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Business communication final presentation


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Business communication final presentation

  1. 1. Business<br />Sist U Intl for Au Pairs<br />Final Presentation<br />Carmen’11<br />
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION<br />I came to USA like au pair not looking opportunities like other persons; I came here like some other trying to letting my emotional problems (love) far away.<br /><ul><li>My interesting are all special people but my focus is the blind people, they feel rejected and when I think "help" I mean to be more human. I would like everyone learn “to be more human”, give themselves opportunities to know different persons than they never imagined know, and the au pairs can make the difference and teach to one different culture as be better and really getting the power to be a hot mom.
  3. 3. So I found a business class where woman is the power, gave me the opportunity to learn more about life and how get our goals, so I realized than our problems won't gone just because we are far away and sometimes we do a big ball of them when is not necessary, so I thought why I don't focus in get something real than can help me to be and feel me strong.</li></li></ul><li>COMMUNICATION<br />This activity gave me the opportunity to be bold and get involved inside of different social circle than I am used, interacting with people without know them to talk about common issues and know what they are thinking about. Never know when and what we can learn of others.<br />Will be great if we give us the opportunity one day, don’t just, look away or keep our look at blind people how they walk or as they do something.<br />Now my big goal is, give me the opportunity to be more human and treat blind people as I like to be treated.<br />
  4. 4. CREATIVITY<br />In my creativity my goal is create a GPS to blind people, with voice response and headphones to help them to find their way around anywhere easily and with waves to detect car moving and traffic lights to avoid accidents and they can feel safe walking by the street.<br />My big problem was to know if blind people could use the GPS, now I know could be: at the metro I got opportunity to talk with a blind person and I let her know my GPS idea, and she smiled, and then she said “it could be great, to find the address more faster and easier, when we have to turn left and right, and the most important when the light is red. I'll do”.<br />
  5. 5. Call the attention of colleges to motivate students to create the GPS, than doesn’t just will be a big idea to the future than is now, will help and will give safe walking to blind people. <br /><ul><li>Stickers gift, campaign "help, accept and walk" and "talking, listening and walking” for inviting drivers to drive carefully and not racism to blind people as well.
  6. 6. Voluntary students who help to help blind people, so they can learn to be more humans since younger people and give the advice and experience to others and when blind person walking down the street need help, don’t be shy and help him
  7. 7. Support for blind people with voluntaries and campaigns to feel them more part of the society so their feelings may increase</li></li></ul><li>CONNECTION<br />I realized than there are more persons like me with the same thoughts, dreams and wishes, but also I realized I can get ideas and create a new movement to help others. <br />Now I know than to talk with a blind person, it takes courage, but there is a connection, her: “feeling accepted and being treated as others” and me “have the courage like woman to do something different and know more about them”<br />
  8. 8. THINK!!<br /><br />Do you think this is funny? <br /> I have a better question for you<br />Are u really to help blind people?<br />Do you have the courage to talk with them?<br />THANK YOU<br />CARMEN ’11<br />