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Lp5 location setting


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English unit on short film

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Lp5 location setting

  1. 1. IGCSEShort Film – Location and Setting
  2. 2. Starterwrite down a description of your favourite area of the school. Do not name the area, but only describe it. Remember to create description using figurative language
  3. 3. ViewingWatch Two Cars, One Night and note positive and negativeinterpretations that can be made from the settings. Considerwhat you hear as well as what you see. (Draw the table belowinto your books twice – one for interior and one for exterior)& Exterior
  4. 4. Task‘Does our environment affect who we are?’Discuss in pairs and to right down a reasoned response.
  5. 5. ViewingThe Most Beautiful Man in the World Interior Spaces Exterior SpacesHow would you describe How would you describethe interior spaces in this the interior spaces in thisfilm? film?What feelings do these What feelings do thesespaces evoke? spaces evoke?Consider one of those Consider one of thosespaces as an example. spaces as an example.Why is the space Why is the spaceimportant? How does the important? How does thespace contribute to the space contribute to thenarrative? narrative?
  6. 6. SummaryUsing notes taken in class, write about what locations can add to the story in short film.
  7. 7. Extension… Two Cars One NightHow are the cars used as dramatic spaces; eg thecharacters moving between them?What is the effect of focusing almost exclusively on thetwo cars?Why is the film set at night?What comment is the film making about thesetting/situation that the children are in?What impression do we get about the location in which thefilm is set? What might this tell us about the society orculture the children are living in?