Aaron Kronis - Social Media for Retailers - Retail Camp April 9th, 2011


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Aaron Kronis - Social Media for Retailers - Retail Camp April 9th, 2011, Burbank, CA - Woodbury College - Fashion.
SOURCES: There were some key points here that were first indicated by Josh Ochs social media training course in San Francisco, feb 2011. http://medialeaders.tv/ for more on that.
This event was put on by Wendy's Fashion Retail (i'm not sure the actual course title) students. A well run professional event with great speakers and interested atendees. Most people there were in the fashion industry.

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Aaron Kronis - Social Media for Retailers - Retail Camp April 9th, 2011

  1. 1. 10 Things You Need To Know About Social Retail Search Aaron Kronis @KRONiS Organic Search Expert www.DigitalVegetarian.com Retail Camp – Burbank, April 2011
  2. 2. Let’s Start with
  3. 3. 1. The First Thing People Look At? PHOTOS. Traffic continues until photos are removed
  4. 4. Facebook Post your image, comment like it. Vs. Posting a status update Posting images is better WHY?
  5. 5. It’s a simple formula (Facebook Posts) img + message + call to action + link Leaves ‘evergreen’ content in the photos. .
  6. 6. 2.  How To Use the Button
  7. 7. Levis Jeans Levis Jeans buttons are on all of their products. •  Once you like them, it goes out to your news feed. •  3days later, they offer a deal on your wall which your friends see. They keep offering you a deal each week until you buy.
  8. 8. Levis Jeans Like Button Techniques •  Use Admin Console find those who ‘liked’ certain jeans. •  It posts to their feed even if they delete it •  Three days later…they get offered a deal of 20% or 30% off •  They will be offered this deal for two weeks or until they buy.
  9. 9. This just in New York Times – April 7th (2 days ago) •  Just reported on a Forrester Research study •  Shows how ’Offering promotions in exchange for Likes’ hasn’t been all that super successful.
  10. 10. This just in •  According to Forrester: Email Marketing is Still King right now. Facebook: Average of a 1% click-through rate a 2% conversion rate Email Marketing has an 11% click-through rate and an average 4% conversion rate. •  So dont get fooled by Facebook! Use Facebook connect to access reader’s existing accounts add email addresses to mailing lists.
  11. 11. 3.  Your Audience Engagement Strategy WHAT ?????
  12. 12. To drive user engagement, you first need to understand the actions your readers take.These actions are things you need to understandand monitor.
  13. 13. User Actions•  Reading ‘Liking’ blog posts •  Subscribing to the blog rss feed •  Signing up for the mailing list •  Searching the site. •  Get and review what people search for (Internal Site Search)
  14. 14. What your readers are doing•  Emailing from contact forms or email links •  Making calls to the posted number •  Generating user comments •  Purchasing products / services Anytime a user performs one of these things youcan say that you have achieved… what?
  15. 15. A Conversion
  16. 16. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) •  When you work to increase conversion rates,often by testing more than one version of a page. •  For example: A|B testing. When you create two versions of a page and testwhich converts best.
  17. 17. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) •  Use Google’s Website Optimizer. *TIP: This now works with Facebook fan pages sincethe new switch to iframes and phasing out of FBML. *TIP: Use odd / even seconds to make it random. (Tell IT to simply send users arriving at 0:01, 0:03, 0:05 to the A page. Users arriving at 0:02, 0:04, 0:06 etc. go to the B page.
  18. 18. 4. When to update Facebook
  19. 19. When To Post •  Post 1-3 times per day max or you will end up‘hidden’•  Also remember that after about a week, after you‘like’ something you will no longer see updates from itif you don’t interact with the page. (Hence theForrester Research study mentioned earlier!)
  20. 20. When To Post Post at 8AM in your markets. •  Monitor comments 30 minutes after posting
  21. 21. 5.  What Next? Still On Facebook… Some additional tips…and some psychology!
  22. 22. More Social Media Tips:•  When posting anything at all, like it! •  Immediately like your own content and commenton your own post.• This Tricks/Alerts Google’s algorithm to makecontent appear faster in the stream can go viralquicker.
  23. 23. Remember •  Upload Photos attach the comments •  Status updates only live on the wall •  Add and update photo albums often.
  24. 24. Psychographic Segmentation Understanding WHO your users are can greatly help in connecting with them. Remember if the CEO is only one member of your target groups.. You may be only targeting the CEO!
  25. 25. Psychographic Segmentation e.g. If you are writing and developing a website targeting ‘foodies’ who frequent a food blog. Then the type of sidebar flash game you place in a widget for that site should be something food related. e.g. Burgertime, or Tapper(beer game), not a crossword or a Sodoku style game.
  26. 26. Twitter
  27. 27. Twitter Why Twitter helps your business? The potential to engage your customers daily Without clogging their inbox.
  28. 28. 6. Twitter Don’ts
  29. 29. Twitter Some don’ts to avoid appearing spammy •  Don’t use a hashtag (#searchterm) unless necessary•  Don’t use more than 2 or 3 EVER•  Don’t use all 140 chars! Leave it around 100-120allowing people to retweet with comments.
  30. 30. Twitter DON’Ts•  Don’t tweet more than once every 15 mins.•  Don’t Fly by the seat of your pants (unlessretweeting, always follow the 2nd doc spreadsheet)•  Don’t reach out to people a second time unless youhave value to offer them!
  31. 31. Twitter DON’Ts •  Don’t be unclear: e.g unclear: “OMG! This is amazing + link” e.g. clear: “Who new a kid from Jersey could beat a Russian expert at chess [VIDEO] +[LINK]”
  32. 32. 7. Gain More Followers on Twitter
  33. 33. Some Best Practices To Increase Followers •  Use Email Signatures: ‘Follow me on twitter’ ‘Follow my company on twitter’ • This Hashtag #FollowFriday: Not Spam. Actually a digital ‘Thank You’ Vouching ‘account realness’ to others You may have recently encountered
  34. 34. Twitter •  Organic methods increase real user followers, notautomated accounts. •  Other ways to build followers the non-spammy way: •  Run Contests – E.g radio stations.. • The goal is to gain followers that are thought leaders or authorities in their space. Be a Leader! Tweet with meaning! We will discuss online influence later on...
  35. 35. 8. How to tweet effectively as a brand evangelist
  36. 36. Twitter How to Tweet Effectively? Use the formula. Ready?
  37. 37. Twitter [Category] + [Message]+ [Call to Action] + [Link] Formula
  38. 38. [Category] + [Message]+ [Call to Action] + [Link] Examples:[JUST IN] this leather couch has the softest leatherweve ever felt. Do you like brown or black? (LINK) New Blog! Find out why your favorite food might notbe so good for your (LINK).
  39. 39. Category Examples:[JUST IN], [VIDEO], [HUMOR], [INTERVIEW] [HOW TO], [INFOGRAPHIC], [REPORT], [PIC],[PICS], [VIDEO], [VIDEOS], [LINK] [OR CREATE YOUR OWN] – May cause more clicks
  40. 40. 9. Scheduling Tweets
  41. 41. Twitter •  How to plan tweets for several clients•  Use a Second Document Spreadsheet •  And a Twitter Deployment Calendar
  42. 42. Use A Second Document Spreadsheet Easily created Google Doc, add the Formula Elements then Follow Your Schedule.
  43. 43. Suggest Sites Create a Twitter Deployment Calendar By NOT doing this you are setting yourself up formissed opportunities and a less effective campaign.
  44. 44. Twitter Deployment Calendar example 8:30 am – Quote 9:30 am - push a product or start a giveaway 10:30 am - engagement Questions (e.g. what did you do for blah holiday or whatever). 12:30 pm - Retweet of something light, bright and polite”
  45. 45. Twitter Deployment Calendar example 1:30 pm - Push a product or promote a friend3:30 pm - Retweet your morning quote at 3:30pm 5:30 pm - Retweet of friends.
  46. 46. Twitter’s Effectiveness? Why do I care so much? •  Although Twitter’s effectiveness for SEO purposes isoften debated, these best practices will clearly givethe client some structure to their social media.
  47. 47. 10. Understand Online Influence
  48. 48. Measuring Online Influence How important is your online influence? So what if you get retweeted a lot? How does that help us? Moreso our website’s strength in search?
  49. 49. What is online influence?
  50. 50. Online Influence Online influence is the ability to drive actions online For example:•  If I talk about my favorite restaurant in the city and one of you goes there •  If I tweet about a link and you go read it. Thats influence.
  51. 51. How can influence be measured? KLOUT Because of the social web, we can now see who tweeted out a link and how it spread.
  52. 52. KLOUT Klout measures every single action between every single person. Certain nodes are powerful at spreading information Someone may influence me, but I may not influence them.
  53. 53. KLOUT Why is this important? 1)  To measure your social media success 2)  Understand your ‘real’ network 3)  To know who to connect to 4)  For Measuring impact of marketing messages
  54. 54. KLOUT for @KRONiS ~39 +2K true reach.
  55. 55. KLOUT So now instead of: ‘How many twitter followers do you have?’ ‘Quality’ trumps ‘Quantity’ Now, you can ask…what is your ‘Klout’ score? As Klout emerges, we will be able to determine moreand more what a good ‘klout score’ is.
  56. 56. Quick Mobile Info It is easy to teach and use location based tools now. With Hootsuite and GEOSearch • Tap into local conversations •  Distribute regional promotions •  Increase location based engagement.
  57. 57. Never Stop Learning. DigitalVegetarian.com SEO Forums…Organic SEO Write To: aaronkronis@gmail.com ifyou need something! Aaron Kronis Twitter.com/KRONiS