The Holy Grail Checklist: Planning a Powerful Multichannel Campaign - CHECKLIST


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Checklist to go along with "The Holy Grail Checklist: Planning a Powerful Multichannel Campaign" presentation (from Oct 2011 / Aug 2013).

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The Holy Grail Checklist: Planning a Powerful Multichannel Campaign - CHECKLIST

  1. 1. The Holy Grail Checklist: Planning A Powerful Multi-Channel Campaign KICKOFF & COLLABORATION  Schedule a kickoff meeting with your channel colleagues.  Elect a project lead.  Review data on potential audience segments/groups & campaign themes.  Schedule regular collaboration meetings to review and make decisions on metrics, measurement, evolving campaign needs. AUDIENCE & CAMPAIGN THEME  Finalize audience segments/groups and campaign theme. TIMING  Identify campaign start and end.  Create master schedule of tasks and milestones. CAMPAIGN GOALS & MEASUREMENT  Define overall goals of the campaign.  Define success metrics & get agreement on them – aggregate, by channel, both?  Define analytics tracking strategy to capture data (tool(s), data points, etc.).  Create a reporting template in advance with all success metrics.  QA and test data capture before launch to ensure all data can be captured and reported on.  DON’T get hung up this. Keep it actionable, based on your systems and capabilities. PAGE 1 | 1485 Chain Bridge Road, Suite 305, Mclean, VA 22101 | 703-556-8489
  2. 2. CHANNELS  Select the appropriate channels to use and test.  Identify sequencing and use of channels during the campaign. MESSAGING & CREATIVE  Develop Strategy & Creative Brief that will include:  Campaign theme  Goals  Offer(s) – premiums, ask strings, other.  Audience segments/groups  Channels  Sample messaging  Branding elements, creative tone, essential imagery and copy that should be present in each communication channel  Messaging adaptations (as appropriate) for each channel  Creative test variations (creative elements, landing pages, video, etc.)  Key dates and deadlines  Get signoff on the Brief from all pertinent parties. TESTING & OPTMIZATION PLAN  Define test elements.  Creative  Offer  Timing of channel communication  One channel vs. another  Define test and control groups.  Assign group setup.  Add final test and control groups into the reporting template.  Identify optimization decision points on schedule. PAGE 2 | 1485 Chain Bridge Road, Suite 305, Mclean, VA 22101 | 703-556-8489
  3. 3. CULTIVATION & CONVERSION STRATEGY & PLAN  Create your welcome series BEFORE you launch!  Reference same messaging tone and look as campaign.  Think ahead. Create a strategy for lapsed donors and determine reporting frequency and responsibility for tracking retention. REPORTING  Identify who will be responsible for QA of data throughout the campaign, data pulls and reporting, including third-party vendors (match-back, etc.).  Identify frequency of reporting.  Identify report format.  Identify all parties who will receive reports.  Identify timing of final campaign report and post-campaign review meeting. POST-CAMPAIGN REVIEW  Gather cross-channel team when the final report is complete.  Review final campaign report and results.  Document learnings for future campaigns and disseminate internally.  Identify opportunities for new integrated campaign(s).  Schedule planning session for next campaign. Scan this QR code to download additional checklists and a copy of the full presentation. PAGE 3 | 1485 Chain Bridge Road, Suite 305, Mclean, VA 22101 | 703-556-8489