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Microsoft Event Registration System Hosted on Windows Azure


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Here is a presentation describing my latest solution that I created for the Microsoft Mid-Atlantic team's conference in Philadelphia of about 80 customer & partner executives. I built this in my spare time in about 3 weeks using Silverlight, Windows Phone 7, SQL Azure & Windows Azure. It's a good case study in the power of Cloud Computing and Windows Azure in particular to quickly built-out a solution that is temporary and needs to scale quickly.

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Microsoft Event Registration System Hosted on Windows Azure

  1. 1. Microsoft Event Registration System onWindows Azurev1.0April 2012 Mark Kromer Microsoft Data Platform Technology Specialist
  2. 2. Objectives for Event Azure App Interactive User Demonstrate Experience on Quick Scale-up Windows 8 of Windows Slates Azure Demonstrate Win8, Win7 and Windows AzureLive interactive event WP7 user Blob Storage forregistration system experiences Photo Sharing RegistrationSQL Azure Solution built in check-Databases & 2 weeks part- in, tracking, sociReporting Windows Azure time by 1 al media andServices WCF Services developer photo sharing
  3. 3. Event App Microsoft ArchitectureSQL AzureDatabases & SilverlightReporting Windows Azure interface for SQL AzureService WCF Services event check-in ReportsWindows Azure Windows Azure Web-based AppBlob Storage for Hosted Web hosted on WP7 MetroPhoto Sharing Apps Windows Azure Style App
  4. 4. Event App Home Page Tiles After selecting your name tile, you can then check in with green checkbox and link to the Facebook group Click or tap your name to page from the Facebook button check inReload names list by clicking here
  5. 5. Checked-in Attendee List Page list of currently checked-in attendees. Press F5 to refresh the listas attendees check in. Login: Demo / Microsoft1
  6. 6. Event App Photo Gallery photos from the event in a sequential gallery. As you upload your photos toAzure Blob Storage, they will update here, just refresh this page. Users can highlight and select photos here Select this button to make full-screen for big-screen gallery display
  7. 7. Event App Photo GalleryDisplays photos from the event in a sequential gallery Name the photos 1-40 .jpg, i.e. 1.jpg, 2.jpg, etc. then click Upload Image to store them in Windows Azure Blob Storage Manage the photos that have been uploaded here
  8. 8. WP7 Mobile Event App Scroll through alphabetical listing of registered attendees to find your name. Tap your name and then tap check-in at bottom of details screen. Click folder to view current list of attendees that have checked-in Camera icon opens scrollable view of event photos
  9. 9. Use the Photo Screen topage through event photos Select the email link from the ellipses menu button on registration details list to email attendee
  10. 10. Azure Components of Event App Reports used to display attendees that have checked-in Uses an Azure WCF Service to retrieve and update SQL Azure data Utilizes 2 SQL Azure databases to store registered attendees
  11. 11. Thank you!Mark KromerMicrosoft Technology SpecialistSQL Server Data