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Phac feb 2012 montreal kt meeting


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Phac feb 2012 montreal kt meeting

  1. 1. The Strategic Initiatives and Innovations Directorate of the PHACInnovation Strategy "Equipping Canadians –Mental Health Throughout Life" projectsKnowledge Development and ExchangeMontreal , February 28 and 29, 2012 IS Project: Creating Responsive Communities to Promote Healthy Relationships in Young Children Bonnie Leadbeater, PhD Professor, University of Victoria & David Valentine, MA Board President, The Rock Solid Foundation
  2. 2. ObjectivesAssess the effectiveness of the WITS program in a RCT1,658 children and their families and teachers have completed 2 of 5waves of data in rural WITS and control schools in Alberta, NB, and OntarioAssessing impact of program on victimization, school climate, mentalhealth, aggression.Knowledge transfer activities1. Longitudinal qualitative study of uptake, program use and strategies for sustaining program in 7 rural BC schools2. Going-to-scale activities  RCMP pilot study  Marketing strategies evaluation  PREVNet collaboration & evaluation tool  Aboriginal dissemination projects in BC and Nunavut
  3. 3.
  4. 4. Where is WITS working?
  5. 5. Themes in interviews• Pathways leading to the discovery of the programs,• Personalizing motivations for learning about and adopting the program in the school context,• Aligning program characteristics with ongoing teaching strategies, school polices and other programs,• Influencing others to use the program or to overcome the barriers that challenge program adoption.
  6. 6. “Getting started: Assimilatory processes of uptake ofmental health promotion and primary preventionprograms in elementary schools.” Leadbeater, Gladstone, YeungThompson, Sukhawathanakul, & Desjardins • Figure 1: Iterative process of program uptake in elementary schools
  7. 7. One champion describes how she incorporated the WITSPrograms into “her program” saying:• WITS is easy to integrate it into my program. And I am a very big advocate for having children stand up for themselves and giving them the skills they need, because every Friday in my class, we have classroom meetings and you know what, [WITS] goes hand in hand with classroom meetings because in a classroom meeting we have a time where we give everyone compliments, we have a time where they get to discuss how they feel on a scale of one to ten, and we’ll deal with problems that come up. And we also say, well ‘Did you use your WITS?” Can you tell us what you did first to help solving the problem?
  8. 8. Going-to-scale RCMP pilot
  9. 9. RCMP sites1. Clarenville - Bonavista (Newfoundland & Labrador (population 5,274)2. Consort (Alberta, 689)3. Cut Knife (Saskatchewan, 532)4. Morris (1,700) & Emerson (671) detachments (Manitoba)5. St. Peters, Cape Breton (Nova Scotia)6. Campbelton Detachment (New Brunswick, 7,385)
  10. 10. RCMP feedback - bi-monthly• French translation needed for national youth officers’ program•
  11. 11. Marketing strategies: How do people find out about WITS?Traditional Communication Networks:Letters • To Members of Parliament and Provincial Ministries • To District Superintendents • To Directors of Instruction • To Health Agencies • To Media OutletsFaxes • To school districts across CanadaConference Presentations • Canadian and InternationalMedia Interviews - 2011 • 14 news articles • 4 radio/television broadcasts
  12. 12. Online and Social Media Networks: Google Ads: • At the beginning of school terms • Before professional days • To promote national awareness days (Bullying Awareness Week, Nov. 2011 and Pink Shirt Day February 2012) Social Media Networks: • WITS YouTube Channel • WITS Vimeo Channel • WITS Facebook Page • WITS Twitter @witsprograms
  13. 13. Online and Social Media Networks:Online Conversations• Forums• BlogsLinks from other sites:
  14. 14. What are the results? Visits To WITS Website 100000 90000 86,212 80000 70000 60000Visits 50000 2010-2011 40000 2011-2012 30000 24,687 20,558 20000 14,082 10000 6,613 3,919 2,332 1,595 0 Visits Unique Visits Returning Pageviews Visits
  15. 15. UTF-8FORID:900639625 Go WITS Teacher Accreditation Program The WITS Teacher Accreditation Program is a free 90-minute online training module Teacher Accreditation Program Screshos Mouse over images to enlarge Questions? Contact us at
  16. 16. What are the results?WITS Training Sites 2011-2012
  17. 17. What are the results?WITS Training Sites 2011-2012
  18. 18. PREVNet (Promoting relationshipseliminating violence)• A national network of Canadian researchers, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and governments committed to stop bullying • Advancing uptake in Ontario (Limestone District School Board) • Created a self-assessment tool for schools to monitor effects of prevention programs on children, which will be used in our large scale assessment of impact.