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Do you notice strange little things but never want to stare? Do you itch to point out someone faux-pas or misfortunes? Well you’re not the only one. *Read at your own risk.

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  1. 1. Elephant In The Room asteRISK* a project by Maddie Kilby, Kieran McGrath, Jenny Mounas andCaitlin Royse *read at your own risk
  2. 2. Lexi Conflicted Mark MaWordz InstagramYouTube Channel Pari Persian Elephant In The Room Tumblr Facebook Community Adalyn Ellema Twitter Mark MaWordz Page Lexi Conflicted Page Elephant in the Room Tumblr Adalyn Ellema Page Pari Persian Page
  3. 3. And they all lived happilyever after...loljks. Marks dead.