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Kritnu company profile


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Profile describing Kritnu IT Solutions Private Limited as a company

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Kritnu company profile

  1. 1. About Us • Integrity, trust, virtue, recurrent self-betterment and mutual Our belief respect. • Your future made simple Our motto • Achieving ultimate satisfaction for the consumers of our designs Our mission and to continue engineering while preserving work ethics.• Highly qualified team • "Compromise" is never an option• positive approach towards new trends • Believe in quality, consistency, and techniques simplicity• Understanding of market and its needs. • Efficient and Effective• Enterprise level applications. • Nurturing innovative ideasOur Strength Our Values
  2. 2. Business Verticals Business Centric ApproachService Business Technology Mobile IT Solutions • Customized ERP Web SolutionsApplication • Customized • Web Portal• iOS Business • Web Applications• Android Solutions • Web sites• Blackberry • Testing
  3. 3. Technical Competencies
  4. 4. ERP for Seed IndustrySeed ERP is an ERP built especially for SeedIndustry which helps instreamlining, integrating and standardizingtheir processes.List of Modules AvailableFinance AccountingPurchaseSalesProduction & contractingQuality controlInventory managementFixed AssetsHR and Payroll
  5. 5. Front Desk ManagementOWL: Night Operations Support System is a windowsbased application developed for Night Operations ofthe Department of Housing at Illinois State University.It can be referred to as a monitoring system during thelimited access hours at the resident halls.Functionality : Residents check-in Guest check-in Report Management Alert management Card reader integration Printer integration Multi-location Multiple database
  6. 6. Web based ERPInschool World is a Web based ERP which takes careof Student life cycle management by linking schooladmin, teachers, parents and students with eachother.List of modulesUser ManagementSchool ManagementClass ManagementDashboardTime Table managementFee ManagementLogin ManagementTransport Management
  7. 7. Mobile apps for iPad
  8. 8. iPhone, Android, Blackberry Apps
  9. 9. Mobile SolutionIMS Control Panel is a multi-platform mobile app thatenables users to automate ahome control system whichcontrol different devices suchas fans, lights and A/C’ s .
  10. 10. Web Sites
  11. 11. Web Portal
  12. 12. Software SolutionIndirect CalorimeterThis is a system which is used formeasuring the amount of gasesin human body for medicalresearch
  13. 13. Partial List Of Clients
  14. 14.