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WHY	  YOU	  MIGHT	  NEED	  THIS?	  •  You’re	  a	  Product	  Owner	  and	  you	  want	  your	  	     team	  to	  use	  Scr...
WE	  LIKE	  WHAT	  WE	  DO	  For	  the	  last	  years	  since	  2007	  we’ve	  been	  working	  at	  Eastern	  European	  ...
SCRUMguides	  in	  names	  Alexey	  Krivitsky	                                      	  ...
SCRUMguides	  in	  ac>on	  
SERVICES	  THAT	  WE	  OFFER	  #0:	  AUDITING	  AGILITY	  	  #1	  :	  TRAINING	  SCRUM	  	  #2	  :	  KICKING	  OFF	  SCRUM...
#0	  :	  AUDITING	  AGILITY	                           In	  short	  >me	  we	  will	  able	  to	  iden>fy	             ARE...
#1	  :	  TRAINING	  SCRUM	                      We’ll	  work	  with	  your	  team	  to	  let	  them	  	      LEARN	  ENOUG...
In	  2009	  we	  invented	  LEGO	  Scrum	  Simula>on™	  
#2	  :	  KICKING	  OFF	  SCRUM	    Together	  with	  our	  fellow	  Agile	  coaches	  your	  teams	  will	  	          KIC...
SCRUMguides	  archive:	  kicking	  off	  Scrum	  since	  2007	  
#3	  :	  TRAINING	  ENGINEERING	  PRACTICES	                       We	  work	  with	  best	  techies	  to	  deliver	  HAND...
#4	  :	  FACILITATING	  GROUP	  ACTIVITIES	                                When	  your	  process	  needs	  	              ...
PROFESSIONAL	  AGILE	  COACHING	          	          	         ...
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SCRUMguides: Agile adoption services


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Agile adoption services by SCRUMguides company.

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SCRUMguides: Agile adoption services

  1. 1.   Full  cycle  of  Agile  adop>on  services    SCRUM  TRAINING  AND  COACHING  PROGRAMS  FOR  SOFTWARE  TEAMS     Last  updated:  July  2011    
  2. 2. WHY  YOU  MIGHT  NEED  THIS?  •  You’re  a  Product  Owner  and  you  want  your     team  to  use  Scrum.    •  You  have  been  applying  Scrum  (or  Agile  of  any  kind)   for  quite  some  >me  and  now  you  want  to  fine-­‐tune   the  process  –  make  it  more  efficient.  •  You  are  a  Project  Manager,  Development  Manager   or  a  CEO/CTO  and  you  want  development  of  your   soware  products  to  benefit  from  Agile.  
  3. 3. WE  LIKE  WHAT  WE  DO  For  the  last  years  since  2007  we’ve  been  working  at  Eastern  European  market  and:    •  Trained  more  than  1’000  people  in  Scrum    •  Consulted  more  than  60  companies  and  teams    •  Mentored  dozens  of  Scrum  masters    •  Run  more  than  20  conferences  on  Agile   (  and  
  4. 4. SCRUMguides  in  names  Alexey  Krivitsky  Co-­‐founder,  Agile  coach  and  Scrum  trainer  Cer>fied  Scrum  Professional  Founder  of  AgileUkraine  Frontman  at  AgileEasternEurope  conference    Nataliya  Trenina  Co-­‐founder,  Agile  coach  and  Scrum  trainer  Cer>fied  ScrumMaster  Execu>ve  with  AgileEasternEurope  conference  Execu>ve  with  AgileBaseCamp  conference    Artem  Serdyuk  Agile  coach,  Lean/Scrum  traine  Cer>fied  ScrumMaster        
  5. 5. SCRUMguides  in  ac>on  
  7. 7. #0  :  AUDITING  AGILITY   In  short  >me  we  will  able  to  iden>fy   AREAS  OF  PROCESS  IMPROVEMENTS    Income:  1.  Visits  to  your  office.  2.  One-­‐on-­‐ones  with  managers  and  selected  team  members.  3.  Group  surveys  to  measure  agility  and  its  poten>al.    Outcome:  1.  We’ll  deliver  a  report  sta>ng  your  current  agility  level.  2.  We’ll  provide  detailed  recommendaXons  for  improvements.  3.  We’ll  help  you  build  an  acXon  plan  to  reach  the  improvements.  
  8. 8. #1  :  TRAINING  SCRUM   We’ll  work  with  your  team  to  let  them     LEARN  ENOUGH  OF  THEORY  AND  PRACTICE     for  bootstrapping  Scrum    Namely,  in  one  or  two  days  (your  choice)  par>cipants  will:    1.  Acknowledge  Mindset,  Values  and  Principles  of  Agile    2.  Study  the  Scrum  Framework  in  all  details    3.  Experience  Agile  and  Scrum  in  SimulaXons  and  Case  Studies  4.  Prac>ce  EsXmaXng  and  Planning  with  Agile    5.  Get  answers  to  their  daily  life  ques>ons  on  applying  Scrum  
  9. 9. In  2009  we  invented  LEGO  Scrum  Simula>on™  
  10. 10. #2  :  KICKING  OFF  SCRUM   Together  with  our  fellow  Agile  coaches  your  teams  will     KICK  OFF  PROJECTS  WITH  SCRUM    Facilitated  kick-­‐off  ac>vi>es  include:  •  Forming  agile  project  charter  •  Gemng  a  shared  project  vision  •  Discussing  user  personas  •  Building  story  maps  •  Wri>ng  user  stories  for  product  backlog  •  Es>ma>ng  project  size  •  Genera>ng  release  plans  •  Kicking  of  a  sprint  
  11. 11. SCRUMguides  archive:  kicking  off  Scrum  since  2007  
  12. 12. #3  :  TRAINING  ENGINEERING  PRACTICES   We  work  with  best  techies  to  deliver  HAND-­‐ON  EXPERIENCE  ON  CRAFTSMANSHIP    Our  menu  includes  but  is  not  limited  to:  •  ConXnuous  IntegraXon  for  Java,  .NET,  PHP  •  Test-­‐driven  Development  in  Java,  .NET,  PHP  •  Selenium  as  an  automated  tes>ng  planorm  •  Fitness  as  an  automated  acceptance  tes>ng   As  technologies  evolve,  our  menu  does.  So  please  contact  us,  we  will   likely  be  able  to  deliver  trainings  for  skills  you  specify.  
  13. 13. #4  :  FACILITATING  GROUP  ACTIVITIES   When  your  process  needs     EASE  AND  DIRECTION    As  coaches  and  facilitators  we’d  be  eager  to  help  you  run:  •  Deep  retrospecXve  meeXngs  including  thema>c  and  release  ones.  •  Result-­‐oriented  workshops  of  any  kind.  •  Facilitated  group  processes  for  knowledge  and  view  sharing.  •  Conflict  solving  sessions  when  things  get  hot.   We  master  techniques  like:     Process  work,  World  Café,  Art  of  Hos>ng,  Open  Space,     Life  and  Business  Coaching.  
  14. 14. PROFESSIONAL  AGILE  COACHING   +380.50.358.9212   +380.50.4126135         Full  cycle  of  Agile  adop>on  services