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Applying Agile For Large Scale Development At Microsoft Romanenko


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Applying Agile For Large Scale Development At Microsoft Romanenko

  1. 1. Vlad Romanenko Program Manager, CSM Mobile Hotmail Microsoft Ireland
  2. 2. Microsoft: Move to Agile Before Marketing driven releases Big feature promises up-front Committed release date that always slipped Now No committed release date Technical Community Previews (TPC) Incorporating customer feedback Microsoft Ireland
  3. 3. Agile in Microsoft? No single methodology across company Huge product suites – lots of dependencies Legacy architecture – hard to adopt new tools Microsoft Ireland
  4. 4. Windows Live Hotmail Suite: Hotmail, Messenger, Calendar, Spaces, … 270 million users 10 000 servers Microsoft Ireland
  5. 5. Hotmail Mobile Developed in 1 year Team: 6 people 1 program manager 3 devs 2 devs in test Microsoft Ireland
  6. 6. Team roles Scrum Product Owner Scrum Master Team Microsoft Program Manager Software Development Engineer SDE in Test Is there a match? Microsoft Ireland
  7. 7. Managing requirements Scrum Product backlog User stories Microsoft ‘1 page specs’ PM Specs Speclets – the most agile way Design docs Test plan Microsoft Ireland
  8. 8. Planning Release cycle is ~1 year (Windows Live) Milestone is 3 month long (4 per release) Mini release at the end of each milestone Big release at the end for the whole suite How do you run the milestone? We tried 2 week sprints No clear sprint boundaries Microsoft Ireland
  9. 9. Daily Scrum Effective communication tool Each team member has individual office – no open space Flexible working hours – need enough overlap time 11:40-12:00 – just before lunch Whoever is late pays 1 euro for team building (= beer) Weekly sync with remote teams (30 minutes) Scrum of scrum? Microsoft Ireland
  10. 10. Coding Practices Code review – mandatory for every check- in Over email + In-house tool (bbpack) Collective code ownership Continuous integration In-house solution Coding standards StyleCop / FxCop Microsoft Ireland
  11. 11. Unit Tests Not yet introduced Legacy architecture Web application ‘Critical mass’ is required for TDD adoption Internal knowledge sharing – TDD seminars Our team plans adopting TDD in coming release Other teams already have full TDD Microsoft Ireland
  12. 12. Testing methodologies It’s mobile web! Testing is done by Engineers Automated functional testing (black-box) Visual Studio Test System Code coverage above 75% Manual testing is required with mobile devices Test plans are used to outsource manual testing Microsoft Ireland
  13. 13. Tools In-house web based Poor support, deprecated Excel – simple RallyDev – costly for big teams Future is… Team Foundation Server + MS Project Integrated solution Microsoft Ireland
  14. 14. Usage for Agile Practices Microsoft Ireland
  15. 15. Team Attitudes Microsoft Ireland
  16. 16. Microsoft Ireland