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Using diigo handout

  1. 1. Navigating Diigo My Library ScreenTags aresorted bytopic My library is used for bookmarking urls & your highlighted text or pictures are also automatically "clipped" and aggregated, for sharing, editing or easy search and reference later. You can bookmark and “clip” online flash / video. "My Library" is also the central place to manage all your bookmarks, lists and tags at Diigo. Tip: When you want to bookmark something, use tags to identify the key words attached to the item. Otherwise you will end up with hundreds of items that will be difficult to sort through. Diigo Toolbar ***You can use this Use this button Use this button Use this Use this button tobutton to pick the to bookmark to comment on button to share access: My library, Mycolor of any item. A the item. Your an item via Groups, My Network,highlighter you screen will pop comments will Facebook, My lists or Sign out ofwant (blue, up (see next be saved under Twitter, Email, yellow & page) so you “My Library”pink). can tag the page. item, share it to a group, etc
  2. 2. Bookmark Window Enter a description of the item Tag the item using key words; Diigo will automatically suggest key words you can click on Use the “share to Click “Save Bookmark” group” feature to once you have entered share to a group you the other information in are a part of. Click this window. Your item the drop down arrow will be saved to your to find your group. library! Other Features of DiigoOn you Diigo account, you will have When logged in, Diigo features other Use the Use thea toolbar like this to navigate from. you will see tools that you can “Help” “Sign-You can click “My Library”, “My your name with use such as: button for out”Network”, “My Groups” and an arrow. When Browser ad-ons, more buttonCommunity. you click on it, Desktop and information to log you can view: Mobile Apps and and video off Your profile Web Services. tutorials Diigo Settings Click the “Tools” Friends button to learn Send a more. message