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Examine an extract


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Examine an extract

  1. 1. A View from the Bridge by Arthur MillerExamining an extract In the exam you will be given a short extract from the play to read, followed by a choice of two questions. The example below is taken from the sample materials produced by the exam board. Read from … EDDIE: Tell her about Vinny. To Catherine: You think I’m blowin’ steam here? To Beatrice: Go ahead, tell her. To Catherine: You was a baby then. There was a family lived next door to her mother, he was about sixteen. to … BEATRICE: Who’s mad? She gets up, clearing the dishes. I’m not mad. She picks up the dishes and turns to him. You’re the one is mad. She turns and goes into the kitchen as Catherine enters from the bedroom with a cigar and a pack of matches. Either 3a) How does Miller make this such a fascinating moment to return to when you know what happens later in the play? [40] or 3b) How does Miller’s portrayal of Beatrice make her such an admirable character in the play? Remember to support your ideas with details from the play. [40]The tasks below will help you prepare a response to question 3a.1. Which of the following statements is the most accurate description of what the examiner is looking for in response to question 3a? a) The examiner wants you to explain why what Vinny did was wrong. b) We know right from the outset that the play ends in tragedy. The examiner wants you to explore the methods Miller uses to sow the seeds of the tragedy in this extract. c) The examiner wants you to explain why Eddie does what he does by looking at his behaviour in this extract.2. Discuss your ideas with a partner and if you have different answers, try to explain why you chose your response by referring back to the question.© 2010 14346 Page 1 of 3
  2. 2. A View from the Bridge by Arthur MillerExamining an extract1. What impression of Eddie’s character do you get from the extract? Choose three adjectives you could use to describe him.2. Why does Miller draw him in this light and why is it interesting to compare the presentation of Eddie here to the Eddie we see at the end of the play?3. Referring to the extract, summarise Eddie’s views on family.1. Looking back at the extract you can see it can be roughly divided into three parts:  the Vinny anecdote  a discussion of how the ‘system’ works  Catherine’s job.2. Mark your copy of the extract to show where each of these episodes occurs.3. Use the diagram below to create a mind-map about the Vinny anecdote. Briefly outline the story. Who says ‘you can quicker get back a Find examples million dollars that was from the text of stole than a word that language used to was gave away’? Why describe Vinny is this significant? Vinny and his ‘crime’. Bolzano’s story How does Vinny’s community react to How does Catherine him/his crime? How is react to the story? Is this similar/different to her reaction different the reaction of the Who tells the to Eddie and Carbone family? What story? Is this Beatrice’s? What does this suggest? significant? does this suggest?4. What do we find out about the way the system works? What does this tell us about the values of the community?© 2010 14346 Page 2 of 3
  3. 3. A View from the Bridge by Arthur MillerExamining an extract1. How is Catherine addressed by Eddie as he moves the conversation on to its final stage? What two points could you make about the way he addresses her? What is her reaction?2. How does the tone differ from this point to the end of the extract? Find some examples from the extract that show this. Do the quotations you have chosen show what people say or what they do?3. ‘Eddie is standing facing the two seated women. First Beatrice smiles, then Catherine.’ What is interesting about the presentation of the women in this stage direction?4. If you did not know what happens in the rest of the play, how would you describe the relationship between Eddie and each of the women?5. How does what you know about the rest of the play affect the way you interpret what Eddie does and says here? Find three quotations that show us the seeds of the issues that cause the tragedy; at least one of the quotations should be a stage direction. Explain what each quotation you have chosen reveals.1. Using your responses to the tasks above, work with your partner to create a plan that you could use to answer question 3a.2. When you have finalised your plan, each of you should choose one section to develop into PEE paragraphs. When you have finished writing swap with your partner and provide feedback on what they have written.© 2010 14346 Page 3 of 3