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define :check_mysql_seconds_behind_master do attribute :host, Metis - RubyConf 2011 Lightning Talk


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define :check_mysql_seconds_behind_master do attribute :host, :kind_of => String, :default => ‘’ attribute :username, :kind_of => String attribute :password, :kind_of => String attribute :warning, :kind_of => Fixnum, :default => 20 attribute :critical, :kind_of => Fixnum, :default => 60 require_gem mysql execute do connection =[:host], params[:username], params[:password]) result = connection.query(show slave status) seconds = result.fetch_hash[Seconds_Behind_Master].to_i connection.close critical("Were behind a lot!") if seconds >= params[:critical] warn("Were behind some") if seconds >= params[:warning] ok endend

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