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Web tech weblamp_infosession_2012-13


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Web tech weblamp_infosession_2012-13

  1. 1. Certificate Programs in Web Technology Solutions and Professional Open Source Web Development• Please phone in: 206-315-1785 or 1-800-379-6841 Participant Code: 9416 2196 #
  2. 2. Welcome!• Dial-in numbers• Please mute your phone• Ask questions by: – Typing in chat window – Un-muting and asking during an open Q&A• Contact Us link
  3. 3. UW Certificate Programs inWeb Technology SolutionsandProfessional Open SourceWeb Development D.A. Clements
  4. 4. Agenda– Who are we?– What is happening in this field?– What and how will I learn in this program?– How will I benefit from this program?– Is this program right for me?
  5. 5. Who are we?• Professional & Continuing Education (PCE)• Instructors and PCE Staff• Prospective student introductions• Typical students enrolled in program
  6. 6. Professional & Continuing Education• University of Washington—150 years!• Educational Outreach—100 years!• Certificate programs
  7. 7. Introductions Course or Program Instructors Introduction to Zoe Holbrooks Web Publishing* Web Technology Solutions Jeff Witzel Lincoln Mongillo Daniel Parshall Professional Open Source Niek Sanders Web Development Jay Zeng Catalin Teodorescu• D.A. Clements, Program Manager• And you!*Soon to be renamed Foundations of Web Design & Development
  8. 8. Typical Students Broadening Skill Base Career Advancement Career Change Start a New Career
  9. 9. A Recent Cohort• Software Engineers • Company Principal• System Developer • Web Developers• Real Time Software Engineer • QA Manager• Manager, Business Systems • Web-QA Engineers• Director of Information • Maintenance & Support Specialist• Program Director at a radio station • Joint Venture Accountant• Product Managers (Director, Assoc.) • Project Supervisor• Web Builder • Web, Events & Information Specialist• Web Content Specialists • Web & Graphic Developer• Web Manager, Webmaster • IT Director, Web, CRM & Group Products• Web Channel • CMS Site Builders (Drupal, WordPress)• Business Systems Analyst II Manager • Principal Software Designer• Outreach Specialist • Programmer Analyst• Benefits Coordinator • Applications Development Team• Graphic Design/Web Developer • Web Designers• Editor, SharePoint Developer Documentation • Senior Interactive Media Designer
  10. 10. What is happening in the field?• Latest technologies and strategies• Trends shaping and reshaping the field• Job outlook
  11. 11. Technologies for Websites Sites in millions PHP, 25 Million ASP.NET, 7 million Frontpage Extensions, 4 million Dreamweaver, 3 million Perl, 1 million DAV, 1 million
  12. 12. Jobs in Seattle
  13. 13. What and how will I learn?• Critical knowledge, key skills and competencies• Learning experience• Program format and delivery• Enrollment options
  14. 14. Critical Knowledge, Key Skills & Competencies• Learn how back-end server and database technologies work with front-end Web interfaces to create seamless e-commerce experiences for clients.• Add user interaction to Web pages with JavaScript.• Explore the server environment and architecture of database-driven Web applications.• Learn how to use PHP to create website templates, connect to databases and update data over the Web.• Design efficient MySQL databases to reduce data redundancy.
  15. 15. On completion of the certificate, you will be able to . . .• You will be ready to build and maintain customized, dynamic, database-driven and business-friendly Web sites using open source software.
  16. 16. Program Format and DeliveryOnline format• Weekly due dates• Hands-on experience• Web hosting is provided
  17. 17. Program Courses and ScheduleQuarter Course DatesWinter Front End Scripting with Jan 7 - Mar 22, 2013 JavaScriptSpring Server-Side Programming Using Apr 1 - Jun 14, 2013 PHPSummer SQL, Data Storage Technologies, Jun 24 - Aug 23, 2013 and Web-Data Integration
  18. 18. First Course:Front End Scripting with JavaScript• Respond to user actions• Fundamental concepts common to all programming languages• DOM (Document Object Model) and its relationship to content on the web page• Overview of jQuery and AJAX
  19. 19. Second Course:Server-Side Programming Using PHP• Server-side programming with SQL databases• Development of data-driven Web applications• PHP includes• File handling• Validating user input• Accessing MySQL databases through PHP scripting.• Data-driven websites.
  20. 20. Third Course:SQL, Data Storage Technologies, andWeb-Data Integration• Designing and creating your own efficient databases• Accessing databases online using PHP• Storing information so that it can be searched, browsed and used to make informed decisions• SQL basics• Creating queries• Retrieving and writing data with MySQL and PHP• User sessions and cookies.• MySQLs storage engines, data types, administration utilities, security features and data import/export facilities
  21. 21. How will I benefit from this program?• You will be ready to build and maintain customized, dynamic, database-driven and business-friendly Web sites using open source software.• Program Benefits – Program cohort and access to instructor – Coherent curriculum created with local advisory board input – Link to leading research university – Access to Microsoft DreamSpark®: free software downloads for Microsoft Visual Studio, Visio, Project, Office and Windows – Substantial discount (80%) on Adobe Creative Suite® for educational use
  22. 22. Professional OpenSource WebDevelopmentFor graduates of Web Technology Solutions
  23. 23. Typical Students• Alumni from Web Technology Solutions• Someone with a year or two of experience with JavaScript, PHP and MySQL – Often self taught and wants to fill in the gaps, learn best practices
  24. 24. Seattle Jobs
  25. 25. Seattle Jobs• jQuery ranks #8 on national job trends (Source:
  26. 26. What and how will I learn?• Critical knowledge, key skills and competencies• Learning experience• Program format and delivery• Enrollment options
  27. 27. Critical Knowledge, Key Skills & Competencies• Best open source front-end and back-end tools, frameworks and libraries.• Object-oriented PHP, authentication, security and MySQL Stored Procedures• AJAX, JSON and jQuery – the most popular JavaScript library – for responsive Web design• Troubleshooting, debugging, quality assurance and unit testing• Strategies for high traffic and high availability websites• Database and cloud storage solutions to support enterprise- level websites.
  28. 28. Benefits• Upon successful completion, you will be ready to build feature-rich, scalable websites using open source technologies including php, jQuery and advanced MySQL tools.
  29. 29. Program Format and Delivery• Choice of classroom or online• Held weekly in downtown Seattle – 4th Avenue between Union and University• Hands-on experience• Guidance of an instructor
  30. 30. Program Courses and ScheduleQuarter Course DatesAutumn Query and AJAX for Responsive Oct. to Dec., 2013 Web SitesWinter Object-Oriented PHP for High- Jan. to Mar, 2013 Traffic WebsitesSpring MySQL Design, Development & Apr to Jun, 2013 Administration
  31. 31. Autumn quarter:jQuery and AJAX for Responsive Web Sites• Use jQuery• Write AJAX and implement it in your web page• Use the jQuery widget library and the jQuery UI• Build your own plugin• Get up and running using jQuery mobile, a mobile-specific implementation of jQuery• extend jQuery and even build your own jQuery UI plugins using jQuerys UI widget factory
  32. 32. Winter quarter:Object-Oriented PHPfor High-Traffic Websites• Objects and collections, and object-relation mapping• UML and explore design patterns• Efficiency and productivity with PHP frameworks• Login systems• Unit testing and quality assurance practices to increase reliability• High traffic and high availability issues• Database abstraction with PDO• Event-driven programming• Logging and debugging• Writing and using Web services• Users, sessions and authentication
  33. 33. Spring quarter:MySQL Design, Development &Administration• Stored procedures• Cursors• Triggers• Functions• Security• Backup and restoration• Replication• Cluster• Troubleshooting• NoSQL and where it fits• Hadoop, if there’s time
  34. 34. How will I benefit from this program?• Program Benefits – Program cohort and access to instructor – Choice of online or classroom • Choose online if there is any possibility that you may need to participate online more than twice during the course – Coherent curriculum created with local advisory board input – Access to Microsoft DreamSpark®: free software downloads for Microsoft Visual Studio, Visio, Project, Office and Windows – Substantial discount (80%) on Adobe Creative Suite® for educational use
  35. 35. Logistics• Expectations for Successful Completion• Admissions Requirements• Application letter and process
  36. 36. Expectations for Successful CompletionThe more you Be in class on time 80% of sessionspractice, Turn inthe more assignmentsyou Participate activelylearn!
  37. 37. Admissions Requirements• General Experience – Familiarity with basic internet applications (email, Web browsers, FTP, news groups, etc.) – Experience using the Windows, Linux, or Mac operating system and standard office productivity tools – Ability to download and install Internet applications – Experience with uploading content to the Web server – A computer and modem to access UW computing resources and class website, participate in discussion groups and communicate with course instructors and other program participants
  38. 38. Admissions Requirements• Specific experience – Experience with hand-coding of standards-compliant HTML • Can be satisfied by completion of the optional preparatory course, Foundations of Web Design & Development, (formerly, Introduction to Web Publishing), or equivalent coursework or experience • Take HTML self test, Report score and date taken on application
  39. 39. Preparatory course:Foundations of Web Design & Development(Formerly, Introduction to Web Publishing)• Online• Begin any time, self-paced, complete within 3 months!• Instructor: Zoe Holbrooks, award-winning instructor – Standards-compliant HTML and CSS – Accessibility – Aspects of information architecture and usability – UNIX commands, SFTP, Web hosting at UW – Addresses admission requirements for Web Design with Adobe® Creative Suite
  40. 40. Technology Requirements• Internet access is required for completing homework. A high- speed broadband connection is recommended.• You must have access to a computer for homework. This computer must have a Windows, Mac, or Linux operating system. – Windows OS is not required to complete coursework, but please be aware that technical support for non-Windows systems may not be available. All of our online materials are tested for Windows, and your results may differ.• The most current version of the Firefox Web browser
  41. 41. Application Process• Application Review: rolling review process• Admission Decision: notification within two weeks following application• Enrollment: – Enrollment information sent following acceptance – Program enrollment on a first-come, first-served basis – Seat reserved in program until enrollment deadline: December 24, 2012 UW Professional &
  42. 42. Program Delivery & CostProgram or course Web Technology Professional Open Source Solutions Web DevelopmentApplication fee $50 $50(non-refundable)First course Tuition $825 $875 Quarterly Registration fee $42 $42Second course Tuition $825 $875 Quarterly Registration fee $42 $42Third course Tuition $825 $875 Quarterly Registration fee $42 $42 UW Professional &
  43. 43. QUESTIONS?• D.A. Clements, Program Manager, UW Professional & Continuing Education [; 206-221-0229 ]• Bettina Katz, Program Coordinator, UW Professional & Continuing Education [; 206-685-6518 ]