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Ideal image


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Ideal image

  1. 1. Assignment 3- Krystle RobinsonPart 1- Ideal ImageMy ideal image as an educator is influenced by my beliefs about education, my approach toteaching, my vision to strive for an ideal learning environment, my personality and the diversityof students I work also influence my ideal image as an educator. The following visualpresentation will explain how these variables influence my teaching practice. My Teaching Field: Special Education Success grows from the teacher truly caring for the learner’s welfare. I pay close attention to each individual’s learning needs. I meet students “where” they are at and work with them individually to ensure they have a positive learning experience. My profession influences my practice because the students in my program will also need to be caring and responsive to the individual needs of special needs students in the school setting. I believe every learner has the ability to achieve success. As an instructor in the Educational Assistant Program, I have to be a role model to my students as they are learning to become paraprofessionals who will be working with special needs children. They will have to help children achieve success by being caring, thoughtful and respectful.
  2. 2. Assignment 3- Krystle Robinson Learners Influence on My Teaching Practice Adult learners bring a wealth of knowledge and experiences into the classroom. Learners haveinfluenced my teaching practice because of their diversity in age, ethnicity, gender and abilities. I strive to provide diverse learning opportunities to meet the learning styles and skill levels of all students. I use my student’s prior knowledge in course design and delivery to create meaningful learning experiences. A cooperative approach to teaching is used because learners are part of the “learning puzzle”. They shape my professional practice because they are included in decisions made about theirlearning. Student input helps guide me in being a more effective instructor. This approach allows students to take ownership of their learning and this instills a sense of motivation.
  3. 3. Assignment 3- Krystle Robinson Beliefs and Values About Education  Students needs real-world application to make learning meaningful  Education prepares students with values, skills and knowledge for work and life  It is an instructor’s responsibility to establish a support environment that allows all students equal opportunity to be successful. My teaching practice is influenced because I create assignments and teaching tools that are adapted to different learning styles and that provide hands-on learning; through course design and instructional approaches; and by the atmosphere I create within the classroom. It’s also reflected in the individual support I provide and in my positive attitude towards learning. PersonalityAs an individual I’m creative, ambitious and need structure. This influences my practice becauseI create learning activities that have an element of creativity and fun. At the same time, I ensure courses I teach are very organized and structured and that I come to class prepared.
  4. 4. Assignment 3- Krystle Robinson Ideal learning environment A positive learning environment is inclusive, respectful and caring of all of its members. The classroom environment embraces difference and fosters a sense of community. One principlethat I incorporate into my teaching practice is that everyone will treat each other with respect andall students will have the opportunity to participate and contribute in a classroom community free of judgment.