1. Think FAST, Think BIG Secrets of America’s Most Sophisticated Nonprofits Presented by Sarah DiJulio, M+R Strategic Services Stephanie Lauf, Planned Parenthood Federation of America Kelly Townsend, Humane Society of the United States
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  7. 7. 2007 2008 • 2 renewals tied to DM • 1 theme, 1 goal • 2 EOY prospect appeals • 6 appeals over 6 weeks • 1 standalone membership • Integration with DM, appeal TM, eNews, mobile, social media, $123,828 raised Page 7 $501,711 raised
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  9. 9. Use the right touch points. Page 9
  10. 10. Optimize each touch point. 100% Lift
  11. 11. What’s the long term value of donors we bring in on a $5 ask? Does an animated GIF increase clickthrough rates? Should our threemessage sustainer series ask for $4, $4, $4? Or $10, $10, $5? Or $12, $12, $6? Open donation field vs. HPC-based ask string? Does adding an optional “phone” field drop conversion rates? Should we remove dollar signs and cents from our donation pages? Does guiltinducing red text bring back lapsed members? How long does it take for a sustainer ask to break even vs. a one-time email ask? Should monthly giving get real estate on Should the main “Donate” link on the homepage lead to a donation form or a designheavy page with a few giving options? What’s the multi-year performance of “discount membership” donors? Should we ask prospects to “Join HRC” or “Donate to HRC”? What’s the breakeven cost for any given premium? Do straight allies perform better with language about straight allies? Should emails have a callout box up top or centered? Do social media “influencers” make more valuable donors? Etc
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  13. 13. Expand the Base Subject: Hateful leaders take over Subject: Hateful leaders take over – straight allies needed! 83% Lift Page 13
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  16. 16. BREAKING: President Obama’s marriage announcement Page 16
  17. 17. From: Chelsea Handler Subject: Argh Page 17
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  21. 21. By the end of the campaign • • • • • 826,000 unique signers to Open Letter Over 30% were new list members Tons of donations Over 35,000 calls to Congress Facebook and Twitter audiences more than doubled • Supporter were energized like never before • Most importantly: WE WON.
  22. 22. Tick Tock of Komen Date Email Social 1/31 Disappointing news from a friend (Donate) Announcement (4pm) Donate (6pm) 2/1 Wow. Just wow. (Sign on) Open Letter (2:30pm) Share Badge (6pm) 2/2 Mayor Bloomberg stands with us (Donate) PPSavedMeTumblr (11:15am) Supporter Video (4pm) Bloomberg (6:30pm) 2/3 BREAKING: Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation restores partnership (Update) Announcement (12pm) Thank you—Share Badge (5pm)
  23. 23. Since Pence and Komen… • • • • Supporter Engagement Conversion Donor Retention Long term value
  24. 24. Capitalizing on “Big Moments”: PH Tips from The Humane Society of the United States Kelly Townsend
  25. 25. ―Big moments‖ you’re expecting • Go all out! – Plan as far ahead of time as possible – Use all online and (as possible) offline channels: Email, website, social media, mobile, online PH advertising, mail, telemarketing, street canvassing – Involve everyone from these channels (particularly if they’re separate!) from the beginning – Confirm the primary message/s and call/s to action that will be promoted across all of these channels. – Confirm reporting metrics/goals and how you will report on results across all of these channels.
  26. 26. ―Big moments‖ you’re expecting PH
  27. 27. ―Big moments‖ you’re expecting • Tell a compelling story – Planning ahead allows PH time to develop a story (or stories) about one animal, person, or thing – This also allows ability to include lots of detail and a strong call/s to action
  28. 28. ―Big moments‖ you’re expecting • Freshen it up! – Planning ahead can also help you tell the ―same old story‖ in a totally different way • Unexpected results… PH
  29. 29. ―Big moments‖ you’re expecting • Communicate with cause – Planning ahead also means time to think about the various segments you may want (or need) for your campaign: PH • • • • • Donors vs. non-donors Monthly donors Major donors Action-takers Plus, any others you can dream up (…and manage!) – Plus, you can come up with tests that inform future strategy! Compared to our regular file:  Response rates were 7x higher  Conversion rates were 2x higher  Avg. gifts were 7x higher!
  30. 30. • But ―big moments‖ aren’t always expected… Start somewhere – Social media is an easy way to get the word out, especially in an emergency (same goes for SMS!) • Get to the bigger communication channels next – Continue the breaking moment via email and on your website (among other channels) PH
  31. 31. But ―big moments‖ aren’t always expected… • No need to get fancy – Images are relatable, easily ―digestable‖ and sharable PH (and they don’t need to be high quality!) • Keep the story alive – After a big moment like this, follow up with your supporters ASAP – Make it easy (for you and them) by linking to existing content
  32. 32. But ―big moments‖ aren’t always expected… • Preparing for the unexpected – Internally: • Keep in good communication with staff from various PH programs and campaigns so you’ll be the first to know; • Prepare a ―checklist‖ that can be put into action when a big moment happens; • For seriously BIG moments, drop everything and go! – Externally: Tell stories and update to your constituents about the issues you confront year-round (or at least on some sort of regular basis).
  33. 33. Last but not least: Don’t forget to step back and celebrate on having a ―big moment‖!
  34. 34. KEY TAKEAWAYS Page 40
  35. 35. Page 41 Efficiency
  36. 36. Have a Plan Page 42
  37. 37. BE OPPORTUNISTIC Page 43
  38. 38. Tsunami Page 44
  39. 39. Oil Spill Page 45
  40. 40. Outrageous Opposition Page 46
  41. 41. “Supercool” Leadership Page 47
  42. 42. Page 48
  43. 43. Speed Matters Page 50
  44. 44. Don’t be afraid to TAKE RISKS Page 51
  45. 45. Find us later • Sarah DiJulio, M+R Strategic Services – – – – Twitter @MRCampaigns And check out our friends at! • Stephanie Lauf, Planned Parenthood Federation of America – • Kelly Townsend, Humane Society of the United States – –