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Patratu thermal power ppt


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Patratu thermal power ppt

  1. 1. Patratu Thermal Power StationA unit of Jharkhand Power Generation Corporation Submitted By Abhinav Anand
  2. 2. PTPS
  3. 3. Presentation Outline• PTPS....... A Brief Overview• PTPS……. Vision, Mission &• Achievements• Thermal Power Plant…….An Overview• Operation In Thermal Power Plant• Instrumentation In Thermal Power Plant
  4. 4. Patratu Thermal Power Station• Panipat Thermal Power Station(PTPS) is governed by Haryana State Electricity Board.• Located at about 10 KMs away from• Panipat on Panipat-Assandh road near• the village Assan.• The total installed capacity at P.T.P.S is• 4*110 MW + 2*210 MW + 2*250 MW• (1360 MW).
  5. 5. PTPS – Vision & Mission● Vision To become a modern world class integrated power generation company, powering Haryana’s growth on all fronts by maximizing generation from existing plants".● Mission Embarked on a mission to establish itself as a modern, growth oriented organization and to make its presence felt in the country’s dynamic power sector.
  6. 6. Thermal Power Plant• Thermal Power Stations require a number of equipments performing a number of complex processes with the ultimate aim to convert chemical energy of coal or oil to electrical energy.• This involves the generation of steam in the boiler by burning coal.• The steam in turn drives the turbine. The Turbo Generator coupled with the turbine produces electricity which is stepped up with the help of transformers and is fed into grid station through transmission lines.
  7. 7. Basic Idea of Electricity GenerationCoal is unloaded by electric traction system at Coal Yard Coal is crushed to finer pieces of order 20 mm Pulverization of Coal Coal is send to furnace with the help of FD fan Steam is generated at 540°C and 135 kg/sq.m Steam is send to Super heater Superheated steam is send to turbineProduction of Electricity by the generator coupled with
  8. 8. Elements Of Thermal Power Station• DM Plant• Deaerator• Boiler feed pump• Economizer• Air Pre-Heater• Boiler• Super heater• Turbine• Condenser
  9. 9. Coal Fired Power Plant
  10. 10. Instrumentation In Thermal Power PlantWhen the balance is disturbed, all the process variables deviatefrom their normal valves thus creating the necessity for thefollowing:-i)Instruments : To measure and indicate the amount ofdeviation.ii)Automatic Control: To correct the deviation and bring backsystem to normaliii) Annunciation : To warn about the excessive deviations, ifany.iv) Protection : To isolate the equipments process fromdangerous operating conditions cause due to such excessivedeviations.
  11. 11. SELECTION CRITERIA OF INSTRUMENTS• Required accuracy of measurement• Range of measurement• The form of final data display required• Principle of working• Cost• Calibration and repair facilities required/available• Layout restrictions• Maintenance requirements/availability
  12. 12. Temperature The degree of hotness and coldness measured on the definite scale.• Methods of Temperature Measurement• Resistance Temperature Detector(R.T.D)• Thermocouple
  13. 13. Resistance Temperature Detector• Resistance of certain metals changes as the temp. changes as per formula given below :- Rt=Ro(1+wt)• Where Rt=Resistance at temp. to be measured. Ro=Resistance at 0 degree C. w=Temp. coefficient of res. Thermometer metal t=Temp. to be measured.• Mainly three metals copper, nickel and platinum are used as RTD.
  14. 14. Thermocouple• It consists of a pair of wire of different materials.• Wires are joined at both ends one junction is kept at a high temp.called hot junction and the other is kept at a fixed at lower temp.called cold junction. Due to which emf is setup in the ckt known as Thermo emf.
  15. 15. Pressure Units for pressure measurement are Newton/m2 , Kg/cm2, mm of water column & mm of mercury column.• Devices for Pressure Measurement• Bourden Tube Pressure Gauge• Manometer• Vacuum Gauges
  16. 16. Bourden Tube PG Manometer Vacuum Gauges
  17. 17. ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUSE AND CONCERNS• FLY ASH UTILIZATION: Total dry flash generation from PTPS is about 18.25 lakh per annum and 6.25 tonne from unit 7 and 8. In response to the above amount various firmshave submitted their offers: M/s. J. P. Associates Ltd. M/s Acc. Ltd. M/s J. K. cement Ltd.
  18. 18. *BASIC COMPONENT*• Generator• Steam Turbine• Boiler• Electrostatic Precipitator• Power X-mer• Cooling Tower• Switch Yard
  19. 19. *STEAM TURBINE*With the use of boiler and then Steam Turbine makes the plant efficiency better.The Steam Turbine comprises of one High Pressure Turbine and one Low Pressure Turbine.
  20. 20. *BOILER*• Water tube boiler is used in this plant. Steam pressure at inlet is 102 kg/cm² & steam temp. at inlet is 535˚C. In this boiler , water is flow in the tube in furnace . Steam produces in tube & it collect in a drum which is situated on the top of boiler . Then steam goes to turbine.