Travel Brochure Rubric                                   Transactional English 40S                  Value: 50 MarksStudent...
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Travel brochure rubric


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Travel brochure rubric

  1. 1. Travel Brochure Rubric Transactional English 40S Value: 50 MarksStudent Name: Developing Acceptable Exemplary Score 0-3 point 4-8 points 9-10 points Text contains some spelling or Text contains less than 1 spelling or Text contains several spelling or grammatical errors. grammatical error, complete sentences grammatical errors. are used.Part A- Writing Text uses some headings but some Skills & Topics are not clearly identified. areas are not clearly identified. Topics are clearly identified using Mechanics headings and subtitles. Writing is clear 10 marks Text is lacking many areas of Some but not all listed travel and focused. All components and travel information. information is included. information is written in a professional persuasive and interesting manner. Writing is not clear. Information is presented in an information writing style. Creative language is used to “sell” the destination. 0-3 points 4-8 points 9-10 points Brochure lacks creativity and Brochure has some visual appeal Brochure design is unique, well- originality. and uses some graphics and color. developed and visually attractive.Part B- Creativity 10 marks Limited use of graphics, color, Brochure demonstrates creativity fonts is demonstrated. through good use of color, fonts, graphics and other illustrations. Brochure provides unique perspective on a destination. 0-3 points 4-8 points 9-10 points Moderately- developed Destination is well researched- 3 Under-developed. internet sources are used as well as Part C- 2 or less sources are used. appropriate books, magazines and other Research Destination is not well related material. 10 marks researched. Text contains some interesting facts based on research gathered. Text contains interesting facts and 1 or less sources are used. information based on research gathered. Evidence of research is provided in No bibliography is presented. the bibliography. Evidence of research is provided in the Bibliography. 0-3 point 4-8 points 9-10 points Part D- Bibliography is submitted but has Bibliography is submitted and there Bibliography is submitted and formatted Bibliography not been formatted according to are 3 or less errors with the appropriately according to the APA style 10 marks the APA style guidelines. formatting according to the APA guidelines. style guidelines. Bibliography clearly documents use of appropriate sources. 0-3 points 4-8 points 9-10 points Brochure is not well designed Brochure has a good design. Brochure is well designed and makes and makes poor use of space and good use of space and layout.Part E- Design layout. Information is lacks some 10 marks organization. Design clearly identifies cover page, Design does not clearly identify destination and information is organized information and lacks in a coherent and easy to follow format. organization. /50