Memoir rubric


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Memoir rubric

  1. 1. Memoir Rubric Transactional English 40S Value: 10% of Final Grade /40 marksStudent Name: Developing Acceptable Exemplary Score 0-3 point 4-8 points 9-10 points Writing is under-developed and Writing is moderately developed Writing is clear and chapter topics are lacks clarity. but lacks some clarity. easily identified. Chapters are not easily identified Chapters are identified but some Writing is well developed and followsPart A- Writing and headings are missing. headings may be missing. the intro-body-conclusion model. Skills 10 marks Writing does not consistently Some of the writing follows the Chapters are well written, focused on follow the intro-body-conclusion intro-body-conclusion model. the topic and demonstrate a high degree model. of personal thought and reflection. Writing is focused and Writing is not focused and lacks a demonstrates some personal high degree of personal thought thought and reflection. and reflection. 0-3 points 4-8 points 9-10 points Memoir is basic and front cover Memoir is presented in a standard Memoir is presented in a professional Part B- lacks elements of creativity. fashion and has some visual appeal. but personable fashion. Presentation Front cover is well-designed and is 10 marks Memoir does not include images, Front cover has some elements of attractive. artwork or other décor to creativity. enhance its presentation. Memoir is decorated using images, Few images, art or other décor is photographs, art and other décor to used to enhance presentation. make it personal and creative. Format is not carefully followed Format is consistent and all Format is carefully followed and all 16 and some chapters are missing. chapters have been submitted but chapters are submitted completed. some are under the required 250 Memoir is submitted in a binder and Chapters are not easily word count per chapter. includes a well-designed front cover, identifiable and components of title page and table of contents. Part C- the Memoir are missing. Memoir is submitted in a binder but Format is missing a front cover, title page Chapters are easily identified with 10 marks or table of contents. headings and meet the 250 word count. Chapter do not meet the req’d Typing is double spaced with 12pt font. 250 count. Typing isn’t double Some but not all chapters of the spaced and not all rough drafts rough draft are submitted. Rough drafts are submitted. are submitted. 0-3 points 4-8 points 9-10 points Part D- Writing contains more than 5 Writing contains more than 1 Writing contains less than 1 spelling or Mechanics spelling or grammatical errors. spelling or grammatical error. grammatical error. 10 marks Writing contains many run on Writing has complete sentences Complete sentences are used. sentences and is not properly with some run on sentences. formatted. /40