Marketing Process Outsourcing


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A single identity acting as an extended arm and taking over the entire responsibility of marketing function of a client's business.

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Marketing Process Outsourcing

  2. 2. Mid size …task sheet is as big/ bigger ? … Marketing Resource integration Capability Talent acquisition enhancement All /Functional contribution Growth , acquisition, mergers Process adherence and improvement Strategy & vision Communication Build culture
  3. 3. As a result … Marketing Resource integration • Less people doing more no. of jobs • Functional heads and more or less Capability Talent acquisition enhancement involved in a majority of activities. • Paucity of time leads to prioritization of All /Functional contribution Growth , acquisition, bottom line relevant activities mergers • Time spent on ensuring operational Process adherence and improvement excellence takes a key focus. Strategy & vision • And… total time spent on marketing is Marketing Build culture about 2 %
  4. 4. Other truths… Marketing is… Showcases the organization in the market place Marketing Resource integration Enhances the value of the product/brand Manages perception Creates space in the market Capability Talent acquisition enhancement Anticipates future trends Most effective tool to connect with the prospective All /Functional contribution Growth , acquisition, buyer mergers Process adherence and improvement But Marketing is …. Strategy & vision Marketing • Often confused with SALES Build culture •Almost non-existent , used in spurs on ad hoc basis • Limited preview to Market intelligence and best communication mediums • Limited integration of activities. • Planned in the spur of the moment . • Individual driven, lacks consistency
  5. 5. And…downturn ! It is testing times. As a medium size business owner, you may be feeling the pinch today and worrying about planning for tomorrow. Most likely, you are questioning whether to scale back your existing marketing plans, or do away with them altogether.
  6. 6. What we offer …. A unique approach …. We take the marketing load off you and helps you focus your energies back into the core business issues…..
  7. 7. We extend our selves as Your marketing team who THINKS, ACTS AS YOUR integrated marketing partner …. … and as a part of the job is also a Catalyst between the best available resources in the market & you . We constantly help define and put your business strategy into marketing strategy and executable actions. We are your marketing team only sitting out of your office as if we were down the hall.
  8. 8. Landscape takes over the responsibility for all your marketing/corporate branding/communication. This includes research, analysis, strategy, planning and management—plus coordinating with your advertising, public relations, direct marketing, internal communications, web marketing . . . even media buying, print and production.
  9. 9. And…downturn ! It is testing times. As a medium size business owner, you may be feeling the pinch today and worrying about planning for tomorrow. Most likely, you are questioning whether to scale back your existing marketing plans, or do away with them altogether. Answer is neither !
  10. 10. Downturn…Use it! Uncertain economic times provide the perfect opportunity for you to take stock of your existing customer base and to leverage those relationships in order to weather the downturn—and stay competitive in the future. Now is the time to assess the fundamentals that drive your business: knowing your existing customers; acquiring new customers; connecting with customers in meaningful ways; and delivering the right solutions to meet customers’ needs. USE THIS TIME TO THINK AND CREATE an Click for research results >> actionable, effective marketing plan that will help you survive—and thrive—in today’s uncertain economic climate.
  11. 11. Top three change drivers during recession Considering this, we study the market in depth, create visibility for your business, get the best available resources/people to think on our brand and are in favor of the latest technology in order to promote our brand
  12. 12. Benefits ? •Access to more professional, latest information about marketing methodology •Cost and efficiency savings and scalability (including physical office space) •Provision against peaks and troughs of work-flow •Protection against in-house staffing shortages •Greater financial ability through reduced fixed costs •Greater focus on newer initiatives •Improved quality •Competitive advantage •Greater control for you – we know that you will only use us if we match your expectations
  13. 13. Because of which… Sharper focus Helps you get back to creating the product/core competency it while we focus on promoting it ! Integrated marketing Coordinate various communications approaches into a mutually supportive, thematically unified, coordinated whole. All your communications flow through one pipe, integration is better achieved. Which leads to brand /communication consistency. Treated by specialists Specific jobs are treated by specialists in their own sphere and not be gernalists under one roof. Here by ensuring higher quality.
  14. 14. Because of which… No media & discipline bias Plans are more customer based and represents the USP of your company—not by what a given ad agency or PR. Views from the Outside Team has worked on are not afraid of suggesting radical ideas and have fresh and objective viewpoints to share. Consistent momentum : With continued economy uncertainty, key personnel may elect to change jobs in the middle of company projects. The loss of time spent finding replacement staff and retraining can often delay critical deadlines. When you choose to outsource marketing requirements, you have one centralized team as your partner.
  15. 15. What do we do… Provide you with overview of the industry, opportunity and customers with respect to your product. – from marketing perspective EXISTING OPPORTUNITY Information on customer preferences and needs. This will help in planning your product portfolio, diversifications etc., POTENTIAL OPPORTUNITY Insights on how customers buy and why they buy. INSIGHTS Now that is exactly what a marketing manager would have done …
  16. 16. What do we do… MARKETING PLANNING & STRATEGY • Strategic thinking to help develop marketing and PR plans. ONGOING ADVICE • Day-to-day practical, sensible and informed marketing advice. PR • Developing a PR strategy, writing press releases and liaising with journalists. AFFINITY MARKETING • The development of relationships to produce new potential clients. RESEARCH • Effective quantitative and qualitative research to test out your theories and canvass opinions. MARKETING COMMUNICATION • Effective advertising and direct mail. ALONGSIDE Producing regular client communications BRANCH AND ADVISER MARKETING SUPPORT • Dealing with requests from individual advisers for advertising, PR support and marketing advice.
  17. 17. How we do - 3 step Process • STEP 1: Business analysis, assessment, strategy and planning .We do a complete analysis and assessment of your current marketing situation in order to lay a solid foundation for future marketing efforts. We set specific goals and develop a solid twelve-month plan to address all marketing objectives. • STEP 2: Implementation of integrated & proactive marketing plan in order to ensure optimum results. Developing Marketing materials, Sales and training tools and support, Internal and External communications, Advertising, Promotions , Website Design & SEO, Events, and Public Relations • STEP 3: Track and measure the results against established goals. We assess and adjust activities to continually leverage successes.
  18. 18. People • 360° industry experience encompassing advertising, strategic marketing, events, below & above the line marketing and communication • Not just a graphics/content writing company, but with strong understanding of industry verticals • Can work with your existing liaisons for website/brochures/PR etc • Scalable and “pay as per use” engagement model
  19. 19. thank you & questions For more information and to connect: