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Microsoft Mobile Cloud BI WP7 App Sample v2.0


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UPDATED: V2.0 released Feb 2011! This presentation demonstrates a sample WP7 mobile application that uses SQL Azure cloud database & cloud BI. The application referenced in the slides is available on Windows App Hub for download to Windows Phone 7.

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Microsoft Mobile Cloud BI WP7 App Sample v2.0

  1. 1. Microsoft Mobile Cloud BI WP7 Sample Appv2.0February 2012 Mark Kromer Microsoft Data Platform Technology Specialist
  2. 2. Objectives for WP7 Cloud BI Sample App• Create WP7 App in App Hub for free download• Provide a unique WP7 native app solution for Cloud BI• Reuseable BI demo meant to demonstrate: – Microsoft BI – SQL Azure – SQL Azure Reporting Services – Windows Azure – Windows Phone 7
  3. 3. Overview• Data is Cloud-based accessed via SQL Azure Reporting Services and WCF Services back to phone• Some data is also persisted in isolated storage• Demonstrate real, live business data feeds on your phone• Continue to expand, grow and enhance demo based on customer and field feedback• Currently available on App Hub as “Microsoft Cloud BI Sample App”: 49c5-8c63-b4686b1a8ee2• Default sample login = demo / Microsoft1• Current release: V2 Feb 2012
  4. 4. How to Customize App• You can use this App to render your own SQL Azure Reporting Services Reports – Click menu bar: Select Set Server – Enter your SQL Azure Reporting Services full server name, without https:// – Go to menu bar: Select each Report # menu item – Enter the name of your report file, without the .rdl extension• Default login for demo out of the box – Username = demo – Password = Microsoft1
  5. 5. V2.0 Updates V2 Themes: 1. Move default server to new Windows Azure server 2. Take advantage of WP7 Metro themes The configuration settings area is now available in the WP7 menu selector ellipses at the bottom of the screen: • Reset Values: Reset app to original config • Set Server: Points to your own SQL Azure Reporting Server • Report 1-5: Set the RDL name of your own reports
  6. 6. First time that yourstart the App, you mustenter user name andpassword.This is from SQL AzureReporting Services.Use demo/Microsoft1 read-only report vieweraccount.
  7. 7. Home reporting pagedefaults to scorecard.Select a single KPI fromthe KPI tracker to appearon your WP7 start page.Select the KPI from WP7menu ellipses.
  8. 8. Reports integrate withBing Maps for location-based businessintelligence
  9. 9. Because reports and KPIsare from SQL Azure andSQL Azure ReportingServices, users canmodify the content andreports.This is not a staticmock-up. This is real,live data and reporting.
  10. 10. Use SQL Azure and SQLAzure Reporting Servicesto create new data, newreports and modify sourceto demonstrate tocustomers the dynamicdata.No need to modify theApp.
  11. 11. Display Dundas reports,Sparklines, Maps, drill-down, drill-thru,expand/collapse, etc.
  12. 12. Live Tile shows your chosentop-line KPI value when you add App to home screen with “Pin to Start” Select the email link from the ellipses menu button to email a copy of the current report to your contacts
  13. 13. Azure Components of Cloud BI Requires reports to be authored in SQL Azure Reporting Services Uses an Azure WCF Service to update KPIs Requires SQL Azure database (AdventureWorksDW2008R2)
  14. 14. Offline Viewing• KPIs and settings saved in WP7 Isolated Storage• View latest KPIs with offline browsing
  15. 15. Thank you!Mark KromerMicrosoft Technology SpecialistSQL Server Data