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Presentation for students of KDGH Antwerp, studying Cross Media Management

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  • What did I study? Germanic Languages (Ugent)Post-Graduate MTB (Ugent & Vlerick)DM: Draft/KarambaAbove: McCann EricksonDigital: EmakinaMicrosoft BeLux: Consumer Digital Marketing LeadMicrosoft BeLux: Digital Marketing do I like?
  • Did some observation and you think as my colleagues should (digital immigrants <-> digital natives)Social media is a part of your lifestyleYou are MY target audience :-)Today I’ll talk about how we approach it, today you tell me what else should be in here!
  • Grew up with digital – fascinated by itImpact on communication – on the way we think & interactNo Microsoft Love – Gotta love the underdog ;-)
  • Digital/Social – everything has changed  so, more relevant than everThe web competes with traditional mediaThe social web competes with destination webWhen before consumers went to websites for information, and saw websites as valuable sources, today, their social life is partly online and they are guided/pointed to information through people, by recommendations. Word of mouth is now written. My job = making campaigns more effective and my colleague’s jobs more rewardingTurn the tide – focus on observation -> listening – improving – your potential, our passionNow: listening to the customer, more than ever – a happy customer will get you the numbers you need
  • -> mainly consists of the next 4 elements:Digital (40%)Accessible (optimize user flow, prioritize based on pain points, ROI)Consistent & unified customer experience over all our touch points & compliant with branding/guidanceImpactful communication (portals, product pages, campaigns, social)Planning (20%)Focus on internal, the 13% bannering for our products on WL+ MSN, plus the bannering on our microsoft pages, fully product-dedicatedExternal – advise on media plans with partner UM – good CPC, CPL etcSocial (30%)The core team’s contributionThe departments’ rolesYour roleDigital IQ (5%) Influencers (5%) Boost overall team capabilities & knowledge -> trainings, newsletters, (regular & ad-hoc) syncs-> if you are in closer contact with the people actually using your product/solution, you’ll again feel how YOU contribute to them realizing their potential. The ‘machine’ kinda runs. But... We are the Difference
  • Not a guru -> facilitating, advising, redirectingNot a social media specialist (evolution of web 17.0) -> practical go-do’sNo belief in ‘let’s make a viral video’ -> no, let’s focus & reach the targets we have set by creating an efficient & impactful campaignNo social media strategy per product -> guidance towards integrated marketing, however there is one general strategy (more to come)I know nothing -> please share share share -> so will I today focus on social media guidance
  • The best social media programs integrate content that solves customer needs and long-term customer relationship building with other traditional assets like owned websites and advertising Plan, ground, and execute a strategy that resonates with target audiences to drive business impact
  • To have a good plan, you need to get the people ready internallyCapability building:Audit to map current situationCompany wide knowledge via structural & on-going trainingSet up infrastructure Change HR structure: conversation mgr + ambassadorsWe started last year with defining the basic strategy & defining portals + Twitter sessions -> active employees on Twtr doubled / Microsoftbe followers tripled in the last 3 months > on the right trackPilot ModeCenter of excellence & operational workflowCompany wide listening cultureConcrete projects(now)HR -> start on monday + Students + DPE + Partners + NWOW…) Integration mode (FY12 H1)Adapting company structureInstalling conversion thinking (start setting KPI’s)Leverage mode (FY12 H2 + FY13 H1)Become more flexible, agile marketingIncrease ROI of all marketing investments-> Get to the point where social is not the hype word anymore, or a strategy -> just a reflex, part of the integrated communication‘At Zappos there’s no brainswitching between work – andprivate life. Our job is just an extension of our life. Companyculture is the backbone of our business. Most companiesare just trying to pretend to be something they’re not. Wedon’t even speak about social media. We are a servicecompany, it’s just what we do, we want to help people in allpossible touchpoints.’Graham Kahr – Social Engagement Scientist, Zappos20
  • We build on what we started up last yearAll steps are deeply interlinked and all are equally important especially the observation part -> you want us to do so, NO, you responsible for your solution/brand, impossible to do for all= perpetual cycleObservation:PietelConversationOffice for MacConversionPost-it wars
  • Microsoft is a complex organization, many initiatives through different pipes, also for socialNow: organic model -> many great initiatives, organically grown, authentic Not coordinated enough, experimental, quite isolated, opposing theories, ...Move to: dandelion/multiple hub & spokes model Centre sets & spreads rulesBusiness units undertake own effortsWide spreadpaardebloem/dent de lion -> makes sense because we’ll ‘fertilize’ each other Finally: holistic/honeycomb- Every employee is empowered ànd organized
  • Sharing social guidance (see ‘you’, social guidance)Trainings -> who still needs to kick off / restart on twitter or has other issues: send me a mail with subject twitterPortal management: we set up quite some new portals, join all of them -> we (re)distribute content -> we need the employees to spread
  • We facilitateRetweet content  cc/ @MicrosoftbeBlog -> Short text in English + pictureLinkedIn -> become a member & post content yourself!Migration coming up for FB Windows
  • People – Start by properly defining your audience. Even if you plan on speaking to multiple audiences, it’s important to understand the top one or two priorities. Objectives - Any successful social strategy requires a clear purpose. The objectives should be to deliver business impact, for example increasing visitors to owned websites or driving demo trials. Driving online buzz does not inherently deliver business impact—what do you want the audience to do after they buzz about it? Strategy – How will you accomplish your goals? How do I want to enhance my relationship with customers? How will my strategies support my audience and business objectives? The key to driving social sharing is simple content that addresses the real needs of your customers. What will success look like? What resources are needed? Technology or Tactics - Select the social media tactics and channels to realize your program’s strategies and objectives. There’s a reason this is the last step – so we don’t focus on the tactics before mapping out the full strategy and objectives. Which social channels allow for proper scale and reach with your audience?Where is my audience already engaged?Social media isn’t just about Facebook and Twitter. Forrester’s research suggests that commercial audiences are much more likely to research technology decisions with support forums and discussion groups than social networks like Facebook.
  • The biggest role in this story is YOUsocial = personal = connecting = about peopleIf you are a product/brand/audience owner -> strongly encouragedWhy not merely focus on corporate & local product accounts? not personal, less engagementYes, you might leave one day, but you’ll then let your partners know who to contact now ànd you will have built out a great personal network!
  • his is the general corp guidance for Microsoft, but the* is the most important one ;)
  • First phase is starting to observe. When you do, by for example following people, you’ll get noticed & observed to. Make the most of that! Build your personal leadership brandVery specifically for TwitterYour bioUse your full name (findability/SEO)Say you work for Microsoft & Add your functionSomething personalyour webyour pictureyour backgroundyour locationAdd your twitter account in your signature
  • Next in observation is following the influencersWho? All ‘tweeps’, bloggers, journalists, … that influence your audienceWhy? The ripple effect -> reach one & reach thousandsFollow the influencers: Help influencers become more influential (feed them info & thus become one yourself)How to find them?Ask your peers + colleagues-> microsoftbe listAsk microsoftbeFind them via twitter search, blogoloogFollow the influencer’s influencers + check their lists!Tip: also follow the non-enthusiasts! The competition lovers!Focus on “sources”: local bloggers & journalists: follow them**Contact with journalists and bloggers – be accessible, visible and personalActively get connected with them on Twitter, email, and if possible Messenger. Use all press meetings and press releases to promote this.Be useful to them (think of your valeprop for the journalist). Help them if you can, even outside your own areas (fx for contacts within MS etc.). Always respond, and respond fast! For journalists these days ‘check and come back later’ should mean minutes/hours, not days – be known as someone that’s available and responds very quickly. Take a calculated chance on info and message you have rather than having 110% confirmed, vetted and fine tuned messaging two days later – they won’t care then.Pro-actively engage with journalists to provide info, with a quick message if you see them writing about something that you have additional/clarifying info on. You’ll be surprised how well this can work, and start an ongoing communication. Don’t do it as criticism. See twitter example slide 4.Continuously work on coming up with (or repurpose earlier!) PR messages that fits into their “currently hot topics/interests” (media, twitter stream), the conversation they and others are currently focused on, rather than just guided by our launch plans.When you have something new or interesting, try floating it informally and exclusively for key journalists rather than press releases. Just send a quick note with fx “this is coming out tomorrow, could this be of interest to you” (with prepared, thought through angle to make it interesting to them).Always put work into preparing material that is easy for them to reuse for articles (always have quotes included, images included, concise text that clearly calls out key messages/angles they might find interesting). For some lifestyle press in some markets you can almost do the whole article for them if done right.Being a useful and visible contact point for journalist will benefit you greatly vs. the small overall time cost. Make sure they know the products – use all opportunities to demo and educate, (in some markets just inviting on an informal “get latest updates and meet us” event with beer and pizza works well). We need to work not only on getting our message relayed to their readers, but to think of and plan for the need for perception change with the journalists/bloggers themselves. Some activities might not result in articles, but have still been useful in educating the journalist/blogger.
  • Check the conversations your influencers are having daily – tip: just book 10’ in your agenda, fixed twitter timeMake lists (in Twitter!) – you can add them as additional hp / bookmark / in one of the managing tools Check & Always follow backSeesmic / Metrotwit
  • Learning when to say nothingnatural tendency is to step in and try to resolve any negative situationNot every complaint seeks or even wants a responseSome questions to ask when people go negative:! Is the complaint indicative of a bigger problem? If you believe avocal critic speaks for many others, then you probably need to show your concern. If thecomplaint is isolated, it may be better dealt with offline.! Will your response make matters worse? Bending the rules to address the complaints ofone outlier may create a precedent that prompts others to come forth demanding thesame benefits. It’s best to take engagements to a private venue for resolution. If specialaccommodations are made, remind the beneficiary that the arrangement is unique to hisor her case.! Can the complainer be satisfied? Experts often use a “two and out” policy to deal withpersistent critics. If the naysayer persists in flaming you after two attempts atengagement, the person is probably never going to be satisfied. State your case publiclyand let them rant.! Will the problem resolve itself? Businesses that do a good job of satisfying theircustomers often find that the community rallies to solve a complainer’s problem orsimply tells him or her to shut up. This is the best of all possible conclusions. Find outwho these advocates are and make sure they know how much you value their loyalty.! Are there regulatory or compliance issues involved? As far as the Securities andExchange Commission is concerned, your public response to a shareholder’s complaintobligates you to handle all future problems the same way. Better to either say nothing orto issue a public statement that addresses the general issue without engaging in eachindividual discussion. A FAQ page is a good option.
  • If there is a real issue, always follow up or flag it- Send a direct message or mail to the product owner / lead (‘D @product owner’)check impact – widespread? Who’s spreading? What’s the reason?Look for answers – if none or no guidance, let them know we’re looking into it- contact the influencers - contact local sources- follow up
  • Mini Post Analysis
  • Social technographics helps
  • Better join in ;-)
  • Or it won’t work – social is no ‘marketing’ , it is communication, up close & personal
  • Create a long term content plan – helps for disciple – free up resourcesPlan in the different channelsPublish regularly in the tempo fitting youTell your story, show the faces behind the company – prepare to get intimate ;-)
  • Social is about engagement – it is long term – it takes loads of energy & resources – think (a little bit), then act!
  • Work with your audience, trust them, engage them, keep them posted, thank them
  • Social is a medium, not the message. Fix your company first, don’t start up a facebook page
  • Inspire & be relevant!
  • Be the Difference, in whatever you do ;-)
  • Social for Xm²

    1. 1. #me
    2. 2. #you
    3. 3. #whymicrosoft?
    4. 4. #whydigital?
    5. 5. #myjob
    6. 6. #myjob
    7. 7. #strategy
    8. 8. capability integration leverage pilot mode building mode mode#readiness
    9. 9. #longterm
    10. 10. #operationalmodel
    11. 11. social guidance trainings social portal management#digital team (1)
    12. 12. Microsoft microsoftbe/ Belgium & colleagues Windows social Luxemburg#digital team (1)
    13. 13. P People Define your audience(s) O Objectives Decide what you want to accomplish S Strategy Plan for how relationships with customers will change T Technology & Tactics Decide which social technologies to use#units (2)
    14. 14. #employees (3)
    15. 15. 1. Make clear your Microsoft affiliation. 2. Anything can be viewed as an official company statement. 3. Do support major announcements. 4. Protect confidential information. 5. Be honest, accurate & ethical 6. Understand the consequences. * Use your common sense, be relevant, have fun#guidelines*
    16. 16. your bio your web your picture your background your location = your personal branding  add to signature#yourprofile
    17. 17. who are they? why follow them? - ripple effect - get them to be more influential how to find them? - colleagues & peers x - @microsoftbe - keyword search, blogoloog - influencer‘s influencers - non-enthusiasts - focus on sources#influencers
    18. 18. daily check make lists always follow back (check) Hootsuite | Tweetdeck | Seesmic* | Metrotwit* Engagor**#monitor
    19. 19. think precedents can the complainer be satisfied? will issue resolve itself? faq / technical @microsofthelpt @microsoftvousaide#learnwhentosaynothing
    20. 20. Take reasonable action to fix issue and let customer know action taken Positive Negative Yes Yes No Assess the Does customer Do you want Evaluate the need/deserve more to respond? message purpose info? No Yes Unhappy Yes Are the facts No Gently correct the Response Customer? correct? facts No Yes Can you add No Dedicated Yes Are the facts No value? Complainer? correct? No Yes Is the Explain what is being Respond in Thank the Comedian Yes problem done to correct the kind & share person Want-to-Be? being fixed? issue. No#socialmediatriage Yes Let post stand and monitor.
    21. 21. ‘D @product owner’ / mail check impact look for answers contact the influencers contact local sources follow up#escalation
    22. 22. #exercise
    23. 23. 1. Who is your audience? 2. What are their demographics, psychographics, needs and wants? 3. What are their social media behaviors? 4. What is their relationship to brand?#people (1)
    24. 24. 1. What will you achieve? 2. How will you measure success? 3. Which category of objective: Listening? Talking? Supporting? Energizing? Embracing?#objectives (2)
    25. 25. 1. What does success look like? 2. Who will you involve (internally, externally)? 3. What roadblocks need to be overcome (internally, externally)? 4. What resources are needed? 5. How will you measure your efforts?#strategy (3)
    26. 26. 1. What technologies will be needed? 2. What are the core functions or features? 3. What skills do you need to learn? 4. What are the risks? 5. What are the associated costs (fixed/soft/ongoing)?#tactics/technology (4)
    27. 27. #peopletalk
    28. 28. #authenticity
    29. 29. #content
    30. 30. #notforfree
    31. 31. #usetheforce
    32. 32. #nofixall
    33. 33. #inspire
    34. 34. What’s Next 
    35. 35. Resources ITools: Windows Twitter clients: Social media monitoring tools. 111 Twitter tools: LINKGuides: The Twitter Guide Book: The Facebook Guide Book: See mail with guidance + notes below all slides
    36. 36. Resources IIInspiration*: Microsoft internal Corp guidance BVLG social media monitor LINK Insites / Conversation Manager LINK Clo Willaerts – Conversity Model LINK Social Media tools - Bert van Wassenhove LINK Eloqua social media probook - LINK B2N emerging social trends B2B LINK Getting your company ready LINK Social Media FY11 (own presentation ) Microsoft WE Social cookbook Getty LINK *Talent imitates, genius steals ;-)