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Types of infographics


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Types of infographics

  1. 1. Types of InfographicsInfo adapted from -
  2. 2. How-toTakes theviewerthrough astep by stepprocess
  3. 3. Research resultsShows resultsof a study orsurvey
  4. 4. Compare & ContrastShows viewer howsomething hasgrown or changed,or compares twoor more things
  5. 5. Did you knowShows interesting facts
  6. 6. DemographicsShows marketresearch for abusiness orcampaign of somesort
  7. 7. AdvocacyIncludes outlining anissue or problemand invites theviewer to help fix it;designed to educateand cause change
  8. 8. TimelinesShows how thetopic has changedover time; candemonstratesignificantinfluences alongthe way
  9. 9. Tips or DemosConveysgeneral info orbest practicesthat would beuseful for yourtargetaudience
  10. 10. Types of InfographicsHow toResearch ResultsCompare & ContrastDid You Know?DemographicsAdvocacyTimelineTips or Demos