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This is my Video and Viral Multimedia SEO presentation from PubCon New Orleans 2013.
It includes our 'Mars Rover Art Car' kickstarter campaign which I added when a speaker dropped off the panel last minute.

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Video and-viral-multimedia-seo-kronis

  1. 1. Video & Viral Multimedia SEOPresented by:Aaron @KRONiSCEO - Stamina Records
  2. 2. What does viral really mean?• ‘The Urge’ to share relevant contentwith your network (peeps).– Can be‘Ego based’– ‘Sharer’ posts & seeks ‘social credit’ or‘social equity’ for a niche from peers.
  3. 3. Viral Rhymes with Spiral (it does)• ‘Virility usually occurs when contentconnects on several emotions
  4. 4. It Makes SenseThe Human Response PerspectiveExample: Valentine’s Cards from grade school.Emotions: Nostalgia & Love
  5. 5. It’s the connections that go viral• If general enough & relatable, couldconnect two people with an old Valentine’sstory from grade school.• Then it is possible to connect others whorelate & will thus share it virally afterfeeling ‘connected’ to the topic.
  6. 6. How DOES one makesomething go viral?
  7. 7. Let’s look at this with morescrutiny• 1) A video is NOT viral until it is shared• 2) A great video has the potential to goviral• 3) A crappy video has the potential to goviral if the right online influencers getbehind it.
  8. 8. How do you make something‘Go Viral?’• Similar to a newspaper’s daily grind or anews outlet trying to get the ‘scoop’ first.• Only in our situation, we’re creating thenews!• So it better be relevant and connect toemotions!
  9. 9. Create Something You’d Share• The goal is to make something thatcauses the viewer to ‘WANT’ to shareit, possibly for their own ego.• CONNECT WITH 2 OR MORE EMOTIONS(valentine’s nostalgia example)
  10. 10. Trends• Create a current take on a trend thathas gained momentum online lately.• Add a unique angle to it, perhaps inyour blog’s voice or with your ‘flare’.• You know what this means, now do it.
  11. 11. People STILL love lists.• Create a video that liststhe top 10 bloggers inyour field.• Uses the ‘EGO HOOK’such that some of thesebloggers may link to youdue to being IN it.
  12. 12. Everywhere I go peoplealways ask me…• Well what have YOU done?• I don’t get to execute that many Viralvideo campaigns.• Here’s the latest one!
  13. 13. EXAMPLE• Kickstarter campaign• Ended April 17th.• SUCCESSFUL!!!• What was it?
  14. 14. The Mars Rover Art Car
  15. 15. The Mars Rover Art CarCHALLENGES:•A bit difficult to explain what you get•Pro Video made, but a little long•You can only share so much with yourfriends and network
  16. 16. The Mars Rover Art Car• Goal: $8K which if reached will be matchedanother $4K by a private citizen’s donation.• Challenge: Get this FUNDED!!
  17. 17. How?• We took to Twitter and Facebookimmediately.• Soon after we realized that our networkswere saturated – didn’t want to piss off ourfriends!• Outreach to Facebook groups, bloggers andcelebrities.
  18. 18. Ways to promote a Kickstarter?• Local events: show up with 25 peopledressed in orange flight suits to explainpermaculture and hand out biz cardswith the Kickstarter links.• Attended regional Burning Man eventon March 23-24-25 in Joshua tree withour flight suits.
  19. 19. Outreach• To reach a critical mass, this helpswith the national reach• As we were getting closer to our goalstarted to do more ‘spacey interesttype’ things to post pics from.• Such as going to NASA to meetCuriosity’s twin sister here on Earth.
  20. 20. So what happened?• Well, we learned NOT to put our eggsin one basket.• I was told that the 5 million subscribersstrong Facebook group ‘I Fucking LoveScience’ was going to post ourcampaign.• Elise was sick and traveling and didn’tget to it before our deadline
  21. 21. Outreach• Tasked Rovernauts to approach 5bloggers each and email them aboutour project to promote Permaculture.• We clarified our EDUCATIONALcomponent and cleared up what youget for donating a little better.• Everyone pulled together and wescraped by with $8,410 of $8K goal!!!
  22. 22. How are we for time?• Let’s watch it?• YES• NO
  23. 23. Vimeo Vs. YouTube?• I spoke at WordCampLA 2010• Ben Huh, creator
  24. 24. Vimeo vs YouTube?• Ben Explained:• Take the best Deal.• Get views, then• NEGOTIATE WITH THEM!
  25. 25. Setting up your customYouTube Channel.• Some hints you may not know about.• Create the script of your videos forclosed captioning– Upload it as a text file to youtube
  26. 26. How to prepare for traffic• Contingency for success!• If you have something that suddenlygets viral action you better be ready!• Own your profiles on all social mediaaccounts.. Twitter / Facebook /Pinterest / LinkedIn / YouTube
  27. 27. Email Marketing• This is a huge part of a successful viralmarketing campaign• Your already created list of targetedpeople will likely open the video ifdone properly.
  28. 28. Use your OWN data• Don’t listen to some ‘social scientist’who claims,“8:30 AM is the best time to blast it outin your market”• The Answer is TEST your OWN data.• Send Emails out when YOUR audienceopens them the most.
  29. 29. 3 Top Multimedia SE’s?.• Pinterest!
  30. 30. • Do You Know About its Keyword Tool?• Keyword Research Tactics
  31. 31. Make YouTube Work For You• SEO Tactics:1. YouTube KW research - Search KWs tofind related terms in descriptions ofvideos results .2. SEO Video Scripting – Planning out yourvideos3. Upload Transcriptions (Earlier example)For Closed Captioning…and for Google ofcourse
  32. 32. YouTube OptimizationLess Obvious:– Text transcripts ( does it)– Use relevant copy surroundingimages/videos with supportive keywords.– Dont forget to use the keyword VIDEO,never assume its there.
  33. 33. Remember to Engage
  34. 34. Remember to Engage• Engagement is half the battle.• Show how your YouTube Channel teamis a fun group of people doing thingsthat ‘define’ them.• Post regular updates• Real behind the scenes candid cameraphone videos are inexpensive and easy
  35. 35. •• Or Info:Aaron KronisCEO of (please follow!)